Saturday October 31, 1914

Fair. Sidney worked for Mallory's picked and picked up apples, pulled turnips and drew Lees Bugens corn. Clint gave hime some turnips, they are yellow. Mora got some more on her soap order a.m. Agnes was down a.m. and p.m. also Maud, Memphis and Cassie went to play with her 1/2 hour p.m. We had chicken pie.

Friday October 30, 1914

I rec'd cad from Lillian Smith. Cloudy all day. Sidney picked apples a.m. picked up p.m. for Clint. We had another hen for dinner. The children went to school. Sidney called at Elder Mitchels, evening.

Thursday October 29, 1914

Some warmer. Rainy p.m. Clint called for Sidney about 6 a.m. he reached home about 5 p.m. Walked from Hastings. Rec'd a letter from him on the 4 with $1.00 enclosed. He only deliverd 1 scrolll as other customer was ill he said. Children went to school. Mailed a letter to Adelle.

Wednesday October 28, 1914

Sidney went away early a.m. with three scrolls, he expects to deliver between Fernwood and Texas. Children went to school. Sun warm, snow all gone tonight. Comenced to use the new road this p.m. Agnes came with a bundle of papers this morning. Hazel Lynch came with Mora and Maud p.m.

Tuesday October 27, 1914

Very cold, about 2 inches of snow fell during the night. Sidney went up and helped milk so Mr. Porter would help move our stove in the front part. Clarence and Eugene came also. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school. Very mussy when they came home to dinner. Cassie and Lillian both have hard colds. Memphis coughs some too. We had Mora's speckled hen for dinner. 4th one we have had lately, all awfully fat.

Monday October 26, 1914

Children at school. Sprinkled nearly all a.m. Sidney drew corn fodder a.m. Picked apples p.m. with Henry Porter nearly froze, came down to get warm. Turned cold with a high wind and flurry of snow.

Sunday October 25, 1914

Sidney and the four girls went to church. Showery today. H. Rudeau called.

Saturday October 24, 1914

Quite cloudy but did not rain. Sidney pitched on corn stalks for two teams to draw all day. Awfully tired and lame tonight, our wedding anniversary, 19 years.

Friday October 23, 1914

Fair. Children at school, Miss Mosier gone home and a Mrs. Van Syckle came to teach, also of Parish. Sidney husk corn, went and husk'd 1 1/2 bu. after supper. Rec'd leter from Adell.

Wednesday October 21, 1914

Sidney has a hard cold, got wet Monday. He is husking corn today. Silverman came, we let him have three hens, they wieghed 12 lbs, 15 oz. at 14c #. Children at school.

Tuesday October 20, 1914

Sidney went to mill and got some corn and bought 1/2 cord hard wood off Clint after which he worked for John Gehr, picking up apples. John gave hime a nice cabbage to bring home. Children went to school.

Monday October 19, 1914

Sidney went to Brewerton and delivered a scroll, came home on the 2 p.m. train, carried a large box and 3 scrolls home from Courbots as the bus only came as far as that on account of the road building. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school. Clint came down at 11 a.m. mad because Sidney did not help him Sat. and yelled so he could be heard all over the village with Geo. Rudeau by the fence as witness, both drunk.

Sunday October 18, 1914

Rained and then sun, showery all day. Sidney and the four girls attended church and S.S.

Saturday October 17, 1914

Rained all night but is clear today. Clint came before 6 a.m. wanted Sidney to thrash. Sidney got home at 4:15 p.m., came with Jennie Rice and Ottsman. Cassie's birthday 6 years old.

Friday October 16, 1914

Rained quite hard all night, all a.m. Letting up at about 2:30 p.m. Cold wind tonight. Maud and Memphis went to school as usual. Cassie to store. Clint came down again this morning at 6:30.

Thursday October 15, 1914

Sidney started for Hastings early. Clint camt to see him, I think about the ashing. John Breckheimer funeral was held 10 a.m. Very largely attended, burial at Little France. Children at school.

Wednesday October 14, 1914

Cool again. Sidney went to Brewerton, sold a scroll and came back at 2 p.m. Children went to school, sent a letter to Mina.

Tuesday October 13, 1914

Fair cool wind. Sidney husked corn. Maud and Memphis went to school. Miss Diamond was in a auto accident with her parents and sister, so is not able to teach. John Breckheimer died 2 p.m of heart failure.

Monday October 12, 1914

Sidney husked corn again, says corn is poor. Erma Mitchel came p.m. Memphis went to Weatherups and got me some buttermilk. Maud and Memphis got a few apples. Melvin gave them a few chestnuts.

Sunday October 11, 1914

Some rain today. Sidney, Maud and Memphis went to meeting and S.S. Frank Cary called p.m on his motorcycle.

Saturday October 10, 1914

Rain a.m. Sidney picked apples for Clint. The children picked up a while. Clint gave us a bushel of very nice red ones. We gave Rev. Mitchel a squash when he called.

Friday October 9, 1914

Hot today. Sidney is husking corn. Building a new road on Main Street.

Thursday October 8, 1914

Two ducks gone this morning, all we have left is 3. We put those in a yard. Must be turtles, took the one Susie gave me also this time, it is a shame.

Wednesday October 7, 1914

Nice again. We are having beautiful weather. Memphis is 8 years old. Sidney is husking corn. All are busy. Our little black rabbit is missing, also one little black duck.

Tuesday October 6, 1914

Fair. Sidney husking corn. Maud started for school, Mora could not go as her foot is sore.

Monday October 5, 1914

Nice again. Sidney is husking corn for Clint M. on the Cook place. I have been busy straightening and gathering things in the garden.

Sunday October 4, 1914

Nice again today. We came over home this a.m. and it seems good to be back again. I picked some nice tomatoes and some green ones also two squashes,  a mess of beets and carrots and sent back when Sidney took back the rig. Jennie Rice came.

Saturday October 3, 1914

Pleasant. Sidney took two loads over to house on the milk wagon. We wanted to go but there was no room to ride so we went down and staid with Susie. Ma's birthday, she would have been 70 years old.

Friday October 2, 1914

Rec'd a letter from Adelle, she is sick she writes. Susie took another load of apples to cider mill. Mosaline 6 years old. Sidney came home got a ride with Carl Penoyer in his auto from Parish. 

Thursday October 1, 1914

Another fine day. Rec'd a letter froom Mina, she is at Harry Hurds Hotel at work. Susie took a load of apples to Charlie Simmond's for cider. James and several others gone deer hunting.

Wednesday September 30, 1914

Nice and warm, I received a letter and card from Sidney. We picked more apples.