Thursday April 30, 1914

Rain a.m, p.m. fair. Sidney went up to Rudeau's and got the rest of his potatoes, cut us some wood, built a pen for the rabbits and got a mess of cowslips for supper. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school. A cold north west wind all day.

Wednesday April 29, 1914

A rainy day. The children went to school a.m., noon their feet were all wet, did not go back p.m. Mora went to mill and got oats for hens. Sidney is working for Geo. Courbat today. A wild duck on the pond all day following our ducks around, was there until so dark we could not see it. Quite a fog tonight, looks like smoke. Mora caught and dressed 5 Chub and I fryed them for them.

Tuesday April 28, 1914

A nice warm day, sprinkled just night, quite cloudy. Sidney worked to Rudeau's, bought 1 bu. potatoes $1.00 bu. off Henry. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school, Maud and Memphis went to Weatherup's and got some buttermilk. Mora stopped in to Boots. Mora and I caught quite a lot of fish by the bridge, nearly dark.

Monday April 27, 1914

Cloudy this morning Sidney is helping Henry Rudeau. Mora and Maud in school, Memphis has gone to the store, Cassie is out doors, the first in about 2 weeks. Agnes Porter came down to play with Memphis and Cassie, Sidney got a letter form the firm, he ate dinner and supper with Henry Rudeau. Our greens were just fine only a little too short.

Sunday April 26, 1914

Sidney stayed last night with a man by the name of Redhead and started for home early before breakfast, so to eat with us at home, got home at 7 a.m. Jennie Rice called in at 7:30 on her way home to Little France, Sidney , Mora and Maud went to Sunday School had a new minister, they think him a very nice man. Are all getting tired of their Sunday School S. Mr. Owens. Quite a fair day. Mora and Sidney went and picked a small mess of cowslips they are small yet I put Mora's speckel'd hen [unable to read].

Saturday April 25, 1914

A very mussy day commencing to rain about 9 a.m. and rained hard nearly all day. Tonight the wind is in the East and blowing hard and cold. Maud went to the P.O. a.m. and mailed a letter to Aunt Adaline Raymond for me and got the mail. Mora went tonight after the four came and got a letter from the Merrit Med. Co., I sit up until after ten but as it is raining hard I don't think Sidney will come home tonight.

Friday April 24, 1914

Last night cold, a white frost and some ice on the pond again this morning. Nice and warm today. Mora and Maud went to school. Mora went down with Avis and got some buttermilk, Maud went to the store got milk and sugar. The white rabbit made herself a nice bed this a.m. John House called to see Sidney a.m. Clint gave us the old fence posts and some boards he took off the fence for kindling. Mr. Sipsky came this p.m. between 1 and 2, Lillian has cried about all day with her teeth cutting and a cold in her head.

Thursday April 23, 1914

A hard west wind all night and all day going down with the sun. Quite a scale of ice on the pond this morning. All we could do to keep fire enough to keep warm. Mora and Maud went to school. Maud brought me a letter from Sidney p.m. then she went to P.O. and got some Oil, a head of cabbage and a # of onions. She mailed a letter for me to Larkin Soap. Mora went to the mill and got some corn. Mrs. Boots gave her some scraps for the chickens and a stick of lemon candy she brought it home and divided with the rest. Lillian coughs awful for several days and nights too, measely cough.

Wednesday April 22, 1914

A slight mist, early rain last night, cold west wind all day. Mora and Maud went to school a.m. no school p.m. Mora went to P.O after the four came , no mail she went up just before dark but the seven had not got in so she did not wait. Sent a card to Sidney this morning. Got the first duck's egg at 6 a.m. An agent came p.m. with various articles. I order'd a tube of lemon flavoring off him, all the children are better. I cut out Mora's plaid dress that Mrs. Schrader got her for Christmas.

Tuesday April 21, 1914

Mist early, clearing about 9 a.m. then nice rest of the day. Sidney went away about 7 a.m. toward Palermo. Maud went to store and bought a lb. of soda before breakfast. Mora and Maud went to school. Memphis and Cassie are both red with the measles but neither of them are sick. Lillian is quite a lot better tonight. Henry Rudeau called to see Sidney this noon wanted him to help him saw wood. Mr. Henderson came a little while p.m. Avis Weatherup came at 5:45 to get her dress pattern she had a very pretty cat carrying with her.

Monday April 20, 1914

A rainy day. Mora and Maud started in school again, got a letter from the firm for Sidney. Lillian is all red today, she slept very poorly last night and has been very worrisome today. Sidney walked up to the Square and back then to the store and got some groceries. Lawrence Harrington stopped in tonight wanted to get some rabbits. Avis came home with Mora to see if she could go down with her and get some buttermilk.

Sunday April 19, 1914

Nice pleasant day. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to Sunday School. There was no preaching. Henry Porter and his two boys came about 6 p.m and helped Sidney move the stove out in the kitchen seems good to have a little more room to use. Lillian has been very worrisome all day, girl commenced to break out with measles tonight, great bunches all around Cassie's throat but has not broken out yet, eyes bad.

Saturday April 18, 1914

A very pleasant day. Sidney was all dress'd to go away when Clint came and wanted him to work for him at 5 a.m., he changed his clothes and went there to work about the mill. Mora went to take Avis's patterns home all were gone away. Maud went for the mail, first she has been out since having the measles and pinkeye, just gone to store tonight again with Sidney, just came back with a pkg. of Mothers Oats and some other groceries. Gene Porter came down to see the rabbits a little before dark.

Friday April 17, 1914

Quite a foggy gray morning, nice bright sunshine toward noon and rest of day, wind drying mud fast. Sidney went away about 7 a.m. Mora went to Weatherup's and got some buttermilk. Mrs. Weatherup gave her some maple sugar to bring home for the other children and herself. She went to P.O. got a letter for Sidney and one for me from Aunt Adaline Raymond, she also sent a tintype of Adell and Watson. Sidney arrived home at 9 p.m. said he ate supper at Diamonds.

Thursday April 16, 1914

Rained hard most of the day, I received a letter from Adell, said she liked her new home and husband too. Sidney had a headache nearly all day.

Wednesday April 15, 1914

Pleasant tho quite a strong wind all day, commenced to rain at 7 p.m. Memphis went to the P.O. did not get any mail. 1 Pullet commenced laying today, the first one a rellow and white one, the children call her pink. Finished my ironing today. Sidney reached home a little after 9 p.m. soaking wet and then some.

Tuesday April 14, 1914

By far the most perfect day in a very long while. I finished my washing a.m. Sidney went north this morning between 7-8. Mailed a letter to Larkin Soap Co., $1.25 stamps. Memphis went to Weatherup's got a little pail of buttermilk. Mrs. W gave her some maple wax to eat on snow. This p.m she went to P.O. and mailed a card to Mina for me, and got a letter for me from James and the Pal. It has been an awfully lonesome day to me for all the beautiful sunshine. I started some more tomato seed, have some plants about an inch high and some pepper's sprouted, a potato 1 foot high.

Monday April 13, 1914

A cold north wind, pond frozen over ice about an inch thick. I washed and the cloths froze before I could get them pinned on the line. Sidney worked for Mallory's,  rec'd a letter from Lillian Smith, that Memphis dropped Saturday a.m., Henry Rudeau found it and took it back to P.O. so Nellie told Sidney when she gave it to him.

Easter Sunday April 12, 1914

Eddie Burt and Blanch Fidler married at West Monroe. Cold west wind again a little round snow and a little rain. Mora and Maud up all day, feel quite good. Sidney went to Sunday School alone today, did not have any minister.

Saturday April 11, 1914

Cloudy a.m., rain p.m. Sidney worked at Mallory's a.m., p.m. went to the store twice and got groceries and split some wood at home. Memphis went to P.O. and got the mail. Mora and Maud are red all over today, feel a little better. Maud is not as sick or broken out quite as much as Mora.

Friday April 10, 1914

Nice pleasant day. The children are feeling quite good tho speckeled awfully. Sidney is at Mallory's again, sent Gene P. over with a cord of wood. Two wild ducks on the pond, a.m.

Thursday April 9, 1914

A cold raw wind, some snow froze hard. Gerome Fidler was buried today, funeral at 2 p.m. M.E. Church interment in Mallory. Mora went to school came home to dinner was looking bad but went back, came home at 3 oclock sick and broken out with measles. Maud has measles too. Sidney worked for Mallory in and about mill, Mrs. Toothacker is sick at Mallorys, had a Dr.

Wednesday April 8, 1914

Rained all night and all day until 2:30, then snowed hard rest of the day, a very bad day. Mora and Maud went to school came home to dinner. Iva Courbat let them take her umbrella they did not get wet, but tonight Mora's feet were damp and Mauds sopping wet and cold. I had her and Mora both soak their feet in hot water after supper. Mora went to P.O. but did not get any mail, she got a quart of milk at Mallory's on her way home. Mrs. Claxton was there. Clarance Porter came down this morning and pounded on the door loud enough to raise the dead. Clint wanted Sidney to work in the mill, he did not get home last night so did not go naturally. The water is as high as at any time this spring it has rained so much. There was 2 wild ducks and 4 monstrous wild geese on the pond for 3 or 4 hours this a.m. Sidney reached home at 8:30 p.m very tired and a little wet, still raining.

Tuesday April 7, 1914

Pleasant until 5:30 p.m. commenced to sprinkle at 6, rain hard looks like an all night affair. Mora and Maud went to school came home to dinner. Memphis wanted to go but her eyes looked bad and ached. Decided to keep her home it may be pink eye. Mora went to the P.O. after coming home from school and got cabbages for 5c and said they only had 5 more left as she wanted to go and get the rest. Lewis told her she could have them for 2c each . I let her go and she bought all for 9c, cute little very hard heads about a lb. each, however they are cabbage and that is all there is to it. Cassie went up to Gehr's and got a pkg. of Snowboy when the children went back to school, when she came home she was hold of Mrs. Rudeau's hand.

Monday April 6, 1914

Quite a warm day a few flakes of snow in the air on and off all day. Sidney went to the mill at 7 but as the water was so low they did not need him and he got ready and went away with the scroll. Mora and Maud went to school came home to dinner. Mora brought several letters, one from Mrs. Woodard written for Mina, she sent me a $2.00 bill. Avis came home with Mora played a while and Maud went down home with her, and got back in about 20 minutes. Mora went to P.O. and got a money order of $1.75 sent to Larkin Soap Co., and then to Mallory's and got a qt. of milk before we eat supper. Just caught a mouse in one of the traps at 8:20pm.

Sunday April 5, 1914

A cold west wind all day. Snowed in the night and kept at it until about 9 a.m. between 3 and 4 inches of snow fell here. Sidney and Mora went to church, no Sunday school on account of electing officers etc. Jennie Rice gone toward Little France under full head of stream. Floyd Lynch came down peddling his papers. Sidney went up to John House's and brought home 1/2 bu. potatoes, bought two bu. more and John is going to bring them down at $1.00 bu. I baked bread and cakes and well we all have to eat on the sabbath day same as any other.

Saturday April 4, 1914

Not as cold as yesterday it snowed hard a while a.m. very little p.m. Sidney worked to Mallory's. Maud was taken sick to her stomach, had a headache last night and all day. Mora went up to Morey's twice to get groceries. Sidney went and got a sack of flour before he came home from work . Egg's are now 19c a doz. 16 years since our first baby Menzo Nelson was born. Lottie Baum and Vernice Courbot also Patoria Barn's called this p.m. Lottie was getting up a Larkin soap order. I ordered a box of Naphtha wash com., a box of Tartan Tar soap and a pkg of darning needles off her, in all 30c.

Friday April 3, 1914

Cold raw wind all day, cold night. Sidney worked at Mallory's. Maud went to school came home to dinner, Mora went back with her p.m. to see about her arithmetic. Hazel Lynch had taken it home, Maud could not find it, Mora got it alright but it was dirty and also pretty roughhouse. Mora went to the P.O. twice and to school and also to Weatherup's, her eye's are quite a lot better now. Sidney is very tired, went to bed at 8 p.m. and come to think I am tired too. Did not sleep scarcely any last night and then short doses after two was sick all night. Mailed the letter to Mina a.m.

Thursday April 2, 1914

Snowed and rained nearly all day, a very mushy day, not cold. Maud went to school came home to dinner brought Mora's books p.m. Sidney worked p.m. for Clint around mill. Went to mill and got hen feed before eating supper. I wrote to Mina.

Wednesday April 1, 1914

Nice a.m., rain p.m. Sidney worked for Mallory in the saw mill. Maud went to school came home to dinner. Sidney bought 1/2 cord hardwood of Mallory's at $1.75 per cord.