Thursday December 31, 1914

A little colder, freezing enough to make good sleighing. Sidney cut wood for P. Maruney in the woods. Mora got a middy pattern off Avis W.

Wednesday December 30, 1914

Mora staid all night with Mrs. Boots. Quite stormy altho not very cold. Sidney went to P. Maruney's a.m. and Pat got Claud Burt to draw the poles down for him. Strickland plowed and Pat kittled out the road p.m.

Tuesday December 29, 1914

A rainy day, freezing on everything until at about 3 p.m. got very much warmer and thaws snow, is going awfully fast. Mrs. Burt's funeral at Carley's. Rev. Mitchel preached a good sermon so Sidney said.

Monday December 28, 1914

A little warmer and it seems so good. Sidney went to P. Maruney's and cut some pole wood for us p.m. Sidney rec'd $5.00 money order from Lulu Bellenger.

Sunday December 27, 1914

Very cold. Sidney, Mora and Maud attended meeting and S.S, only a few present.

Saturday December 26, 1914

Very cold, can not keep warm with a good fire. Mrs. Starr, Chas. Burts mother died this morning after 2 month illness.

Friday December 25, 1914

A beautiful Christmas day, but quite cold. There is over a foot of snow on the level and some great drifts. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Shrader called yesterday p.m. and Mrs. S. left a nice piece of plaid for Mora, a dress, a brown pair mittens for Maud and a pair red ones for Memphis also some S.S. cards for them all. We had a very enjoyable Christmas, a roast duck and mince pie for dinner.

Thursday December 24, 1914

A baby girl at Guy and Edith Pierce's. Bitter cold. I rec'd a letter from Lillian Smith, she sent some lace to Lillian and a tie to me. Mora and Maud went to school.

Wednesday December 23, 1914

A fierce blizzard all a.m. Sidney went to church with Mora and Maud p.m. to see they got through alright, and in the evening he carried Memphis some of the way. Had a nice Christmas entertainment, church packed. Mora's gift from her teacher was a nice tie box, Maud's a burned gold glass tumbler and Memphis's a mug, same material. All got bags of candy. I rec'd a handkerchief from Aunt Kate. Sidney and the children rode home from church with P. Maruney.

Tuesday December 22, 1914

Very cold last night and is cold today. Roads are opened, so Mora and Maud went to school. I rec'd a card from Mina. A regular blizzard p.m. Sidney went to meet Mora and Maud.

Monday December 21, 1914

Snowed all night and is still snowing hard and is quite cold too. Children could not go to school, roads full.

Sunday December 20, 1914

Quite pleasant. Sidney went to church. Mora could not get her shoes on her feet were so swelled with chilblains. Maud went but afraid they had commenced S.S, she came back without going in, but she opened the door to let a cat go in that came from across the way.

Saturday December 19, 1914

Sidney came home a little before noon, brought a grapefruit and a lb. of leaf lard and a lb. beef suet from Syracuse. He went to mill and store and bought wood too. Orla came with it.

Friday December 18, 1914

Pleasant sunshiny day, but did not thaw any. Mora and Maud went to school and carried their dinner, but just as the children and I were about to sit down to our dinner, Mora came in. Rather walk home in the cold than eat at school. Rec'd a card from Adelle, her and Lew and a girlfriend photo card. Mailed a card to Lillian Smith.

Thursday December 17, 1914

Some milder today. Sidney started out at about 8 a.m. Mora and Maud at school, they do not like cold dinners.

Wednesday December 16, 1914

Still very cold, wind has piled the snow high in places. Mora and Maud went to school. I rec'd a letter from Mina and Mrs. Wynes, also a pkg. of black cherry pits from Mr. Higley of Ind.

Tuesday December 15, 1914

Cold, high wind, bitter cold night. Mora and Maud went to school, rode from P.O. to school with P. Maruney and Lewis. Rec'd card from Mina. We had a rabbit for supper.

Monday December 14, 1914

Cold, snowed last night and all day nearly a foot of snow on level. Children did not go to school or Sidney did not go away as he had intended doing.

Sunday December 13, 1914

Fair. Sidney, Mora, Maud and Cassie went to church, very small attendance.

Saturday December 12, 1914

Quite pleasant, not very cold. Susie and Marguerite came p.m. I let them have a brown leghorn rooster. Earl and Hazel Boots here all p.m. Sidney came home on the 7 p.m. brought 25lbs. macaroni from Syracuse factory, also a pretty good pair gunmetal shoes he got at bargain .15c.

Friday December 11, 1914

Pleasant day. Children at school. Mora came home to dinner, two others carried theirs . Rec'd scroll by P.P.

Thursday December 10, 1914

Mild day, quite mussy underfoot. Maud and Memphis took their dinner, Mora came home to dinner. Cassie went to P.O. 4 times, got a letter from Sidney and a P.O.Order for $2.00. Mora ordered 1/2 cord wood. Orla Courbat brought it and took 8 shillings instead of 7, as she should have done. Rec'd a card from Adell. Hazel Lynch brought the things I ordered off her, .25c worth.

Wednesday December 9, 1914

Warm early, but turned colder and snowed. Sent a letter to Sidney this morning when the children went to school. Mora brought .25c worth of corn when they came home to dinner. Wind is whistling most dolefully tonight.

Tuesday December 8, 1914

Ice storm in night. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school. Cassie to P.O. rec'd a letter from Sidney enclosed .50c. Quite slushy at noon. Brought pump back made new platform.

Monday December 7, 1914

Looks like snow, a trifle cold tonight. Sidney started out at about 6 a.m. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school. Memphis has not been to school since Nov. 9th. I got washing all done before noon. Clint and Gene came and after fussing about 2 hours witht the pump, took it to the blacksmith shop to be repaired. Children are studying pieces to speak for Christmas at the church.

Sunday December 6, 1914-

Fair. Sidney went to meeting and Sunday school. Mora and Maude to S. school, got home at 2 p.m. Mora, Maud and Lillian called at Mrs. Boots a little while.

Saturday December 5, 1914

Fair. Sent a card to Dolly. Sidney came at 9 p.m. Clint took up the pump but could not fix it.

Friday December 4, 1914

Cloudy, a little colder tonight. Mora and Maud went to school and to the mill tonight. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, also a tablet and envelope's he enclosed .25c for feed. Cassie went to P.O. a.m. got a card from Adelle.

Thursday December 3, 1914

Sidney started at 6 a.m. south. Mora attended a birthday dinner at Mr. and Mrs. Wm Shrader's in honor of Irene Piguet's 12th birthday, the invited ones were Irene, Hazel, Rose, Avis Weatherup and Mora. Each rec'd a lovely hair ribbon. Mora said they had a very nice dinner and a good time. Leslie Wires came in his car at 12 noon, ate dinner and he and Mina started back at 4 p.m. Very cloudy all day.

Wednesday December 2, 1914

Rained all last night and until after daylight. Sidney was going away early but did not on account of the rain. Rev. Mitchel's wife and daughter called for Sidney, Mina and Mora to go to prayer meeting with them at John Fidler's. Clayton Porter bought a paper.

Tuesday December 1, 1914

Quite rainy. Sidney reached home about 5pm. Mina and Mora called at Henry Porter's, evening.

Monday November 30, 1914

Another lovely day. Sidney went to Chas. Courbat and ordered wood and went away at 8 a.m. Orla came with wood at 3 p.m. Agnes run in and Avis came home with the children I let them go and play a while with her. Cassie went to P.O. Memphis to Gehr's.

Sunday November 29, 1914

A beautiful day. Sidney and Mora and Maud also Mina attended church. Rev. Mitchel called evening for Sidney to go with him and Mr. Weatherup to Central Square to a meeting. Got home about 9 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Porter came down brought phonograph.

Saturday November 28, 1914

Pleasant and warm. Sidney came home at about 5:30 p.m. Leslie Hines brought him to the Square in auto.

Friday November 27, 1914

Cloudy. Sidney went to Cicero. Mina went calling came home with the children from school p.m.

Thursday November 26, 1914

A beautiful Thanksgiving day. We had a roast duck and a hen.

Wednesday November 25, 1914

Fair. Mina came at 2 p.m. came in auto. Sidney camt on 7 train p.m. walked in from the Square, got a ride a way's with Orla Courbat.

Tuesday November 24, 1914

A nice pleasant day. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, $1.00 enclosed. Mailed a card to him also one to Mina.

Monday November 23, 1914

Snowed quite hard nearly all day, not very cold. Sidney went away 6 a.m. for Liverpool. Mora and Maud carried their dinner for the first this term of school. Mina is 19 years old.

Sunday November 22, 1914

A pleasant day. Sidney, Mora and Maud attended church.

Saturday November 21, 1914

Sleigh bells are jingling today. Eddie Burt is moving out of Geo. Courbat's house. Maud went to mill twice and Mora went to store and to mill after to help Maud with her feed. Sidney came home on the 7 p.m. as far as the Square. He brought 5# crackers, a large coconut and some buns, and he and Mora went to Lewis's and bought a 15# hog's for 75c. He also bought a nice tablet for the children for school.

Friday November 20, 1914

Snowed quite a little but pack's, not very cold. Mr. Porter brought 1/3 cord wood a.m. Mora and Maud went to school. Rec'd a letter from Sidney on 2 p.m. he is at Liverpool. I preserved some ripe cucumbers, they are keeping fine and taste very good.

Thursday November 19, 1914

Not quite as cold, wind east, looks thawy. Sidney started a little before 7 a.m. I sent him a letter p.m. Mora and Maud went to school. Mora got some sugar after school down to 6c for granulated. Memphis took Mrs. Boots cart home. Mrs Kiltz has moved from Dainis's to her sisters, Mrs. Hen's.

Wednesday November 18, 1914

I cut cabbage for sauerkraut. Bitter cold west wind turning warmer towards night. Sidney got an auto ride so came home unexpected. Rec'd a letter from him 2 p.m. with $2.00, also rubbers he sent P.P. for Mora and Maud a.m. Mora's did not fit so I sent them back to change, Mora and Maud at school, had to go to mill and store this p.m.

Tuesday November 17, 1914

Cold, high west wind, snow p.m. Sidney walked to Square to take train to Syracuse, took 10 hen's. Mora and Maud went to school. I told Mora to get oats at mill and she got corn. Cassie went to P.O. and got a pencil.

Monday November 16, 1914

Rainy. Sidney drew over and split 1/4 cord wood, killed eleven hens and I dressed them, put one over to cook and got the 10 ready to sell. Mora and Maud went to school. Sidney filled a tick for Mora's bed.

Saturday November 14, 1914

Fair. Mora and Hazel Lynch went to get something on their soap order, had poor luck. Hazel ate dinner here. Rec'd a letter from Sidney p.m. should have got it yesterday. He came on the 7 p.m brought back cabbage and some macaroni. James and Susie came p.m. and brought us some cabbage. Susie is looking very bad. Maud went to mill and got some corn.

Friday November 13, 1914

Rainy day, sun shone only few minutes. Mora and Maud went to school, came home to dinner in rain. Went to store tonight. Cassie has been to P.O. twice and Gehr's once, she got a letter from Sidney this a.m. sent $1.00. Cassie has helped me lots today. Memphis went out doors and has ironed some small pieces.

Thursday November 12, 1914

Mora and Maud at school. Memphis getting better fast. Some rain and round snow. Turkey died in night.

Wednesday November 11, 1914

Snowed and then rained last night so wasn't much snow left this morning. Commenced raining about 11 a.m. has been showery all the rest of the day. Mora and Maud at school. Memphis is some better. I rec'd a letter from Mina p.m.

Tuesday November 10, 1914

A little snow on the ground and a scale of ice on the pond, altho a lovely day. Sidney drew over and split 1/4 cord hard wood after which he started for Cicero and Syracuse. He killed two more hens before starting. Mora and Maud went to school. Mora got corn on her way home p.m. Memphis has been sick, vomited tonight. Her vaccinated arm pains her. Cassie carried a letter to P.O from Sidney. Chesterfield Bronson Bumpus called p.m.

Monday November 9, 1914

A lovely day. Sidney went to Scriba Center via Oswego, reached home 5 p.m. Failed to deliver scroll as his customer was sick. Children went to school. Hazel Lynch called, she is getting up a soap and notion order. I ordered 25c worth. I did a large washing.

Sunday November 8, 1914

Rainy all day. Sidney went to church, have a man from Binghamton helping Mitchel with revivals. Sidney also attended evening service.

Saturday November 7, 1914

Showery. Sidney worked at Mallory's on the corn shredder. Maud went to the mill and got corn, Memphis and Mora to store. Mora also went over as far as Faustmans and got 45c on her soap order. We had two chickens for dinner and chicken pie for supper.

Friday November 6, 1914

Quite rainy all day. Children were all examined at school by Dr. Veeder. Sidney got back at Brewerton to take the 7 p.m. train home, bought his ticket and sat talking while waiting for the train and so found the train did not wait for him. Had to walk all the way home, got here at 10 p.m. Hattie Piquet ill.

Thursday November 5, 1914

Cloudy but no rain until evening. James came a.m. on his way home from Little France, said he had buried a *little baby, Susie got hurt and is having rather a hard time. Convention all day at M.E. church meeting evening well attended.

*Editors note: I am not sure if this baby is James and Susie's or if he helped bury someones baby. My guess that it is indeed their baby but I have not come across any documents to confirm this as of yet.

Wednesday November 4, 1914

Misty p.m. Sidney started early to go to Brewerton and take the trolly south. Children at school.

Tuesday November 3, 1914

Cloudy but no rain. Sidney went to Cicero stopped at Central Square to vote, came back on the 7 p.m.

Monday November 2, 1914

Drizzling rain nearly all day. Children at school. Dr. Veeder vaccinated Memphis a.m. Sidney dug potatoes for Henry Rudeau a.m.

Sunday November 1, 1914

Beautiful warm day. Sidney and the 4 girls atended church p.m. We all went in the woods a little while and got a few beechnuts.

Saturday October 31, 1914

Fair. Sidney worked for Mallory's picked and picked up apples, pulled turnips and drew Lees Bugens corn. Clint gave hime some turnips, they are yellow. Mora got some more on her soap order a.m. Agnes was down a.m. and p.m. also Maud, Memphis and Cassie went to play with her 1/2 hour p.m. We had chicken pie.

Friday October 30, 1914

I rec'd cad from Lillian Smith. Cloudy all day. Sidney picked apples a.m. picked up p.m. for Clint. We had another hen for dinner. The children went to school. Sidney called at Elder Mitchels, evening.

Thursday October 29, 1914

Some warmer. Rainy p.m. Clint called for Sidney about 6 a.m. he reached home about 5 p.m. Walked from Hastings. Rec'd a letter from him on the 4 with $1.00 enclosed. He only deliverd 1 scrolll as other customer was ill he said. Children went to school. Mailed a letter to Adelle.

Wednesday October 28, 1914

Sidney went away early a.m. with three scrolls, he expects to deliver between Fernwood and Texas. Children went to school. Sun warm, snow all gone tonight. Comenced to use the new road this p.m. Agnes came with a bundle of papers this morning. Hazel Lynch came with Mora and Maud p.m.

Tuesday October 27, 1914

Very cold, about 2 inches of snow fell during the night. Sidney went up and helped milk so Mr. Porter would help move our stove in the front part. Clarence and Eugene came also. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school. Very mussy when they came home to dinner. Cassie and Lillian both have hard colds. Memphis coughs some too. We had Mora's speckled hen for dinner. 4th one we have had lately, all awfully fat.

Monday October 26, 1914

Children at school. Sprinkled nearly all a.m. Sidney drew corn fodder a.m. Picked apples p.m. with Henry Porter nearly froze, came down to get warm. Turned cold with a high wind and flurry of snow.

Sunday October 25, 1914

Sidney and the four girls went to church. Showery today. H. Rudeau called.

Saturday October 24, 1914

Quite cloudy but did not rain. Sidney pitched on corn stalks for two teams to draw all day. Awfully tired and lame tonight, our wedding anniversary, 19 years.

Friday October 23, 1914

Fair. Children at school, Miss Mosier gone home and a Mrs. Van Syckle came to teach, also of Parish. Sidney husk corn, went and husk'd 1 1/2 bu. after supper. Rec'd leter from Adell.

Wednesday October 21, 1914

Sidney has a hard cold, got wet Monday. He is husking corn today. Silverman came, we let him have three hens, they wieghed 12 lbs, 15 oz. at 14c #. Children at school.

Tuesday October 20, 1914

Sidney went to mill and got some corn and bought 1/2 cord hard wood off Clint after which he worked for John Gehr, picking up apples. John gave hime a nice cabbage to bring home. Children went to school.

Monday October 19, 1914

Sidney went to Brewerton and delivered a scroll, came home on the 2 p.m. train, carried a large box and 3 scrolls home from Courbots as the bus only came as far as that on account of the road building. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school. Clint came down at 11 a.m. mad because Sidney did not help him Sat. and yelled so he could be heard all over the village with Geo. Rudeau by the fence as witness, both drunk.

Sunday October 18, 1914

Rained and then sun, showery all day. Sidney and the four girls attended church and S.S.

Saturday October 17, 1914

Rained all night but is clear today. Clint came before 6 a.m. wanted Sidney to thrash. Sidney got home at 4:15 p.m., came with Jennie Rice and Ottsman. Cassie's birthday 6 years old.

Friday October 16, 1914

Rained quite hard all night, all a.m. Letting up at about 2:30 p.m. Cold wind tonight. Maud and Memphis went to school as usual. Cassie to store. Clint came down again this morning at 6:30.

Thursday October 15, 1914

Sidney started for Hastings early. Clint camt to see him, I think about the ashing. John Breckheimer funeral was held 10 a.m. Very largely attended, burial at Little France. Children at school.

Wednesday October 14, 1914

Cool again. Sidney went to Brewerton, sold a scroll and came back at 2 p.m. Children went to school, sent a letter to Mina.

Tuesday October 13, 1914

Fair cool wind. Sidney husked corn. Maud and Memphis went to school. Miss Diamond was in a auto accident with her parents and sister, so is not able to teach. John Breckheimer died 2 p.m of heart failure.

Monday October 12, 1914

Sidney husked corn again, says corn is poor. Erma Mitchel came p.m. Memphis went to Weatherups and got me some buttermilk. Maud and Memphis got a few apples. Melvin gave them a few chestnuts.

Sunday October 11, 1914

Some rain today. Sidney, Maud and Memphis went to meeting and S.S. Frank Cary called p.m on his motorcycle.

Saturday October 10, 1914

Rain a.m. Sidney picked apples for Clint. The children picked up a while. Clint gave us a bushel of very nice red ones. We gave Rev. Mitchel a squash when he called.

Friday October 9, 1914

Hot today. Sidney is husking corn. Building a new road on Main Street.

Thursday October 8, 1914

Two ducks gone this morning, all we have left is 3. We put those in a yard. Must be turtles, took the one Susie gave me also this time, it is a shame.

Wednesday October 7, 1914

Nice again. We are having beautiful weather. Memphis is 8 years old. Sidney is husking corn. All are busy. Our little black rabbit is missing, also one little black duck.

Tuesday October 6, 1914

Fair. Sidney husking corn. Maud started for school, Mora could not go as her foot is sore.

Monday October 5, 1914

Nice again. Sidney is husking corn for Clint M. on the Cook place. I have been busy straightening and gathering things in the garden.

Sunday October 4, 1914

Nice again today. We came over home this a.m. and it seems good to be back again. I picked some nice tomatoes and some green ones also two squashes,  a mess of beets and carrots and sent back when Sidney took back the rig. Jennie Rice came.

Saturday October 3, 1914

Pleasant. Sidney took two loads over to house on the milk wagon. We wanted to go but there was no room to ride so we went down and staid with Susie. Ma's birthday, she would have been 70 years old.

Friday October 2, 1914

Rec'd a letter from Adelle, she is sick she writes. Susie took another load of apples to cider mill. Mosaline 6 years old. Sidney came home got a ride with Carl Penoyer in his auto from Parish. 

Thursday October 1, 1914

Another fine day. Rec'd a letter froom Mina, she is at Harry Hurds Hotel at work. Susie took a load of apples to Charlie Simmond's for cider. James and several others gone deer hunting.

Wednesday September 30, 1914

Nice and warm, I received a letter and card from Sidney. We picked more apples.

Tuesday September 29, 1914

Mora and I have picked quite a lot of apples.

Monday September 28, 1914

Cold this morning. The old stove smokes so all of us has headaches. Will be very glad to be at home.

Sunday September 27, 1914

Quite cool but nice all day. Sidney walked ovet to Mallory to stay tonight so to get an early start toward the north in the morning.

Saturday September 26, 1914

Sidney has chored for James and is quite tired. I am much better and the childrens arms are better.

Friday September 25, 1914

Warm night. I am very much better altho still very weak. Got up but have to sit down most of the time.

Thursday September 24, 1914

Not any better, vomited all day away. Weak now.

Wednesday September 23, 1914

I have been awfuly sick all night and all day.

Tuesday September 22, 1914

Sidney picked apples, a bushel for James and a bushel for us. I have got a nice lot of crab apples dried and a 1/2 sack sweet ones and some sour ones dried too.

Saturday September 19, 1914

Fair. Sidney cut corn. I and children busy all day.

Friday September 18, 1914

Lovely day. Sidney came home p.m.

Thursday September 17, 1914

A very nice day. Mora, Maud and Memphis were vaccinated at school by Dr. Conterman. Lewis Morey came. No letter from Sidney as yet.

Wednesday September 16, 1914

Another nice day. My medicine came. I cut off some sweet corn and put it drying. Susie brought up some elder berries and five turnips they got off Hiram West. I sent by her for a composition book for Maud and some crackers.

Tuesday September 15, 1914

Nice and pleasant all day. Sidney started towards the north at 10 a.m. with two scrolls.

Monday September 14, 1914

A lovely day. Sidney went to Brewerton early, came back at night as everything was filled up with barge canal boarders. Mora started in school this morning, likes the teacher very well. I made a little corn salad and some *higdon. p.m.

*pickle, cabbage, pepper relish

Sunday September 13, 1914

Beautiful day. Mina and a friend came in an auto. Also Peter was at James's, he took him home. p.m. Mina said she was coming for a weeks visit with us in about a month.

Saturday September 12, 1914

Fair day, eve cold. Sidney cut corn at 8 p.m. He and I started for Mallory, we found everything alright but someone had taken slips off all my plants. We brought 1 1/2 bu. tomatoes mostly green and pulled the rest for fear of a frost. We picked nearly 2 bu. sweet corn and several other things from the garden. School books and some clothes for us all, got back 11:15 p.m.

Friday September 11, 1914

Sidney has gone to Brewerton on the 10:19 train a.m. Got an auto ride come home, reached here at 7 p.m.

Thursday September 10, 1914

Sidney took the cuc's to Central Square and then drove to Brewerton to canvass, sold 4 chickens for $1.00. Got an order for a scroll. Got home 6:30p.m.

Wednesday September 9, 1914

Sidney and I also James and Hiram West went over the cuc's again. a.m. to get a bu. of bottlers and Sidney and Mora took 1 bu. to Constantia where James had contracted them at the Italian saloon, had a job to make him pay for them, took a few broilers could not sell them so brought them back. Picked 1/2 bu. elderberries coming home.

Tuesday September 8, 1914

Picked cucumbers p.m. Sidney went to Central Square. Mora went with him as far as Davy's store. Got some brown also grain sugar, 8c#.

Monday September 7, 1914

Cold west wind, cloudy some mist. Sidney and I picked cucumbers p.m.

Sunday September 6, 1914

Nice a.m., rain p.m. James and Susie with their baby went to Little France to church. None of us attended church, seems very funny too, us all not to go.

Saturday September 5, 1914

Pleasant quite warm. Very busy all day. I bought some onions off Florence and made some sliced pickles. They are fine too. Wrote a receipt for Susie. Sidney came home p.m.

Friday September 4, 1914

Nice all day altho cool and cloudy. Rec'd a letter from Sidney mailed at Lycoming.

Thursday September 3, 1914

Rained all night and some a.m. We have sliced crabapples today. Made some sweet cucumber pickles, a few mustard pickles and washed. P.M. I went to Mallory with Susie and got some sweet corn, some string beans, a mess of beets, what tomatoes were ripe and some fruit cans to fill.

Wednesday September 2, 1914

Rain, rather gloomy all day.

Monday August 31, 1914

Morning cloudy. Sidney has gone berrying 9 a.m. got a nice lot. Mora went with him p.m. got some nice red raspberries. I picked cucumbers all day, am lame and tired out.

Sunday August 30, 1914

Warm and muggy again this morning. Lewis and Adell started to drive back to Randallsville at 10:30 a.m. they are both looking fine. She brought me a little dress of Ione's for Lillian also a waist that was Mates.

Saturday August 29, 1914

Rained hard all night continuing all day. Adell and Lewis came on the p.m. milk train. James went to meet them and all got soaked about through.

Friday August 28, 1914

Nice day. Sidney went berrying, got 5 qts. I canned them, also two can crabapples and spread some today.

Thursday August 27, 1914

Nice warm day. I have done quite a lot of canning today, salted the rest of my cucumbers. Sidney started for Brewerton 10 a.m. drove Nellie. Susie and Mora gone to Mallory, they got some of our sweet corn from out garden, someone has picked our ripe tomatoes. I guess taken the chicken also, as they did not see it anywhere.

Wednesday August 26, 1914

Another beautiful day. Lillian and I have been sick all day. Nellie Morey came taking orders for groceries. Sidney picked 7 qts. blackberries, 2 1/2 qts huckleberries.

Tuesday August 25, 1914

Fair, lovely day. Catholic picnic at Piguet woods, Mallory. James, Susie and Pa have all gone. Sidney, Mora and I picked cucumbers.

Monday August 24, 1914

Fair, quite cold wind. Sidney and I went berrying.

Sunday August 23, 1914

Hot, rather lonesome day. No chance for children to go to Sunday School, the horse sick.

Saturday August 22, 1914

Cloudy. Picked cucumbers, salted nearly a bushel more. Sidney and Mora went blackberring p.m. a little while, got 4 qts., also a basket of bearberries for chickens. Maud went to store and back with Susie, got sugar and lard.

Thursday August 20, 1914

Cloudy most all day, comenced to rain, 4 p.m. stopped. Sidney and I went berrying, got 13 qt. blackberries and 2 qts huckleberries, red raspberries are comencing to ripen their second crop.

Monday August 17, 1914

A hard thunder storm, quite a lot of hail fell. Sidney rode to the Harbor with James and Susie. James's dog died this morning, he thinks he was poisoned by someone. We picked cucumbers this p.m. I have run up and down so much to help Mable with her baking. I am awfully tired.

Sunday August 16, 1914

A very nice day, quite warm. We all stayed at home all day. Hiram West and family were at James's all day. James and Hi went to the Harbor with his boat.

Wednesday August 19, 1914

Sidney picked about 5 qts. blackberries. I made 2 pies and spread the rest to dry. James and Susie left for Brewerton at 3 p.m., got home 3:30 in morn. Mora went down and staid with Mable until they came back.

Saturday August 15, 1914

Cool wind. James and Susie went to picnic. I helped Florence pick cucumbers, she gave me a basket full also bunch onions. Sidney picked 4 1/2 qts. berries p.m. Mora went to W. Monroe, got gran. sugar.

Friday August 14, 1914

A hard soaking shower p.m. Sidney went to Central Square, with pickles came back by Mallory and got some things. James went with*Hi West said to paint a boat harbor.


Thursday August 13, 1914

Pleasant day. Sidney, Maud and Memphis and I also James and Susie went berrying. Got 11 qts huckleberries and 6 qts. blackberries. James and Susie got 4 qts blackberries. Sidney and James took a crate to Jock Hess, Constantia. Harry Kittell called p.m.

Wednesday August 12, 1914

Quite warm but cloudy cool eve. Sidney and I went berrying a.m. I got 6 qts. huckleberries. Sidney and Mora went a little while p.m. I picked cucumbers alone across from Ingerson's and helped James and Susie pick the rest. Lillian was sick in the night and has not felt good today.

Tuesday August 11, 1914

Hot. Sidney took 4 broilers to Constantia got 30c each. Mora and Mable went to W. Monroe P.O. a.m. Mabel and Maude p.m.

Sunday August 9, 1914

Hot as usual. Sidney went over p.m. and got our hens, one chicken got away from him. Fred Simmons came back with him from Pierces. They picked a qt. blackberries by road side coming back.

Saturday August 8, 1914

Another hot day. Susie came and got us and what things we wanted to take over with us. Saw we had left a crate with two hens and some chickens in. Grange picnic, met lots of [unable to make out word]

Friday August 7, 1914

Awfully hot sultry day. James and Susie came eve. and took most of our fowls over on the hill.

Thursday August 6, 1914

Very hot, everything is drying up in the garden. We have had several messes of string beans and our potatoes are nice also. Sidney got home about 9:30 p.m.

Wednesday August 5, 1914

Hot sultry day we need rain very much. Rec'd a letter, 25c included from Sidney on the 4 p.m. sent on to him. Maud took it up at 5:00, it would go north on the 7, and Mora went up after the 7 came and Nellie gave her back the letter, so I sent it again. He won't get it until tomorrow p.m. and like as not then. Bought hat off Hattie Piguet for Mora for 49c and flowers 15c a bunch of flowers for Maud 15c, a hat for Memphis 25c and wreath 10c, wreath for Cassie 10c. Irene Piguet here p.m. also Mrs. Mitchel and Erma.

Tuesday August 4, 1914

Warm lovely day. Agnes here 1 hour p.m. Mr. Lane came p.m. with 1 pr. wool hose for Sidney 25c and 2 pr. each for Maud and Memphis 20c each $1.05 for all. Rec'd a letter from Sidney on the 4 p.m. mailed at Dempster.

Monday August 3, 1914

Fair cool breeze. Sidney started toward Volney about 6:30 a.m. Maud went to mill. Carl and Hazel Boots were here all a.m. eat dinner and went home at 1 p.m. Mora and Maud have started out trying to get up a soap order 3 p.m. Memphis went to P.O got some cucumbers 1c each. James and Susie drove over tonight but I did not have things ready and Lillian was sick so I sent some things but did not go.

Sunday August 2, 1914

Pleasant all day sprinkled some in the evening. Maud, Memphis and Cassie went to Sunday School. Mora did not go on account of her sore foot and Sidney was feeling bad also so did not go. The little ducks got out and a turtle got a white one.

Saturday August 1, 1914

Pleasant with one short shower. Sidney went to Richland on the 9 this a.m. but failing to deliver the Scroll he came back on the 4 p.m. as far as Hastings and walked to Mr. Redheads in Palermo and del. it to him got home at 8:30 p.m. Memphis and Cassie went to Weatherups a.m. both they and Maud to store.

Friday July 31, 1914

A nice day. I sent a card to Sidney this morning, makes 2 cards 1 letter and a pkg. this week, but he didn't get any of them so fearing something was wrong he came home on the first train this way from Richland this morning about all worn out from worry. Maud went to the mill, Cassie with her. Memphis to P.O. Gene Porter came and got a little rabbit, he gave me 15c said he would have the rest tomorrow night, each 25c. Harvest dance at Hotel Pierce tonight.

Thursday July 30, 1914

Pleasant cool day. Mrs. Joseph Ott buried today. Mailed a card to Sidney 10 a.m., a couple cakes 2 p.m. rec'd a letter from him with $1.00 inclosed. Agnes came this morning staid until the whistle blew at 12. Came down as soon as she ate dinner and went home at 4 p.m. I have heard some racket today.

Wednesday July 29, 1914

This has been a showery p.m. quite fair and cool a.m. Sent a letter to Sidney a.m. rec'd one from him. Memphis went to mill. Maud and Memphis went to P.O. Mora is nursing a sore foot cut while bathing yesterday.

Tuesday July 28, 1914

A very nice day, quite cool. Sidney went on the 7 a.m. 2 scrolls beside his sample. Mora and Cassie took Eld. Mitchel lantern home this a.m. Erma M. came back with them stayed to dinner and went home at two p.m. gave her a little adam. Maud went to mill a.m. and to store eve. Mora and Erma went to store at 11 a.m. Cassie and Memphis to P.O. eve. I did a months wash. A pkg. of pieces came from Aunt Adaline Raymond for the children.

Monday July 27, 1914

Sidney did not get started out today, got 1/4 cord hard wood and split it up. Chored around, did not feel very good. It rained some toward night. Sidney wrote to the Co. to M. Silverman and some others. Gone tonight to see elder Mitchel with the scroll, sold it to him and bot 4 books, which are real gems in themselves. Reached home at about 10 p.m. lunched and went to bed.

Sunday July 26, 1914

Beautiful day. Sidney and the girls all but Lillian went to Sunday School. Cassie came home early barefoot as her shoes hut her so she took them off and carried them in her hand. Gene Porter called a little while. Sprinkled at night. George Robinson died yesterday, buried today G.A.R attended funeral.

Saturday July 25, 1914

Pleasant but warm. Sidney went on the 7 a.m. came back on 4 p.m. about tired out walking so fast and far between the places, delivered two scrolls brought one home. The children picked about 5 qts. blackcaps at Weatherups p.m. Maud got buttermilk, Memphis went to mill, all the 3 oldest went for groceries this evening. Memphis found a dime supposed to belong to Mrs. Weatherup and lost by Erma Mitchel, gave it to Mrs. Weatherup. Sidney went to see Mr. Schrader gone away.

Friday July 24, 1914

A lovely day and an unusually nice evening a heavy fog morning and until nine a.m. almost like a cloud. I have been breaking Mora's shoes for her today. Mr. Weatherup told Memphis and Cassie to eat all the berries they wanted p.m. so the did and brought home a qt. red and black caps mixed. Elis and Murl Piguet came in to see the rabbits, also Gene Porter and Lawrence Harrington, no letter from Sidney today, he came on the nine o'clock train evening.

Thursday July 23, 1914

Rained nearly all day. Expected a letter froom Sidney but none came today. Some of the children have been to the P.O. after each mail came.

Wednesday July 22, 1914

Beautiful all day, quite cool. Washed, hoed the beets and have kept busy generally. Sent a letter to Sidney and forwarded one, rec'd a card a.m. a letter p.m. from him from Lacona. Melvin Weatherup came p.m. Maud went to mill all 4 been to P.O. and Gehrs. Three more little rabbits died today. I am quite sure from eating black plantir[can't make out word].

Tuesday July 21, 1914

Quite cool, had a nice shower between 11-12 a.m. Sidney went north at 7 a.m. Two more rabbits died p.m. another one acts sick tonight. A letter from Sears Roebuck and one for Sidney from the Co., also one I sent to him at Mexico returned. Mora and Cassie went up and got some groceries this evening.

Monday July 20, 1914

Very nice today. Sidney went to depot and got a standard scroll. Mora went to Weatherups, went with Lillian to P.O. and got their shoes, they came on the 2. Memphis went to the mill. I sewed on Sidney's coat. Have not felt well today. A little white rabbit died. Sent cards to five people Sidney expects to deliver his next order of scrolls to Sat. and Mon. next.

Sunday July 19, 1914

Beautiful all day. Sidney, Maud, and Memphis went to Sunday School. Sidney went to preaching also. William Allen came a.m. went back on his wheel about 4 p.m. We had a blackcap shortcake for dinner. Susie came near eve. brought a qt. can of red raspberries and a qt. can of sour cream. Mora went up to Pierce's and bot a quartes worth of ice cream. We had cream and cake this evening.

Saturday July 18, 1914

Nice and cool all day. Nellie brought a special delivery letter this morning, came on the 7 from Mr. Higley. As it was to late to get the eight train Sidney went on the 11 a.m. to Syracuse to meet Mr. Higley there at the Y.M.C.A, took dinner with him and came home on the 7 p.m. walked from the Square. Maud went to get some buttermilk and Mrs. Weatherup told her to come back down with Mora and pick black caps. They took a two qt. pail and she said that was too small so she gave them all they picked, 12 qts. I have filled 5 qt. cans, saved 2 qt. for a shortcake and had some for our supper. The tiger kitten Avis gave the children died this p.m.

Friday July 17, 1914

Cool several much needed showers. Sidney went to the depot a.m. went in the woods p.m. with the children to pick some berries commenced to rain as soon as they got there, they were soaking when they got to the house. Mrs. Anderson came, I bot cinnamon flavor off her. Maud went to mill and store for groceries. Sidney sent his report. I mailed a letter to Hornell, NY.

Thursday July 16, 1914

Warm, one nice shower. Sidney went to Central Square bot 1 1/2 doz. bananas of T. Conterman 10c/doz. Maud is 10 years old today, got her a gold band plate, Mora made some doll clothes.

Wednesday July 15, 1914

Pleasant quite cool breeze. Sidney went to Parish a.m. Maud to mill, Memphis went to Weatherup's, Maud had to go and start her home. Maud, Memphis and Cassie got two fruit cans at Nellie Morey's that I let them have pumpkin in last winter. Card came from L. S. Higley mailed at nearby city. Sidney got an express order off Herrick last night so did not send it out yesterday but took it with him to mail today. Delivered his two scrolls and came home on the 9 p.m. train.

Tuesday July 14, 1914

Cloudy but warm a.m. a little cooler p.m. and a couple nice showers. Sidney went to Pulaski on the 2 this morning to deliver 5 scrolls. Sent the box up to Pierces by the buss. Mora went up and got it. Spencer Shelden came a while to see the rabbits, he expects to go home tomorrow. M. Silverman came, Mora bot a pr. of nice hose for herself 25c. Sidney took the Sears Roebuck order to mail for their shoes, he got home 10p.m. train a little late. Delivered 3 scrolls brought 2 back. Bot 6 sticks liberty pole gum for children at Port Ontario, bot an orange for Lillian and 1/2 peck new potatoes.

Monday July 13, 1914

A very nice hay day. Sidney got some poles for the beans. Memphis went to the mill and tonight went to P.O. with Mora, Cassie and Lillian. Mora went to Weatherup's a.m. Sidney rec'd a letter from Mr. Higley, sent a card in ans. also sent his report and 5 cards to people who ordered a scroll. We had a red raspberry pie for supper. Very good indeed.

Sunday July 12, 1914

Hot muggy a.m. breeze cool p.m. Sidney and Memphis went to church and Sunday School. Maud's foot is a little better tonight. I have felt bad all day.

Saturday July 11, 1914

Hot with a nice shower 4 p.m. Sidney reached home about 5 p.m. very tired. Maud stepped on a rusty nail, penetrated her foot quite badly p.m. Rev. Mitchel halted a little while here this eve. Some of the children have been to P.O. after each mail. Mora went to Weatherup's got some buttermilk, went to store tonight twice for groceries. Cassie went with her.

Friday July 10, 1914

Another very hot muggy day. Mr. Wingen's called this morning and paid Mora and Maud for picking berries. Mina 10c. Charlie Vinney's wife stopped to get her baby a drink. The children have watched the P.O. close but no word from Sidney came, a card from M. Silverman and a letter from Rev. Chas. Bowman seven p.m came for Sidney. I found a little rabbit dead p.m. Had a light shower this eve cooled the air a trifle. Mailed a letter to Sidney.

Thursday July 9, 1914

Very warm all day. Mr. Higley came on the 10 a.m. and went on the 2 to Lacona, don't think he found Sidney as a call over the phone this evening from Lacona asking if Sidney had reached home yet came, must of been him, he wished to see him very much. I forwarded his card on the 7 a.m. Mr. Higley intends to go from here to Albany. I expected a letter yesterday and today from Sidney but none came. I am worried.

Wednesday July 8, 1914

Hot a.m. Partly cloudy and quite cool p.m. Mora pulled weeds at Weatherups 8 hours, rec'd $2.00. A letter came from T. Lipsky saying his father was dead, a card also from Herick that the scrolls were at the station, a card came this eve from Mr. Higley. I opened the sore on Maud's toe this morning and a lot of pus came out it made her feel better right away. Edith Pierce and Guy's nephew Spencer Sheldon came this evening, I found a young rabbit dead. James and Susie and their baby Myrtle drove in at nine p.m. staid until 11, brought me two qts. cherries. Mr. Lane of Central Square came p.m. I ordered 2 pair stockings for Maud and Memphis each, one for Sidney.

Tuesday July 7, 1914

Cool cloudy, sprinkled 2 or 3 times but has not rained hard. Mora worked at Weatherups 8 hours. Maud cried all night with the pain in her toe, has been quite bad all day but I think it is much better tonight. Memphis went to mill, rec'd a letter from Sidney, he mailed it at Richland on his way to Lacona. Mora mailed one to him seven p.m.

Monday July 6, 1914

Very warm, looks like rain tonight. I got up at 4 a.m. so to get breakfast early to enable Sidney to get an early start. Started away at about five going to walk to Parish and get a train toward Sandy Creek. Mora pulled weeds at Weatherup's until noon and then came home faint and about sick on account of the severe heat. She eat dinner at home and seem'd much better after getting rested. Maud has been suffering with a sore toe, very much swollen and her foot also. Think it is stone bruise. I have kept a bread and milk poultice on it all p.m. Memphis and Cassie picked a few wild strawberries. Our hen went to Mallorys a.m. and Mora went and got her tonight. Mora took Lillian in her cart over town this eve. Cassie went too. Nine ducks hatched today.

Sunday July 5, 1914

Warm, pleasant day. Sidney, Maud and Memphis went to Sunday School. Nine little ducks picked out of eleven egg's set.

Saturday July 4, 1914

A warm beautiful day. Catholic picnic in the Pine Grove. Mora and Memphis picked wild berries enough for a shortcake for dinner they are about gone. Sidney reached home at 1 p.m. Memphis went to the mill, Maud to store, Sidney got a bunch of pieplant of Wm. Strickland p.m.

Friday July 3, 1914

Very nice day. Mora weeded onions. 8 1/2 hours at Weatherups, rec'd 85c. Maud got a pail of buttermilk a.m. rec'd a letter from Sidney, also some for him with $2.00. P.O. Mora and Maud took it up and got some groceries. Memphis got some oil. I finished the garden except hilling part on two rows potatoes.

Thursday July 2, 1914

Cloudy most all a.m. fair p.m. cool night. Gladys Rusha called a.m. rec'd a card from Sidney and a letter from Aunt Adaline Raymond. Memphis picked some nice wild berries. Had a shortcake for supper, she also went to mill. Maud and Memphis to P.O. this eve. I have hoed and sowed more seed and peas.

Wednesday July 1, 1914

Clear pleasant until 5 p.m rained hard kept steady at it until 7. Sidney went north on the 7 a.m. Mora and Maud picked 2 qts wild berries had shortcake for dinner. Memphis went to Weatherups took down a santana and got some buttermilk, also my towel got in with their things at the picnic. Maud went to store got sugar in the rain. Memphis and Cassie to P.O. Agnes here a.m. I did a big washing, hoed and planted cab. and squash.

Tuesday June 30, 1914

Rain a.m. fair p.m. Sidney worked around home. Mora and Maud picked berries at H. Wingen's p.m. They gave them a qt of berries to bring home. Lizzie called at noon. Memphis went to mill, Cassie to P.O. Melvin Weatherup came to say they wanted Mora Thur.

Monday June 29, 1914

Rainy all day and still raining tonight. Sidney, Mora and Maud went up to Wingen's and the Nihl place, p.m. Sidney went down and called on Rev. Mitchel, Memphis went to P.O. twice. Sidney rec'd a letter that his order is on the way. The minister gave him some beans also some succotash to plant. The little duck did not come up tonight. The susie rabbit has four little ones, came this a.m. Agnes down this p.m. Sidney wheel'd a 1/4 cord of wood home.

Sunday June 28, 1914

Pleasant a.m. rained p.m. thunder shower tonight, one after another. Sidney and Mora, Maud and Memphis went to Sunday School. Rev. Mitchel commenced an afternoon service at Whig Hill. Lawrence Harrington called p.m.

Saturday June 27, 1914

Sidney, Mora, Maud and Memphis gone to S. S. picnic in Pine Grove. I baked a cake and some raised biscuit's for them to take. Got home at 5 p.m. left my towel I had on the basket. Rained at 5 p.m.

Friday June 26, 1914

Warm, good hay day. Mora and Maud picked berries at Wingen's, he got 21 crates. They had to walk home, Lizzie gave them a qt. of berries. Got home 6:30 a.m. Sidney got home a little ahead of them, brought a lovely bunch of rose's from beyond Parish. Wm. Schrader called eve.

Thursday June 25, 1914

Nice cool breeze all day. Children picked more wild berries, had biscuit and berries for dinner, strawberry pie for dinner. Beet turnip and cabbage seed came today from Salzen's. I have laid some of the beet seed, hoed some. Lizzie Burt called p.m. Small crowd at the Grange picnic in Pine Grove.

Wednesday June 24, 1914

Very hot and muggy day, thunder at 6 p.m. and a smart shower, another thunder shower at 8 p.m. sharp flashes but very little rain. Mailed a letter to Sidney and rec'd one from him on the 4. Mora and Maud picked berries for a shortcake for dinner. Maud went to the mill tonight. Memphis picked a few berries her and Cassie been to P.O. Gave Henry Holden one of the kittens for his little girl.

Tuesday June 23, 1914

Warm, Sidney went on the 7 a.m. to Parish and expects to canvas out to Texas. Mora and Maud picked strawberries for H. Wingen's. Had some of the big hen for their dinner and the other children and I finished what was left. Sidney also had a lunch out of it. Memphis and Cassie went to P.O. Maud also went and got sugar and lard. The pump give out so I took off a board and get water with a pail.

Monday June 22, 1914

Lovely, sprinkled, very warm tonight. Mr. Wingen called this a.m. Sidney home all day, worked in our garden, cut some wood and sent an order for scrolls. One of the littlest bunnies is dead and chickens hatching. Memphis went to Weatherups, Maud and Memphis to mill and all 4 oldest have been to P.O.

Sunday June 21, 1914

Fair, cool, sprinkled just evening. Sidney went to Church and Sunday School and Mora, Maud and Memphis went to Sunday School, only we had a R.C.R.R for dinner and supper, fattest hen I ever saw.

Saturday June 20, 1914

Cool. Fair all day. Sidney cut some wood in Mallory's woods, hoed some in the garden. Wrote a letter to Mr. Higley, one to Rev. Bowman and one to the Merit Med. Co. Mora picked about 7 qts. wild strawberries, had a big shortcake for dinner and one for supper, all we could eat. Maud went to Weatherup's and got some buttermilk, went and got some groceries this evening. Memphis and Cassie went for mail, Pout has got 10 little bunnies p.m. Agnes here nearly all p.m.

Friday June 19, 1914

Pleasant until 3:30 commenced to rain, turned cold and a high wind is blowing. Sidney went on the 10 a.m. train to Parish and delivered 1 S. Scroll. came home on the 4, came up on the bus, bought some beef 14c #. went to Weatherups this eve and paid Mr. W. $6.00. M. Silverman came p.m. said he had a boy. I paid him $1.00 and let him have a hen for 75c. Sidney rec'd a letter from Mr. Higley.

Thursday June 18, 1914

Beautiful day. Rose early and Sidney started to Palermo at 6 a.m. with 1 standard and 2 special scrolls. Got home 5:45 p.m. went on the 4 to Central Square, got his draft and 1 doz banana's at T. Conternuanis and walked home, got a ride a ways, went up and got some wood off Clint this evening. I sent to Salgers for turnip beet and savoy cabbage seed. Agnes here p.m.

Wednesday June 17, 1914

Beautiful today. Sidney's birthday, is 42 years old. Sidney and Mora have gone to the station to see about his box of scrolls. Georgie Piquet brought them down for him. They are very nice. We had a big strawberry shortcake for dinner. Sidney hoe'd in the garden. Gaults moving picture show at hotel Button. Mailed a letter, Sidney rec'd a nice birthday card from Hannah.

Tuesday June 16, 1914

Fair, cool all day, night chilly. We had wild strawberries for dinner and supper. Sidney came home on the 4 p.m. said he ate dinner one day last week with Mrs. Little, said she has {unable to read} awfully.

Monday June 15, 1914

Another lovely day, but a strong west wind. The childen picked over 4 qts wild strawberries, they are delicious. I bought a qt. of garden berries off Frank Rusha 10c per qt. Washed today. Mora hoed the sweet corn in our garden, rec'd a card from Mina on the 7 p.m. G. Mallory gone to hospital in Syracuse.

Sunday June 14, 1914

A very beautiful day, nice cool breeze. Mora and Maud have gone to Sunday school, seems funny not to have Sidney home. Arthur Dainis called to see Sidney. The children told him he wasn't at home so he went home again. Awfully cold, act as tho we would have a frost.

Saturday June 13, 1914

Pout making another nest. Quite warm, cool breeze. Rev. Mitchel called p.m.  Rec'd just a few lines from Sidney enclosed $1.00, came 4 p.m. said he would not be home before Monday. Mora got some buttermilk to Weatherups a.m. Memphis and Cassie went to P.O. I have been rather lonely and very nervous. Lillian worrisome and so awfully much to do.

Friday June 12, 1914

A very pleasant day, cool breeze. Mora went to Weatherups also to mill and now to the store to get graham flour. The rest of the children have run errands, fed rabbits and we have all been busy. Expected a letter from Sidney but none came. Our garden is coming nicely but our tomatoes we took so much pains with are nearly all dead. Mr. Winzens came a.m. to see about the girls picking strawberries for him.

Thursday June 11, 1914

Nice pleasant day. Rec'd a letter a.m. from Adelle, she enclosed a card she had just rec'd from Mina. Rec'd a letter p.m. from Sidney mailed at Demster. Maud, Memphis and Cassie have all been to the P.O.  Mora has helped with the cleaning, a man came along selling the woolverine products.

Wednesday June 10, 1914

Man selling window screens. Fair. Sent a letter to Sidney, expected one from him but none came. Memphis went to the mill for corn. Charlie gave her back a nickel and told her to buy some candy with it. Maud went to Weatherups and got some buttermilk, Cassie mailed our letter to Sidney. Memphis also went to Fidler's on an errand for Aunt Kate. Lydia told her that Dorothy has the measles. Got the pantry nearly cleaned and washed windows also. Mora swept upstairs and helped me wash and put away dishes.

Tuesday June 9, 1914

Very warm day. Wrote a letter to Sidney, rec'd one from him from Mexico. Mora and Cassie went to the P.O. this eve. Saw David Weatherup, he gave Mora Maud's $2.00. Maud went to store twice today, Memphis once. Agnes Porter came down to play a.m. and again this eve. Rueben came to see if Sidney was at home, said if he was Gene was going to bring down his rabbit.

Monday June 8, 1914

Rained this morning so Sidney cut us some wood and went on the 2 to Parish, intends to canvaas toward Mexico. I washed after Sidney went away. First line full all in and filled the line with white clothes at 8 this evening. Johnnie Vinney is moving Harry's furniture home today.

Sunday June 7, 1914

Very warm a.m. an electric storm p.m. rain paused the first real soaking rain this season. Sidney and Mora went to meeting and Sunday school. Attendance growing larger. Sidney has gone this evening again, seemed a very long dismal day.

Saturday June 6, 1914

Fair cool all day. Sidney made a rabbit pen, cut some wood in Mallory's woods that he and Floyd White left last winter. Mora and Maud weeded onions at Weatherups a.m. David paid Mora $2.05 for 20 and 1/2 hours work at 10c per hour, did not pay Maud yet. Mora went to Weatherups tonight got 1 qt. milk. Clarence Porter brought their jackets, they forgot in the lot. Hazel Lynch and Vernice Courbat came with Lottie Baum p.m. to deliver the things I ordered off her, namely box tartan tar soap 10c pkg, darning needles 5c, the n.w.comp. she did not bring, someway omitted in her order. Memphis went to mill got corn, Castella to store for vinegar.

Friday June 5, 1914

Fair cool wind. Sidney has nearly finished planting our garden. Mora and Maud are weeding onions at Weatherups. Sidney carried Burgens drake home this evening. I sent a letter to Adelle, Sidney rec'd a letter from Mr. Higley.

Thursday June 4, 1914

Rained hard a.m. cold p.m. but no rain. Set tomatoes out. Harry Vinney's wife was buried today, funeral 10 o'clock at Little France.

Wednesday June 3, 1914

Fair some and sprinkled a little. Avis came this morning just as I was getting up, to get Mora and Maud to weed onions. They went and commenced work at eight, stoped at five, were quite tired too. Aunt Kate called p.m. had a good visit with her. Memphis and Cassie went to P.O. and store. Henry Holding called while aunt Kate was here. The 3 youngest Porter children made me about crazy all p.m. Mora and I planted three rows of potatoes and a few hubbard squash tonight nearly dark. Sidney came at 10 p.m. Rained hard as soon as he got home.

Tuesday June 2, 1914

A real nice day, Sidney went to the station to take the first train north. Maud, Memphis and Castella have all been over town also Maud went to Weatherups for milk. Henry Rudeau plowed and draged our garden today. John Fidler called to see Sidney this evening. I told him he would no be home until late so he said he would see him tomorrow.

Monday June 1, 1914

Lillian walks all over alone. Lovely day. Sidney stayed home today, except going to borrow Lee Burgan's drake. Mora and Maud went to Weatherups for milk, Maud went to the mill got corn. Harry Vinney's wife died at 7:20 a.m.. Mrs. Lydia Boots came p.m. with her children.

Sunday May 31, 1914

Beautiful day sprinkled just nightfall a little, Frank Cary called this evening. Gene Porter came a.m. with his female rabbit. Sidney, Mora and Maud and Memphis went to Sunday School. Sidney went to meeting also, said they had a nice large attendance today, seem to like the new minister so far, hope they continue to.

Saturday May 30, 1914

A lovely decoration day, we have all been very busy indeed. Sidney came on the 9 p.m. train but it was about 30 minutes late, rode back from station with Fay Courbat and Eddie Lynch.

Friday May 29, 1914

Warm all day close and stuffy tonight. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, mailed one to him at Pulaski also rec'd one from Adell, Hamilton. Memphis went to the mill also to store. Cassie went to P.O. twice, Maud went after the milk. Mora helped me and I sewed some, have not felt a bit good today. A dance at Guy Pierces tonight, Lawrence Harrington stopped, wanted to get a rabbit having lost one of his.

Thursday May 28, 1914

Fair cool p.m. received 2 letters from Sidney a.m. enclosed 50c. Clint came down at noon quite hot over our hen. Memphis got the milk tonight. Cassie took up a letter for me p.m. I have had a miserable day of it today, a severe headache tonight.

Wednesday May 27, 1914

Very warm muggy day, thundered but only a very few sprinkles of rain here, must had an awful shower towards W. Monroe, was terrible black that way. Maud and Memphis has been to the P.O. twice, Maud got 2 loaves of bread and some other things. Maud and Cassie went to Weatherups, got a pail of sweet milk also one buttermilk. Memphis mailed a letter to Sidney on the 2 p.m. at Pulaski, Dr. Wilcox had a hurry call, went by with horse on the run at 7 p.m.

Tuesday May 26, 1914

Warm muggy day with thunder and lightening eight thirty p.m. Sidney started for Hastings 5 a.m. to get the early train to Pulaski. A lady called p.m. selling dust cloths, polishing extracts and various other articles, said she lived 5 miles beyond Parish. Rogers also called, Pal collector from Mexico. Susie and Marguerette came p.m. brought over a white rabbit. I gave her Cassie's hen for it, she took James drum home for John Ingerson to practice on. She had a boiler to have soldered. She drove Lewis's horse over said she had a colt a week old, She had two dogs with her, said someone poisoned the hound, they saved it with an enietie. Maud went to the mill for feed, borrowed Carl Boots wagon to draw it home in, also went to store for graham flour and the mail. Mora went to Weatherups for sweet milk.

Monday May 25, 1914

Rained so Sidney did not go away . Built a yard for the rabbits, mail'd a letter to Valparaiso, Ind.

Sunday May 24, 1914

Warm pleasant day. Sidney and Mora went to church, minister was there, Rev. Mitchel also the Rev. Devit from the Square, large attendance as generally is on the arrival of any minister.

Saturday May 23, 1914

Lovely today altho quite a wind p.m. Mora has been to the mill, P.O. and down to Weatherups once, Cassie went to Weatherups with her, Maud has been to Weatherups once and the store twice. Memphis went to the store once, sent a letter to Della a.m. also one to the Mercantile reporting agency co., I cleaned the two front rooms upstairs all but washing the windows also the hall and stairs. Seems more pleasant already. The little rabbits are running all over the yard. Sidney came on the 9 p.m. Geo. Courbat shut down p.m. for the funeral of Mrs Walters who died with pneumonia.

Friday May 22, 1914

Very nice a.m. p.m. fair until 4 o'clock began to rain a little then harder. Will be a rainy night. Rec'd a letter from Sidney 4 p.m. enclosed 50c, I sent a letter to Sidney by Maud early this morning and a pkg. of several kinds of flower seed to Adelle by Memphis p.m. Mora and Maud each got a pail of sweet milk at Weatherups tonight, Maud went to the mill at noon and got some oats. Mr. Silverman called at about 3:30, said he had lost a horse.

Thursday May 21, 1914

Warm day, rec'd a letter from Sidney and 10c silver on the four o'clock. Mora went to Weatherups a.m. got buttermilk. Mr. Weatherup told her to come and get all the separated milk we wanted until they got more calves to take. Mora and Memphis each got a pail full tonight.

Wednesday May 20, 1914

Nice warm day. Rec'd a letter for Sidney from the firm, forwarded it to Pulaski. I rec'd one from Della. Kept the hen's in until 6:15 p.m. let them out a little while got 18 eggs, the most I have had to date. Had to lay at home today, I have felt very badly all afternoon.

Tuesday May 19, 1914

Warm today. Sidney started toward Pulaski this morning 7:30. Mora went to Weatherups also Cassie. Avis gave her or them a very pretty tiger kitten and for fear of it being lonesome, Maud and Memphis went and she gave them another tiger and white. Melvin wanted them to take all they had so Mr. Weatherup would not kill them. I have kept our hens shut up to keep them from going on Henry Rudeaus oats which he drilled in yesterday, did not finish until so dark we could hardly see him. Rolled them today. I caught two very nice bullheads by the bridge this eve, put the little rabbits in the pen today, seem to enjoy it.

Monday May 18, 1914

Another nice day. Sidney went to Weatherups a.m. borrowed 10 dollars to send his first order for scrolls, he also changed a setting of brown loghorn eggs with William Strickland and went to the station for an ex. order, to mill for feed and to Lewis's and got some groceries. This evening he went up to Burts carried some squash and pumpkin seed to old Mrs. Starr and Claud came back with him and brought a little female rabbit to change for our Adam. Mora caught another sucker this evening. Sidney sent a bundle of garden seed to Adelle by p.p. for me cost 4 cts. I washed today and will try and finish tomorrow.

Sunday May 17, 1914

A very pleasant day out, it seems rather lonely to me. Sidney, Mora, Maud and Memphis went to Sunday School, had no minister today, haven't got moved yet.

Saturday May 16, 1914

Fair all day. I have not felt well today or Sidney hasn't either.  rec'd a card from Adelle and Sidney a card from Max Silverman.

Friday May 15, 1914

Fair day, cold wind. Sidney cleaned out the cellar and opened the drain. Children went to school. I rec'd a letter from Adelle, Pa's birthday, 76 years old. This is the end of the term.

Thursday May 14, 1914

Nice all day. Sidney walked out as far as Brewerton and took the first train to Syracuse, arrived too late to see Mary as she was buried the day before at 2 o'clock p.m. A Mrs. Watson had Mary's raincoat and she gave it to Sidney to bring home. He ate dinner with Sadie Hill and came on the trolley to Brewerton and walked out home, rode a ways with John Fidler. Took 3 dozen eggs got 20c each per doz. I rec'd a letter from Sadie Hill from Syracuse. The children went to school.

Wednesday May 13, 1914

Cool all day, rained at 2 p.m. continuing all p.m. awfully dark tonight. Mora went to school a.m. all three went p.m. Maud brought a letter to me from Sidney this p.m. At 4 Lydia Boots came this afternoon, Carl and Hazel came with her, she brought down the flavoring I ordered off the Orman boy, he left it with Mrs. H. Porter, she paid him and I sent her money by Mrs. Boots. Cost 25c and a very nice teaspoon came free with each tube.

Tuesday May 12, 1914

Sent another letter to Sidney this morning when the children went to school. Sent one to Sadie Hill in Syracuse also. Rec'd  letter from Sidney, Maud brought it when she came from school p.m. Memphis did not go p.m. It commenced to rain about 10 a.m. and kept raining harder until tonight, it fairly pours, lightened quite a little and then thunder shook the whole house about 8 p.m. it has been a very sad lonely day to me. Sat up until after ten o'clock.

Monday May 11, 1914

Nice but quite cool and cloudy p.m. Sidney started out about 7 a.m. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school p.m., a.m. Mora did not go, went to the mill for corn, went down to Weatherups tonight with Avis and got some buttermilk. Got a telegram p.m. from Syracuse that Mary* is dead, got a letter also (that she was dieing) with a special delivery stamp. Nellie came and brought it down. Guy came twice to tell me about the message so I could write to Sidney, sent a letter to him on the 2 p.m. Mr. Henderson came a few minutes before six this evening, Henry gave Cassie more potatoes.

*Note- I believe Mary might be Sidney's older half sister Mary Welsh. I have not been able to confirm this yet.

Sunday May 10, 1914

Nice pleasant day. Sidney, Maud and Memphis went to Sunday School. Cassie and two children came this afternoon, rained a little after 2:30 p.m.

Saturday May 9, 1914

Nice all day. Rec'd a letter from Larkin Soap Co, Henry gave Mora and Cassie a big pail of potatoes he plowed up. We had a nice mess of bullheads for dinner. Harry Vinney's wife is very ill, not expected to live. Sidney came on the nine o'clock train tonight, said he did not get the pkg. we mailed to him.