Monday November 30, 1914

Another lovely day. Sidney went to Chas. Courbat and ordered wood and went away at 8 a.m. Orla came with wood at 3 p.m. Agnes run in and Avis came home with the children I let them go and play a while with her. Cassie went to P.O. Memphis to Gehr's.

Sunday November 29, 1914

A beautiful day. Sidney and Mora and Maud also Mina attended church. Rev. Mitchel called evening for Sidney to go with him and Mr. Weatherup to Central Square to a meeting. Got home about 9 p.m. Mr. and Mrs. Porter came down brought phonograph.

Saturday November 28, 1914

Pleasant and warm. Sidney came home at about 5:30 p.m. Leslie Hines brought him to the Square in auto.

Friday November 27, 1914

Cloudy. Sidney went to Cicero. Mina went calling came home with the children from school p.m.

Thursday November 26, 1914

A beautiful Thanksgiving day. We had a roast duck and a hen.

Wednesday November 25, 1914

Fair. Mina came at 2 p.m. came in auto. Sidney camt on 7 train p.m. walked in from the Square, got a ride a way's with Orla Courbat.

Tuesday November 24, 1914

A nice pleasant day. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, $1.00 enclosed. Mailed a card to him also one to Mina.

Monday November 23, 1914

Snowed quite hard nearly all day, not very cold. Sidney went away 6 a.m. for Liverpool. Mora and Maud carried their dinner for the first this term of school. Mina is 19 years old.

Sunday November 22, 1914

A pleasant day. Sidney, Mora and Maud attended church.

Saturday November 21, 1914

Sleigh bells are jingling today. Eddie Burt is moving out of Geo. Courbat's house. Maud went to mill twice and Mora went to store and to mill after to help Maud with her feed. Sidney came home on the 7 p.m. as far as the Square. He brought 5# crackers, a large coconut and some buns, and he and Mora went to Lewis's and bought a 15# hog's for 75c. He also bought a nice tablet for the children for school.

Friday November 20, 1914

Snowed quite a little but pack's, not very cold. Mr. Porter brought 1/3 cord wood a.m. Mora and Maud went to school. Rec'd a letter from Sidney on 2 p.m. he is at Liverpool. I preserved some ripe cucumbers, they are keeping fine and taste very good.

Thursday November 19, 1914

Not quite as cold, wind east, looks thawy. Sidney started a little before 7 a.m. I sent him a letter p.m. Mora and Maud went to school. Mora got some sugar after school down to 6c for granulated. Memphis took Mrs. Boots cart home. Mrs Kiltz has moved from Dainis's to her sisters, Mrs. Hen's.

Wednesday November 18, 1914

I cut cabbage for sauerkraut. Bitter cold west wind turning warmer towards night. Sidney got an auto ride so came home unexpected. Rec'd a letter from him 2 p.m. with $2.00, also rubbers he sent P.P. for Mora and Maud a.m. Mora's did not fit so I sent them back to change, Mora and Maud at school, had to go to mill and store this p.m.

Tuesday November 17, 1914

Cold, high west wind, snow p.m. Sidney walked to Square to take train to Syracuse, took 10 hen's. Mora and Maud went to school. I told Mora to get oats at mill and she got corn. Cassie went to P.O. and got a pencil.

Monday November 16, 1914

Rainy. Sidney drew over and split 1/4 cord wood, killed eleven hens and I dressed them, put one over to cook and got the 10 ready to sell. Mora and Maud went to school. Sidney filled a tick for Mora's bed.

Saturday November 14, 1914

Fair. Mora and Hazel Lynch went to get something on their soap order, had poor luck. Hazel ate dinner here. Rec'd a letter from Sidney p.m. should have got it yesterday. He came on the 7 p.m brought back cabbage and some macaroni. James and Susie came p.m. and brought us some cabbage. Susie is looking very bad. Maud went to mill and got some corn.

Friday November 13, 1914

Rainy day, sun shone only few minutes. Mora and Maud went to school, came home to dinner in rain. Went to store tonight. Cassie has been to P.O. twice and Gehr's once, she got a letter from Sidney this a.m. sent $1.00. Cassie has helped me lots today. Memphis went out doors and has ironed some small pieces.

Thursday November 12, 1914

Mora and Maud at school. Memphis getting better fast. Some rain and round snow. Turkey died in night.

Wednesday November 11, 1914

Snowed and then rained last night so wasn't much snow left this morning. Commenced raining about 11 a.m. has been showery all the rest of the day. Mora and Maud at school. Memphis is some better. I rec'd a letter from Mina p.m.

Tuesday November 10, 1914

A little snow on the ground and a scale of ice on the pond, altho a lovely day. Sidney drew over and split 1/4 cord hard wood after which he started for Cicero and Syracuse. He killed two more hens before starting. Mora and Maud went to school. Mora got corn on her way home p.m. Memphis has been sick, vomited tonight. Her vaccinated arm pains her. Cassie carried a letter to P.O from Sidney. Chesterfield Bronson Bumpus called p.m.

Monday November 9, 1914

A lovely day. Sidney went to Scriba Center via Oswego, reached home 5 p.m. Failed to deliver scroll as his customer was sick. Children went to school. Hazel Lynch called, she is getting up a soap and notion order. I ordered 25c worth. I did a large washing.

Sunday November 8, 1914

Rainy all day. Sidney went to church, have a man from Binghamton helping Mitchel with revivals. Sidney also attended evening service.

Saturday November 7, 1914

Showery. Sidney worked at Mallory's on the corn shredder. Maud went to the mill and got corn, Memphis and Mora to store. Mora also went over as far as Faustmans and got 45c on her soap order. We had two chickens for dinner and chicken pie for supper.

Friday November 6, 1914

Quite rainy all day. Children were all examined at school by Dr. Veeder. Sidney got back at Brewerton to take the 7 p.m. train home, bought his ticket and sat talking while waiting for the train and so found the train did not wait for him. Had to walk all the way home, got here at 10 p.m. Hattie Piquet ill.

Thursday November 5, 1914

Cloudy but no rain until evening. James came a.m. on his way home from Little France, said he had buried a *little baby, Susie got hurt and is having rather a hard time. Convention all day at M.E. church meeting evening well attended.

*Editors note: I am not sure if this baby is James and Susie's or if he helped bury someones baby. My guess that it is indeed their baby but I have not come across any documents to confirm this as of yet.

Wednesday November 4, 1914

Misty p.m. Sidney started early to go to Brewerton and take the trolly south. Children at school.

Tuesday November 3, 1914

Cloudy but no rain. Sidney went to Cicero stopped at Central Square to vote, came back on the 7 p.m.

Monday November 2, 1914

Drizzling rain nearly all day. Children at school. Dr. Veeder vaccinated Memphis a.m. Sidney dug potatoes for Henry Rudeau a.m.

Sunday November 1, 1914

Beautiful warm day. Sidney and the 4 girls atended church p.m. We all went in the woods a little while and got a few beechnuts.