Saturday April 17, 1915

Fair. Sidney went over to Char. Munger's and sold him a scroll. I worked settling.

Friday April 16, 1915

Very nice day. Elder Sypher called a.m. and Mrs. A. Russel came twice. Sidney worked at Martin Fisher's. Ate dinner and supper there. Martin came in the eve and helped change out stove. Mrs. Johnson sent some parsnips by Frank Fisher, they were very nice.

Thursday April 15, 1915

Cold wind. Sidney went up to Mr. Johnson's and got a bu. potatoes first thing this morning. All try to settle, it goes rather slowly. Baby is very worrisome sometimes.

Wednesday April 14, 1915

Floyd came this morning after another load. I got a ride with Mr. Johnson, so took Lillian and the baby. I got awfully cold and the baby was blue. First time I had been outdoors or baby. Mrs. Johnson made me a cup of peppermint and it warmed us all up. We ate dinner there and then Mr. Johnson took us over to the house. Sidney and the rest of the children came with Floyd. Jannie was at Johnson's and Herb Munger's children. Herb and Elsie were at the funeral of his nephew, operator's little son at Hastings.

Tuesday April 13, 1915

Sidney went over to Union Settlement and rented the Mead house a.m. and Floyd Fisher and Sidney took a load of goods over p.m. Cold north west wind.

Monday April 12, 1915

Sidney went to Central Square to see Mr. Deavendorf. Rained all day. Mrs. Dainis came p.m. gave us more apples.

Sunday April 11, 1915

Pleasant. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church.

Saturday April 10, 1915

Sidney came home at 9 p.m. Mora and I packed up.

Friday April 9, 1915

Lovely and warm all day. Agnes came a while p.m. to play, came again this eve with her mother. Maud went to Weatherups and got some buttermilk. Avis filled her pockets with apples. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, inclosed $1.00.

Thursday April 8, 1915

Beautiful day clouding at night. Mrs. Dainis came p.m.