Saturday July 3, 1915

Sidney got House's old gray horse and cultivated his potatoes acrossed the way. I planted a few wax beans. Sidney went to Gayville at night, got 1/2 gal. oil, a sack of meal, a loaf of bread and some sugar, also a can of red cross milk, quart confer. Dutch Hill.

Friday July 2, 1915

Very warm, fair until 4 p.m., where it rained hard. Mora, Maud and Memphis picked berries at Bisbo's, got soaked coming home. Sidney hoe'd beans at Floyd Fisher's till the rain come. L. Cole wanted a loaf of bread, I did not have any baked so could not oblige him, he said he was out of flour too.

Thursday July 1, 1915

Cloudy this morning. Mr. Willson came about eleven o'clock, Sidney got 10# graham, 10# meal and 2 bar's lenox soap. After dinner Sidney, Mora and Maud went and picked a few qts. berries at Bisbo's and from there went to Gayville and got sugar. Mrs. Hess gave he children firecracker's, they also brought home some berries and we had a nice shortcake. Claud Bisbo came for them on his bike.

Wednesday June 30, 1915

Sidney reached home at 2 o'clock this morning, pretty tired, came about 5 miles beyond Williamstown after 5 p.m. yesterday. Commenced to rain just as he got in the house, kept steady at it the rest of the night and all day. Two little ducks drowned, got out in the rain. We had a pot pie of the little creeper. A. Russel came to borrow loaf of bread.

Tuesday June 29, 1915

Hot stuffy day. Rec'd a letter from Mina. Children got more berries for shortcake. Seymour Moon buried, funeral at W. Monroe, 2 o'clock. I hoe'd and planted in some wax beans.

Monday June 28, 1915

Hot all day. The children picked some very nice wild strawberries. We had shortcake. Elder Sypher cultivated across'd the way p.m.

Sunday June 27, 1915

Fair, cool breeze. Mora and Maud attended S.S. and meeting. A. Russel came to get one of our girls to stay with Mamie while he wen to his folks. Verne Eaton called to see Sidney about helping him in haying. C.F. Cary also called to see him.

Saturday June 26, 1915

Nice cool day. Sidney went away at about 7 a.m. I washed a few things, hoe'd garden and did various other things, kept continually busy. Mora straightened the front room. Maud, Memphis and Cassie went to see the new Russel baby. Seymour Moon died p.m., Brights disease.

Friday June 25, 1915

Cloudy a.m. but no rain. I baked bread and washed babies clothes. Sidney and Mora went over to see how Mamie and the baby was, I felt too tired to go. I sent a card a pkg. barbara bark to Mrs. Dainis.

Thursday June 24, 1915

Fair warm day. Sidney came home 10 a.m. he went down to Kents got 1/2 Batavian for $1.00, flour dropped 40c on a barrel. Bell stopped for me to go to Russel's with her, we went 1 p.m. I came home at 4., at 6 Alfred came after me again. I came home at 9, and at 1 he came again. I had only just got asleep. I went over and at 3:15 a.m. a baby girl was born. I washed and dressed it after which I came home. Alfred's mother and Mrs. Lester Alsiver were there. Sidney fixed fence for Bell afternoon.