Tuesday March 31, 1914

A nice day. I got the clothes all on the line before eight a.m. Maud went to school came home to dinner heard Clayton and Floyd Porter are sick with measles, also measely at Boots's. Mora went to Weatherup's and got buttermilk. Sidney started away at 7 a.m. I made a shirt for Sidney this a.m. Mora finished the purple carpet rags, Memphis sewed a few wine colored one's. Sidney reached home about 7 p.m. rode from the pine woods with Will Strickland.

Monday March 30, 1914

Rained hard a.m., light mist p.m. Sidney went over by the [unable to read] p.m. A very gloomy day. Nellie Morey is quite sick with measles. Hazel Lynch came down about 4:30. Sidney rec'd a letter from Mr. Green.

Sunday March 29, 1914

Nice but a cold high wind gaining in fierceness at night. Sidney and Mora attended Sunday School, said they had a good sized attendance today. The Rev. Carl did not come. Frank Cary drove in awhile, he looks awfully old for his years. Claud Burt called again this eve., to see about rabbits, poor Jobby seems to have a very hard time with getting bunnies.

Saturday March 28, 1914

They shoveled and plowed the roads again today and chopped off the ridge with axes, so the funeral procession could get through, Mr. Rushie's funeral at 1 p.m. at the church. I think he will be buried at Sand Hill, roads were so bad the undertaker could not get through with a hearse so took the remains in a wagon. Rec'd a card from Mina saying Adell was married to L. Mathews.

Friday March 27, 1914

A heavy fog nearly all day, rained all a.m. and cleared a little about noon then fog again. Commenced to rain a little at 7 p.m. The ice has broken up in the creek and quite a lot in the pond. An awful jam by the bridge, it makes a awful noise. Ice and water nearly came up to the bridge before any of the ice gave way and went under. Sidney went out and loosened a lot of it and helped to get it started on it's way. Thundered and lightened this morning. Maud did not go to school it was so bad today. Mora is improving fast. Got a card from Susie saying Pa was bad off would like to see him but I can not tell whether or not I will be able to.

Thursday March 26, 1914

Quite a common place sort of day. Very warm. They plowed and shovel'd out the roads so wagons could get through. Wm. Schrader started to come through and broke down just this side of the corner. Maud went to school. Mora is some better.

Wednesday March 25, 1914

Snow will soon be a thing o the past for the season at least. I washed again today, everyday so far this week and have a few more for tomorrow that will finish up what I could not do while we all had the grippe. Mora and Maud went to school but Mora felt as bad at noon she came home she has got pink eye. No knowing what will be next. Memphis went to Nellies and got a can of Van Camp milk. Mr. Daniel Rushie died at 3 p.m. today . Sidney came from Volney reached home at 8:30p.m was tired out.

Tuesday March 24, 1914

Nice, pleasant most of the day, about 10:30 snowed great big flakes, in 5 minutes sun shone bright again. Mora took Vernon's sled when she and Maud went to school. Mora went down to Weatherup's after school, Memphis went to store and got me some lard. I have worked hard, am very tired tonight.

Monday March 23, 1914

Cloudy and sunshine by turns, snowed a little, rather warm thawy. Commenced to freeze a little about 4 p.m. Sidney went to the mill for corn and to Lewis's and got groceries, carried wash water from the pond. We ate dinner about 11 and at 12pm he started for Volney. Mora and Maud went to school. Mora went home with Avis after school, when she go home eat supper and went up with Maud to Mary's and drew home 1/2 bu. potatoes on their little boys sled. Memphis went up to the stores twice today.

Sunday March 22, 1914

Fair. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church. Mrs. Dainis called this morning on her way to Rushie's. Mr. Rushie is not expected to live long, heart failure is the cause, she forgot an orange she wished to take to him, so Mora went up to her house and got it for her, then she went on rode back with T. Weatherup and wife.

Saturday March 21, 1914

Cold and a cold wind all day. Mora went to Weatherup's got buttermilk, Maud went to Mrs. Boots got some parrings for the hens. Sidney took Mina's quilt cover this a.m. sent it to her by P.P., also wrote a letter to Hannah and one to Joe. Sidney went to Gehr's and got two loaves graham bread this evening.

Friday March 20, 1914

Morning cold clear, sunshine bright. Mora and Maud went to school p.m. Maud brought a Sears Roebuck cat., a letter for Sidney, a letter for me, a floweral magazine and paper when she came home from school.

Thursday March 19, 1914

Snowed hard all day, a cold north west wind, a very lonesome day. The children did not go to school. Sent a card to Lillian.

Wednesday March 18, 1914

Warm thawy, snowed hard a.m. not quite so hard p.m. Almost rain, does rain fine like mist tonight. Della and Lenard Shield came a little while a.m., had been to the Pierce dance. Rec'd a card from Mina A. Sidney did not work only a short time on account of the storm his clothes were about wet through. He got Henry Rudeau to draw us a load of wood from C. Corbat. Orlie C. is sick with measles, Iva just came down with measles.

Tuesday March 17, 1914

Warm clear day. Mora and Maud went to school. Sidney worked for P. Marruney all day. John Gehr is moving Millie's folks in his tenant house (back,) sent $6.50 to Larkins Soap Co., also a card to A.D.S.A. Dance at Pierces tonight. (St. Patricks)

Monday March 16, 1914

Still very warm, snow is rotten. Sidney worked for and with P. Marruney cutting wood. Mora and Maud went to school, Cassie and Lillian are some better. My head did not ache quite as hard today.

Sunday March 15, 1914

Nice warm day but awfully messy underfoot, snow is gone fast this time. Mora went up to Lydia Boots, none of the rest of us went anywhere except Sidney went up to Gehr's and bought some lemons to rub on Lillian's gums, they are swelled very bad and the poor little dear suffers terribly with cutting teeth.

Saturday March 14, 1914

Thawed all day, sprinkled in the eve a little. Sidney went to Hastings Center. Mora went to the mill and stopped at Gehr's on her way home and got a gold band plate for her birthday, she is twelve years old today. Cassie and Lillian were sick all day and Cassie was worse all night, rubbed her several times with about everything imaginable and put steaming hot hop poultice's on her side and stomach. I am about all in down and out. Sidney call at P. Marruney p.m.

Friday March 13, 1914

Thawed quite a lot today hope the snow will soon be gone. Sidney went toward Hastings Center this a.m. James and Susie and their two babies came p.m. James had 2 rabbits for Gene Porter 75c pr. also Alva Shafer's bulldog to sell to Lewis Morey. Susie said Arthur and Mable Morey's baby Nellie May died about 2 weeks ago. Lillian is some better this p.m. but Cassie was taken very sick before noon and I have my hands full doctoring them all, hope they will be well soon, it is awful so much sickness. Nearly all the time one or more down.

Thursday March 12, 1914

A nice day but did not thaw but a very little. Lillian remains quite sick. Maud was taken sick, just night,  a quick and awful lot of dosing soon had it's effect. I have had the headache as usual and at times I ache all over. Sidney is gaining but is very weak yet.

Wednesday March 11, 1914

A beautiful day and also a very beautiful night, the big round moon shining through the trees and gully is a picture well worth lookiing at only it makes me very lonely, a homesick feeling I can scarcely define. Mora went to the mill and P.O. and also stopped to Mrs. Boots. I have had a very bad headache and Lillian has been sick all day I was up most all night with her. Sidney found the Indian Runner Drake* dead, killed by Mallory's [can not make out word].


Tuesday March 10, 1914

Memphis was taken awfully sick in the night. A real pleasant day nearly all day. Mora went to Weatherup's and also to the P.O. Sidney felt bad all day. Claud Burt came in p.m. talked about rabbits. I rec'd a letter from Mina, Sidney two from the firm.

Monday March 9, 1914

Snowed hard all day. Charlie Rudeau plowed out the [page ripped] again today but they filled up again. It cleared up about 8 p.m. The moon shines, it is truely a beautiful night, everything white with snow in the moonlight. Mora went to the mill and got some more corn. Vernice gave her a cute little dolls hat. She got two letters for Sidney and some catalogues for me. Sidney is quite a lot better but had a headache this a.m. My head has ached all day tho not so bad as yesterday, it is enough to wear us all out. Mrs. Kiltz and daughter moved into Mrs. Dainis's front rooms this p.m. all her furniture was completely cover with snow.

Sunday March 8, 1914

Snowed quite a little bit, thawed about as fast as it came. Mora went to Sunday school. Mrs. Schrader was not there so Carl taught her class, Miller the bible class. Maud and Cassie cough very bad tonight altho the rest of us seem some better. Ray Morey brought our flour this a.m.

Saturday March 7, 1914

The snow is all slushy, looks like a breakup. Mora went to the mill and got 10# corn and worked here about all was done. Sidney went up to Lewis Morey's, the first he has been away this week. Gene came this evening and borrowed our black eared rabbit.

Friday March 6, 1914

It has snowed quite hard today. I have had a very severe headache. Mora went to Weatherup's p.m. Maud went to the P.O. got some mail for Sidney and a card for me from Adell. Sidney hasen't felt good at all today but is a trifle better tonight. Eugene Porter came in a little while this a.m.

Thursday March 5, 1914

It thawed a little nearly all day. Sidney is a little better. I am not much better yet, am very weak from coughing. All the children are better. Mora went to the P.O. twice, she mailed Sidney's report.

Wednesday March 4, 1914

Snowed quite hard, but it packs, a very mild day. Mora went over to town twice today, Maud once. Sidney is better tho not much like himself yet. My cold has been raking all day cough nearly as bad as whopping cough. We all have it more or less. Mora brought a letter to Sidney from Hygley. [Higley]

Tuesday March 3, 1914

Charlie Rudeau plowed out the road with his oxen, several men ahead shoveling the first time this winter. Mora went up after the mail and also went to Gehr's and got a can of milk. Sidney's cold was very bad, he is very weak from pain and coughing so much, he wasn't out doors today, in bed most of the day. Mora went to the mill and got 10# of corn.

Monday March 2, 1914

A very stormy day, a high wind, a regular blizzard with awful drifts of snow whenever it is possible to drift. Did not see a single rig out and only very few foot travelers. Mora went up as far as the P.O. p.m got stuck in a drift up near the corner came back crosslots that was not so bad. She took up a letter for Sidney to the firm.

Sunday March 1, 1914

Snowed a little early in morning then clear pleasant and thawed until nearly 4 p.m, when wind changed to N.W. and began to snow fine snow and blow at 9:30. The snow is coming down fast and furious and the wind howls like mad it is a terrible night to say the least. Sidney went to church, Mora and Maud went to Sunday school only Rev. Carl preached today. Mr. Miller was organist today. Mrs. Miller is sick with neuralgia and grippe, Sidney has coughed hard all day I think his cold is a trifle better tonight. Pat M [page ripped] came in today. Sidney showed him the Royal Scroll he was very much surprised and pleased with it. It is five years today since my mother* was buried.

*Editors note- Frances (Fannie) Lawton West