Thursday February 25, 1915

Rainy last night and all a.m., p.m. snow but it melts as fast as it falls, until evening ground is a little white. Children went to school. Claud brought us some wood this morning. Sidney split it all up and started away about 1 p.m. to go to Petts Corners. Wind westerly a little colder this evening.

Wednesday February 24, 1915

Rained all last night and today, fields are nearly all bare, creek very high. Mora and Maud did not go back to school p.m. as their feet were wet. Minister Mitchel called p.m. My cold and sore throat is no better.

Tuesday February 23, 1915

Awfully slushy snow going very fast, rainy p.m. Sidney reached home at noon, just as the children came to dinner. Mora and Maud went to store and mill after got home from school at night. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burt has a baby.

Monday February 22, 1915

Very nice weather. Sidney went to Palermo. No school today. A mask ball at Alfred Piguets tonight.

Sunday February 21, 1915

Pleasant day. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to Sunday school only. I have not felt well all day.

Saturday February 20, 1915

Beautiful day, another white frost, everything looks lovely. Sidney went to Petts Corners got home at 7:30 p.m. Memphis was quite sick all p.m. and evening. Other duck died, think swallowed pin or needle the way both acted. Maud and Cassie went to Mrs. Smiths and Mrs. Boots's. Mrs. Smith gave Cassie a little glass. Mora went to Weatherups a.m. and p.m., also I rec'd a letter from Mrs. Wines.

Friday February 19, 1915

Rec'd a letter from Aunt A.R. Raymond. Very pleasant day, white frost last night. Claud brought some wood at 1 p.m. Children went to school. Clarence brought the chopping bowl and knife home. Mrs. Smith called. People tapping maple trees.

Thursday February 18, 1915

Nice thawy day, freezing at night. Children at school. Sidney came home at 7 p.m. Another white duck sick.

Wednesday February 17, 1915

Nice day, cold night. Children at school. Duck died.

Tuesday February 16, 1915

Froze up a very little last night, not so mussy today but still thawed some. Some snow p.m. not enough to cover the bare places. Sidney started at about 7:30 a.m. towards Mexico. Mora and Maud came home to dinner from school. Agnes Porter came to borrow our chopping bowl and knife. M. Clarence came to bring a note from his mother p.m. One of our white ducks acts queer as tho her back were hurt.

Monday February 15, 1915

Rained all last night, quite pleasant today altho very mussy underfoot. Sidney went to Weatherup's and got some onions, to mill and got feed, to store and also to Stricklands for 1/2 bu. potatoes. Mora and Maud came home to dinner got their feet wet so did not go to school p.m. James and Susie came over, staid to dinner, said little Mary had a baby boy. Charlie the horse had broken his neck, committed suicide. We are feeling a little better, but quite weak yet. James gave me some meal and Mora got some buttermilk off Mrs. Mallory and we had a lovely johnnie cake for supper.

Sunday February 14, 1915

Rather dull. All were feeling so bad that they did not attend church.

Saturday February 13, 1915

Lovely day. Sidney and Pat finished up the wood this p.m., cut all 8 cord. Pat brought a basket of nice apples to us this morning. Mora washed a few things. I have not felt much like work today. I finished knitting a pair of mittens for Sidney.

Friday February 12, 1915

A nice day, looks more settled now, altho a mist early a.m. Sidney and Pat cut wood p.m. Hazel and Verda came p.m. and brought a small sack onions and some celery. I gave her some pickles to take home. Mora went to Weatherups a little while p.m. I did quite a big washing.

Thursday February 11, 1915

Sidney is as sick in bed nearly all a.m., some better p.m. We have all got the grippe. Maud is nearly over her cold but Mora is much worse altho bound to go to school. Hazel came down and got pickles p.m.

Wednesday February 10, 1915

Rainy night and rains some today, snow is settling fast. Children came home to dinner.

Tuesday February 9, 1915

Cold and frosty. Stormed nearly all day. Sidney and Pat cut wood. Mora and Maud went to school. All came home for dinner. Boot's baby some better. All of us has a bronchial cough. Mrs. Dainis sent scraps for hens.

Monday February 8, 1915

Stormy a.m. Fair p.m. Claud brought the rest of the cord of wood a.m. Sidney and P. Marrney commenced to cut Aunt Kate's wood at 10 a.m. Mora and Maud came home to dinner from school. Not very cold.

Sunday Februay 7, 1915

Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church, a Rev. Haveus was there. Sidney said he preached a very good sermon.

Saturday February 6, 1915

Rainy most of the day. Sidney came at about 1 p.m. Mailed a letter to Lillian. C.D. brought wood eve.

Friday February 5, 1915

Bright and beautiful all day, commencing to rain at 7 p.m. high east wind at same time. Sidney went at about 8 a.m. Maud went to school. Mora want to Boots's a little after 4 p.m. their baby is very sick, had Dr. Conterman p.m. he said it had nearly pneumonia and only good care would save it. Rec'd a letter from Mina p.m. R.I.R {unable to read} died.

Thursday February 4, 1915

Beautiful bright day, growing milder p.m. Maud went to school, took her lunch. Mora and Cassie have a hard cold. Maud's and Lillian's cold are much better.

Wednesday February 3, 1915

Ice storm again last night. Stormy nearly all day. Sun shone. Night not quite so cold. Rec'd letter from Dell. Fred Morey dead after a two weeks illness.

Tuesday February 2, 1915

Sidney went to Hastings and back. Stormy all day, ice storm in night, no sunshine today. Bitter cold, east wind day and night too. ice storm all day.

Monday February 1, 1915

Severe cold and stormy. Children did not take their dinner, about frozen coming home from school.

Sunday January 31, 1915

Rough and stormy again today but Sidney and Mora and Maud have gone to church. Roads full when they came back.

Saturday January 30, 1915

Rough stormy day, cold. Sidney reached home 6 p.m. Sold a scroll to his old teacher and she gave him a card photo of her little girl.