Friday March 24, 1916

Fair. Sidney worked for H. Russel. Mora went to school. Sidney went to Jim Potters and got another half bu. turnips last night.

Thursday March 23, 1916

Stormy. Roads nearly full. Sidney and Claud cut wood a.m. Claud broke his ax so they quit at noon, came home. Sidney and Mora went to prayer meeting at Hubbard's. Small attendance.

Wednesday March 22, 1916

Stormy all day except a little while a.m. Sidney went to Potter's at 8 a.m. but it stormed so hard he came home at noon. A big hen hawk here twice today. Bound to get a meal but failed. Mora went to school, came home by way of Potters. Sidney went over to Jim's got 1/2 bu. turnips and some milk at Maud's. Carl got us some flour and some salt at Little France. Left it at Roy Johnson's. Sidney went and got it eve.

Tuesday March 21, 1916

Thawing. Sidney and Claud commenced to cut wood for E. Potter. Mora went to school. A rag man came. I sold him a bag of rags but could not make change so he said he would leave the money at Fred House's. 14cents. Sidney got 9# flour off Maud Potter also a pail of milk. He let Claud have some milk and Lettie filled his dinner pail with hulled corn Maud went to see Bell. Commenced to wean baby Paul, he is very very good.

Monday March 20, 1916

Thawing some. Sidney and Alf. finished up Chas. Munger's wood job. Both eat dinner with Mungers. Maud Potter sent a pail of buttermilk and pail of sweet milk by Sidney. He borrowed some flour off Claud Bryant.

Sunday March 19, 1916

Mora baptized today. Beautiful bright warm day. Sidney and Mora went to meeting a.m. and also both went again in eve. Memphis went eve. Sidney had a hard time getting her home as it was cold.

Saturday March 18, 1916

Clear, not so cold. Alf. said he could not work as he had to go to store. Sidney cut us wood a.m. and went to quarterly meeting p.m. Harry Howard called and went with him eve. Sidney went and got a pail of milk at E.B. Potter's also qrt. of vinegar at Elmer Cottets.

Friday March 17, 1916

Cold, frosty all day, p.m. blizzard. Sidney and Alf. worked for Munger. Sidney came out and eat his dinner at Claud Bryant's. He left it there this a.m. Maud Potter game him a pail each of sweet and sour milk. She filled Alf.'s pail also for him.

Thursday March 16, 1916

Fair, clear and cold. Sidney wanted to work but Alf. did not come about 9 a.m. Sidney went there and they were just getting breakfast. Alf. did not want to work so S. went to W. Monroe, got some corn and meal. Rode with Frank Cronan some both ways. Lost our bag. Sidney, Mora and Maud have gone to meeting tonight. Mora and Maud rode back with Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hubbard. Claud Bryant converted.

Wednesday March 15, 1916

Cold, stormy all day. Track full. Sidney went to E.B. Potter's early a.m. Maud gave him some sweetmilk and buttermilk too. He then went to Little France, got groceries, had to wade both ways. Very tired when he got back. Chas. Beasonson asked him to eat dinner with him but he did not. Chas. gave him some crackers and cookies.