Friday July 31, 1914

A nice day. I sent a card to Sidney this morning, makes 2 cards 1 letter and a pkg. this week, but he didn't get any of them so fearing something was wrong he came home on the first train this way from Richland this morning about all worn out from worry. Maud went to the mill, Cassie with her. Memphis to P.O. Gene Porter came and got a little rabbit, he gave me 15c said he would have the rest tomorrow night, each 25c. Harvest dance at Hotel Pierce tonight.

Thursday July 30, 1914

Pleasant cool day. Mrs. Joseph Ott buried today. Mailed a card to Sidney 10 a.m., a couple cakes 2 p.m. rec'd a letter from him with $1.00 inclosed. Agnes came this morning staid until the whistle blew at 12. Came down as soon as she ate dinner and went home at 4 p.m. I have heard some racket today.

Wednesday July 29, 1914

This has been a showery p.m. quite fair and cool a.m. Sent a letter to Sidney a.m. rec'd one from him. Memphis went to mill. Maud and Memphis went to P.O. Mora is nursing a sore foot cut while bathing yesterday.

Tuesday July 28, 1914

A very nice day, quite cool. Sidney went on the 7 a.m. 2 scrolls beside his sample. Mora and Cassie took Eld. Mitchel lantern home this a.m. Erma M. came back with them stayed to dinner and went home at two p.m. gave her a little adam. Maud went to mill a.m. and to store eve. Mora and Erma went to store at 11 a.m. Cassie and Memphis to P.O. eve. I did a months wash. A pkg. of pieces came from Aunt Adaline Raymond for the children.

Monday July 27, 1914

Sidney did not get started out today, got 1/4 cord hard wood and split it up. Chored around, did not feel very good. It rained some toward night. Sidney wrote to the Co. to M. Silverman and some others. Gone tonight to see elder Mitchel with the scroll, sold it to him and bot 4 books, which are real gems in themselves. Reached home at about 10 p.m. lunched and went to bed.

Sunday July 26, 1914

Beautiful day. Sidney and the girls all but Lillian went to Sunday School. Cassie came home early barefoot as her shoes hut her so she took them off and carried them in her hand. Gene Porter called a little while. Sprinkled at night. George Robinson died yesterday, buried today G.A.R attended funeral.

Saturday July 25, 1914

Pleasant but warm. Sidney went on the 7 a.m. came back on 4 p.m. about tired out walking so fast and far between the places, delivered two scrolls brought one home. The children picked about 5 qts. blackcaps at Weatherups p.m. Maud got buttermilk, Memphis went to mill, all the 3 oldest went for groceries this evening. Memphis found a dime supposed to belong to Mrs. Weatherup and lost by Erma Mitchel, gave it to Mrs. Weatherup. Sidney went to see Mr. Schrader gone away.

Friday July 24, 1914

A lovely day and an unusually nice evening a heavy fog morning and until nine a.m. almost like a cloud. I have been breaking Mora's shoes for her today. Mr. Weatherup told Memphis and Cassie to eat all the berries they wanted p.m. so the did and brought home a qt. red and black caps mixed. Elis and Murl Piguet came in to see the rabbits, also Gene Porter and Lawrence Harrington, no letter from Sidney today, he came on the nine o'clock train evening.

Thursday July 23, 1914

Rained nearly all day. Expected a letter froom Sidney but none came today. Some of the children have been to the P.O. after each mail came.

Wednesday July 22, 1914

Beautiful all day, quite cool. Washed, hoed the beets and have kept busy generally. Sent a letter to Sidney and forwarded one, rec'd a card a.m. a letter p.m. from him from Lacona. Melvin Weatherup came p.m. Maud went to mill all 4 been to P.O. and Gehrs. Three more little rabbits died today. I am quite sure from eating black plantir[can't make out word].

Tuesday July 21, 1914

Quite cool, had a nice shower between 11-12 a.m. Sidney went north at 7 a.m. Two more rabbits died p.m. another one acts sick tonight. A letter from Sears Roebuck and one for Sidney from the Co., also one I sent to him at Mexico returned. Mora and Cassie went up and got some groceries this evening.

Monday July 20, 1914

Very nice today. Sidney went to depot and got a standard scroll. Mora went to Weatherups, went with Lillian to P.O. and got their shoes, they came on the 2. Memphis went to the mill. I sewed on Sidney's coat. Have not felt well today. A little white rabbit died. Sent cards to five people Sidney expects to deliver his next order of scrolls to Sat. and Mon. next.

Sunday July 19, 1914

Beautiful all day. Sidney, Maud, and Memphis went to Sunday School. Sidney went to preaching also. William Allen came a.m. went back on his wheel about 4 p.m. We had a blackcap shortcake for dinner. Susie came near eve. brought a qt. can of red raspberries and a qt. can of sour cream. Mora went up to Pierce's and bot a quartes worth of ice cream. We had cream and cake this evening.

Saturday July 18, 1914

Nice and cool all day. Nellie brought a special delivery letter this morning, came on the 7 from Mr. Higley. As it was to late to get the eight train Sidney went on the 11 a.m. to Syracuse to meet Mr. Higley there at the Y.M.C.A, took dinner with him and came home on the 7 p.m. walked from the Square. Maud went to get some buttermilk and Mrs. Weatherup told her to come back down with Mora and pick black caps. They took a two qt. pail and she said that was too small so she gave them all they picked, 12 qts. I have filled 5 qt. cans, saved 2 qt. for a shortcake and had some for our supper. The tiger kitten Avis gave the children died this p.m.

Friday July 17, 1914

Cool several much needed showers. Sidney went to the depot a.m. went in the woods p.m. with the children to pick some berries commenced to rain as soon as they got there, they were soaking when they got to the house. Mrs. Anderson came, I bot cinnamon flavor off her. Maud went to mill and store for groceries. Sidney sent his report. I mailed a letter to Hornell, NY.

Thursday July 16, 1914

Warm, one nice shower. Sidney went to Central Square bot 1 1/2 doz. bananas of T. Conterman 10c/doz. Maud is 10 years old today, got her a gold band plate, Mora made some doll clothes.

Wednesday July 15, 1914

Pleasant quite cool breeze. Sidney went to Parish a.m. Maud to mill, Memphis went to Weatherup's, Maud had to go and start her home. Maud, Memphis and Cassie got two fruit cans at Nellie Morey's that I let them have pumpkin in last winter. Card came from L. S. Higley mailed at nearby city. Sidney got an express order off Herrick last night so did not send it out yesterday but took it with him to mail today. Delivered his two scrolls and came home on the 9 p.m. train.

Tuesday July 14, 1914

Cloudy but warm a.m. a little cooler p.m. and a couple nice showers. Sidney went to Pulaski on the 2 this morning to deliver 5 scrolls. Sent the box up to Pierces by the buss. Mora went up and got it. Spencer Shelden came a while to see the rabbits, he expects to go home tomorrow. M. Silverman came, Mora bot a pr. of nice hose for herself 25c. Sidney took the Sears Roebuck order to mail for their shoes, he got home 10p.m. train a little late. Delivered 3 scrolls brought 2 back. Bot 6 sticks liberty pole gum for children at Port Ontario, bot an orange for Lillian and 1/2 peck new potatoes.

Monday July 13, 1914

A very nice hay day. Sidney got some poles for the beans. Memphis went to the mill and tonight went to P.O. with Mora, Cassie and Lillian. Mora went to Weatherup's a.m. Sidney rec'd a letter from Mr. Higley, sent a card in ans. also sent his report and 5 cards to people who ordered a scroll. We had a red raspberry pie for supper. Very good indeed.

Sunday July 12, 1914

Hot muggy a.m. breeze cool p.m. Sidney and Memphis went to church and Sunday School. Maud's foot is a little better tonight. I have felt bad all day.

Saturday July 11, 1914

Hot with a nice shower 4 p.m. Sidney reached home about 5 p.m. very tired. Maud stepped on a rusty nail, penetrated her foot quite badly p.m. Rev. Mitchel halted a little while here this eve. Some of the children have been to P.O. after each mail. Mora went to Weatherup's got some buttermilk, went to store tonight twice for groceries. Cassie went with her.

Friday July 10, 1914

Another very hot muggy day. Mr. Wingen's called this morning and paid Mora and Maud for picking berries. Mina 10c. Charlie Vinney's wife stopped to get her baby a drink. The children have watched the P.O. close but no word from Sidney came, a card from M. Silverman and a letter from Rev. Chas. Bowman seven p.m came for Sidney. I found a little rabbit dead p.m. Had a light shower this eve cooled the air a trifle. Mailed a letter to Sidney.

Thursday July 9, 1914

Very warm all day. Mr. Higley came on the 10 a.m. and went on the 2 to Lacona, don't think he found Sidney as a call over the phone this evening from Lacona asking if Sidney had reached home yet came, must of been him, he wished to see him very much. I forwarded his card on the 7 a.m. Mr. Higley intends to go from here to Albany. I expected a letter yesterday and today from Sidney but none came. I am worried.

Wednesday July 8, 1914

Hot a.m. Partly cloudy and quite cool p.m. Mora pulled weeds at Weatherups 8 hours, rec'd $2.00. A letter came from T. Lipsky saying his father was dead, a card also from Herick that the scrolls were at the station, a card came this eve from Mr. Higley. I opened the sore on Maud's toe this morning and a lot of pus came out it made her feel better right away. Edith Pierce and Guy's nephew Spencer Sheldon came this evening, I found a young rabbit dead. James and Susie and their baby Myrtle drove in at nine p.m. staid until 11, brought me two qts. cherries. Mr. Lane of Central Square came p.m. I ordered 2 pair stockings for Maud and Memphis each, one for Sidney.

Tuesday July 7, 1914

Cool cloudy, sprinkled 2 or 3 times but has not rained hard. Mora worked at Weatherups 8 hours. Maud cried all night with the pain in her toe, has been quite bad all day but I think it is much better tonight. Memphis went to mill, rec'd a letter from Sidney, he mailed it at Richland on his way to Lacona. Mora mailed one to him seven p.m.

Monday July 6, 1914

Very warm, looks like rain tonight. I got up at 4 a.m. so to get breakfast early to enable Sidney to get an early start. Started away at about five going to walk to Parish and get a train toward Sandy Creek. Mora pulled weeds at Weatherup's until noon and then came home faint and about sick on account of the severe heat. She eat dinner at home and seem'd much better after getting rested. Maud has been suffering with a sore toe, very much swollen and her foot also. Think it is stone bruise. I have kept a bread and milk poultice on it all p.m. Memphis and Cassie picked a few wild strawberries. Our hen went to Mallorys a.m. and Mora went and got her tonight. Mora took Lillian in her cart over town this eve. Cassie went too. Nine ducks hatched today.

Sunday July 5, 1914

Warm, pleasant day. Sidney, Maud and Memphis went to Sunday School. Nine little ducks picked out of eleven egg's set.

Saturday July 4, 1914

A warm beautiful day. Catholic picnic in the Pine Grove. Mora and Memphis picked wild berries enough for a shortcake for dinner they are about gone. Sidney reached home at 1 p.m. Memphis went to the mill, Maud to store, Sidney got a bunch of pieplant of Wm. Strickland p.m.

Friday July 3, 1914

Very nice day. Mora weeded onions. 8 1/2 hours at Weatherups, rec'd 85c. Maud got a pail of buttermilk a.m. rec'd a letter from Sidney, also some for him with $2.00. P.O. Mora and Maud took it up and got some groceries. Memphis got some oil. I finished the garden except hilling part on two rows potatoes.

Thursday July 2, 1914

Cloudy most all a.m. fair p.m. cool night. Gladys Rusha called a.m. rec'd a card from Sidney and a letter from Aunt Adaline Raymond. Memphis picked some nice wild berries. Had a shortcake for supper, she also went to mill. Maud and Memphis to P.O. this eve. I have hoed and sowed more seed and peas.

Wednesday July 1, 1914

Clear pleasant until 5 p.m rained hard kept steady at it until 7. Sidney went north on the 7 a.m. Mora and Maud picked 2 qts wild berries had shortcake for dinner. Memphis went to Weatherups took down a santana and got some buttermilk, also my towel got in with their things at the picnic. Maud went to store got sugar in the rain. Memphis and Cassie to P.O. Agnes here a.m. I did a big washing, hoed and planted cab. and squash.