Wednesday April 26, 1916

Nice day. Mora had toothache so stayed home. Other 3 went to school. Russel girls stayed here after school awhile.

Tuesday April 25, 1916

Quite a mist all day. Children went to school. I sent a card to Sidney at Hannibal. Rec'd some parsnip and cucumber seed from Susie. Got 2 duck eggs, one was awfully large and soft shelled. Mora's throat is swelled and sour.

Monday April 24, 1916

Cloudy. Rainy at night. Children at school. Sidney went to Fulton 8 a.m. Susie, Mable, Myrtle and the baby came at 10 a.m. and started for home at 3:15 .m. they brought a loaf of bread and 2 lemon pies. I gave her some seed and let her take Cassy's beads for the baby. I found one ducks egg.

Sunday April 23, 1916

Misty all day. Sidney, Memphis and Cassy went to church today. Sidney went eve. he said he had a good audience if it did rain. Mora and Maud has sour throat and cold in head. We all have cold except Sidney.

Saturday April 22, 1916

Rained hard a.m. and a little p.m. Sidney came on the 4 o'clock train rode up to corner with E.B. Potter and Floyd McSymond. he had a box full of groceries he bought in Fulton. Left his scroll with Dolly.

Friday April 21, 1916

Cool, cloudy most of day, very high wind tonight. Mora and Maud went to Little France early a.m., got 1/2 # flour and .10c cookies. Got Russel's wagon. Mora went to school at 11 a.m., rode with Arthur Getman in auto. Maud was all in so stayed home. Memphis and Cassy went in morning. Mrs. Emily House called this eve. to see Sidney about digging a ditch for her.

Thursday April 20, 1916

Rainy a.m., fair p.m. Children went to school. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, enclosed .50c coin. Mr. Wilson came but he did not have any flour. Russel girls came for an hour this eve. Mr. Russel came for them. Mora took a little hulled corn to Bell, eve. I let the ducks out and they went off in the swail a.m.

Wednesday April 19, 1916

Beautiful day. Froze quite hard last night, ice and ground was froze hard. Sidney started for Fulton at 7 a.m. with 2 scrolls. The children went to school. I went out to the trap Sidney set for a woodchuck, and the drake heard me and followed the children and myself back home. I hulled a lot of corn and it is just fine too.

Tuesday April 18, 1916

Snow and rain all a.m. Children went to school. Sidney went in the swail and got the ducks but could not get the drake. I went with him tonight but could not call him off. Sidney called on Mr. Smith, came around by E.B. Potters, got 1/2 bu. corn on the cob, had a mess of cowslips for dinner.

Monday April 17, 1916

Rainy a.m. Sidney went away, but came back it rained so hard. Went as far as Geo. Clark's old place. The 4 girls went to school. Russel girls stopped this morning. Bell came spent p.m. with us.

Sunday April 16, 1916

Beautiful warm day. Sidney, Mora, Maud, Memphis and Castella went to Sunday school and preaching a.m. Sidney, Mora and Maud went in Eve., had cowslips salad.

Saturday April 15, 1916

Fair. Sidney split wood for E.B. Potter. Mora and Maud went to Little France. Paul is very much better altho far from alright. Mouth awfully cankered. Sidney sent .75c to Larkin Soap Co.

Friday April 14, 1916

Rainy. Harry House called to ask Sidney to help him, p.m., but it rained so hard he did not go. Alf. Russel came and moved his furniture in the rain. Ducks did not come up tonight. Sidney and I looked for them but did not find them. Snowed some.

Thursday April 13, 1916

Rainy a.m., pleasant p.m. Paul was very sick all night, better tonight. Sidney came a little past 5 p.m., brought 1/2 # flour, 5# rice, 1/2 # coffee, some sugar, can molasses, can milk and bk powder, also lard, besides his scroll. A load alright. Gone to prayer meeting eve. Mora and Maud with him. Sent Maud Cronans flour by them. Mora got a peck of potatoes off Russel's. Mr. Wilson came, I got 10# graham flour off him. Red hen died.

Wednesday April 12, 1916

Cloudy a.m., fair p.m., cool breeze. I washed a few things. Mora went to Cronans, borrowed 2 qts. flour. Paul has a high fever tonight, felt bad for a couple of days.

Tuesday April 11, 1916

Cloudy most all day, commenced to rain at 7 p.m. Sidney went away at 7:30, toward Fulton. Mora and Maud went to Maud Potter's and got some milk. Mora also went to Russels, got some rural N.Y.'s. Memphis and Cassy carried some bell peppers and Maud, Memphis and Cassy and the Russel girls went and picked some wintergreen berries p.m.

Monday April 10, 1916

Fair. Sidney cut wood, trimmed some trees on other side of road, went to Jim Potter's got 1/2 bu. turnips and various odd jobs. I washed, all of us kept busy. Mrs. Russel and girls came a.m. also the ragman paid me for the rags he got here his other trip.

Sunday April 9, 1916

A little flurry of snow nearly all day. Sidney and Mora went to Sunday School and meeting. Mora got a ride home with Mrs. Siegert and Johnnie. They have gone this eve. Sidney is conducting a meeting.

Saturday April 8, 1916

Snowed hard p.m. but did not last long. Sidney went to W. Monroe, got groceries and meal. Started a little after 6, got back at 10 a.m.

Friday April 7, 1916

Snowed again in the night. Ground covered. Cold wind. Sap run a while p.m. Children did not go to school as the roads were so bad. Sidney came at 7:30 p.m., brought a can of milk for Paul and rice also a little Prince's pine he found near Broadway.

Thursday April 6, 1916

Nice a.m. Rain and snow p.m. Sidney went away with the scroll at 6 a.m. Mora, Memphis and Cassy went to school, very slushy coming home. Russel girls stopped for them this morning. Mrs. Russel stopped in awhile. Mr. Wilson came, his first trip this year.

Wednesday April 5, 1916

Cloudy a.m. Fair p.m. Sidney helped buzz wood at Russel's a.m. Canvessed p.m., ate supper at North Constantia. Got 1# crackers. Mora went to Potter's, got some milk. Her nose bled twice. Maud has sore throat swelled quite badly. Paul has walked alone all over house today.

Tuesday April 4, 1916

Cool, rain and snow p.m. and eve. Maud has been sick, vomited. Feels a little better tonight. She hasn't eaten since morning. Sidney went over to Potter's, got some sour mild. Mr. Russel called at the door, the little girls stopped in this morning on their way to school.

Monday April 3, 1916

Froze quite thick ice last night. Everything white with frost this morning. Lovely all day. Mrs. Russel and her two grandchildren came a.m., she borrowed some soda. Sidney finished turning the orchard, it looks fine. Harry House brought the shoe strings Sidney forgot and left on counter at Beasonson's on Saturday. Mora went to Bell's, carried a bottle of oil to Maud Cronan, also went down to Nell Fisher's and got some wrappers Nell gave her to cut over for the little ones. Maud stepped on a nail, pierced her big toe quite bad.

Sunday April 2, 1916

Fair cool day. Sidney and Mora attended church. They organized teachers etc. Alf. Russel and his two girls called a little while.

Saturday April 1, 1916

Nice a.m. Rainy p.m. Sidney went to Little France a.m., helped Russels p.m. on his porch. Sowed tomatoes and peppers.

Friday March 31, 1916

Another white frost. Foggy a.m., warm bright day. Sidney just started to cut us some wood as Mr. Russel came for to ask him to help him saw logs. Mora went to Russel's at 3 p.m. Mrs. Russel gave her some nice slips of house plants.

Thursday March 30, 1916

White frost this morning, beautiful day. Sidney went to W. Monroe early around on the Pinnacle. Helped James tap trees, got an ax helve, some pop corn and left there 5:30. Went to W. Monroe, got some groceries and got home about 8 p.m. I finished my washing, Mora ironed some. We all have got colds except Sidney.

Wednesday March 29, 1916

Froze up last night but snow went fast today. Sap runs good. Sidney went down on the Pinnacle, got a pail of buckwheat flour and Susie sent 2 dresses to Mora by him. I washed 3 loads so far this week and have got another washing for tomorrow. Paul was quite sick last night. Has not felt well today, better tonight. Northern light shown plainly tonight.

Tuesday March 28, 1916

Beautiful, but very bad going as the snow is still very deep and clumps to the ground. Sidney started to work but could not get in the woods on account of water. He got a pail of milk off Maud Potter. Claud Bryant got his horse down in the road.

Monday March 27, 1916

Warm. Sidney went over to Claud's but he had to get his own wood cut so Sidney came back home and got up some wood. Sidney did not feel well. Cassy sick, vomited.

Sunday March 26, 1916

Thawing, more snow gone today than I ever saw before go in a day. Sidney and Mora went to church. Alf. Russel came p.m. brought back Sidney's testament.

Saturday March 25, 1916

Warm, thawing with a rush. Mora went to Fisher's. Nell gave her some wrappers for me to cut over. Sidney went to work but Claud had to work for Elmer Cottett, so he got 1/2 bu. corn, a pail of milk and came home. Cut us some wood and taped some more trees. Sap runs pretty good. I hulled some corn.