Saturday Jan. 31st, 1914

Rained all night and has rain'd all day and froze on everything, really a most beautiful sight, with 3 or 4 inches of ice on the ground and every tree bent and some limbs broken clear off with the heavy wieght of ice. Sidney [page ripped-unreadable] ax halve today and rec'd a letter from [page ripped].
[page ripped] of Angora goats, not much travel as the roads are very bad especialy for horses that are smooth shoed. Sidney is studying the Royal Scroll as usual around eight p.m.

Friday Jan. 30, 1914

I think this has been the most beautiful day we have had so far this winter. Mora and Maude went to school and Mora went down with Avis W. tonight and got some buttermilk. I sent Mora's order again today with Mrs. Clarence Piquet as reference. Memphis went to P.O. three times today. Sidney brought me a letter from Larkin Soap Co. and also one from Beatrice this morning.
[page ripped-unreadable] to Mary today. Sidney and Floyd chopped wood for Cha.'s Hoyet this a.m. up by the depot. Charlie Weatherup's birthday party was a compleate failure with three gallons of ice cream on hand and not a single outsider to help it to spoil, while Orlie Courbat had a great crowd, oh I did not hear whether or not he had any cream to spoil.

Thursday Jan. 29, 1914

Another thawy day, not much snow left, looks very much like spring. Sidney and Mr. Maruury finished cutting Aunt Kate's wood about 11a.m. cut 12. cord for her at 70ct per cord. Sidney and Floyd finished up there, and piled the rest of the wood making 14 cord cut for Clint at 70ct per cord. Mora and Maud started for school this morning and when by Geo. Courbats the bell rang and they came back home so as not to be late at shool. went p.m. early. I finished ironing this morning, baked bread and worked like sixty all day cannot see as I have done much either. sent a card to Mina this morning hope to her from this one.