Saturday March 13, 1915

Lovely as ever. Mrs. Dainis washed baby in morning and came again at 5 p.m. and brought some nice bleached outing print and a spool of white thread Mrs. Weatherup sent to the baby. Mrs. Dainis bought a granite wash basin to wash him in. Aunt Kate came and brought 2 yds. nice outing for baby, a can of peaches and a doz mol. cookies from Joe German. Louise Vinney called a.m. Mrs. Mallory sent sweet milk. Maud got buttermilk at Weatherups. Rev. Mitchel came a while this evening, he is very interesting. I sent a card to Aunt A.R. Raymond, rec'd one from Mina.

Friday March 12, 1915

Beautiful sunny day but awful cold north west wind. Maud and Memphis went to school. Mrs. Dainis came and washed the baby. I did not feel so well today. Mrs. Mallory sent more milk.

Thursday March 11, 1915

Bright lovely day. Mrs. Dainis came and cared for the baby as usual. Mrs. Smith came and helped Mora straighten up things and washed a few things. P. Maruney brought us a bag of potatoes and a basket of apples. Mrs. Mallory sent me a sack of ginger cookies and some sweet milk p.m. Maud and Memphis at school. Sidney met Otis Fuller a.m. and called at Mitchels a little while.

Wednesday March 10, 1915

Beautiful warm sunny day, cold nights. Maud and Memphis at school. Mrs. Dainis came and washed the baby, she made a little blanket and brought some cloth for bands. Mrs. Mallory and Edith Pierce called p.m. Mrs. M. sent me some sweet milk. Rev. Mitchel called eve. Mrs. C. Ames brought a bag of nice apples, a qt. can of sauce and a roll of sausage this eve. on her way to prayer meeting. Erma M. came in to see the baby. I sent a card to Mina.

Tuesday March 9, 1915

I was taken worse at midnight. Sidney tried every way to get a doctor but none was at hand. He got D. Weatherup to drive to Parish. Mrs. Dainis came at 12:30 a.m., went home after light and came down after baby was born at 9:30 a.m. Mrs. Dainis and Sidney took care of baby and me. Nellie Morey and Lydia Boots came before the boy was dressed. Mr. Weatherup came and brought a load of wood, 2 crates of potatoes, 1 crate of cabbage, 2# butter and a pail of buttermilk. Aunt Kate sent a big basket of groceries. Memphis went to school. Mrs. Dainis made me some lovely oatmeal gruel, 2 eggs and a cam of red currants Tues. eve.

Bloggers note- Birth of Paul Higley Clarke, the 8th baby and only surviving son. I believe named after Sidney's friend Mr. Higley. Not once was it mentioned in her diary that she was expecting baby Paul. Just her usual chores. No mention of any doctors visits. Such a difference from today's world!

Monday March 8, 1915

Stormy all day. Sidney worked at Weatherups. I was sick all day but made out to do my washing and various odd jobs. Mora and Maud went to school.

Sunday March 7, 1915

Nice pleasant day. Sidney and Maud went to Sunday school.

Saturday March 6, 1915

Stormy all day, clearing at night altho not cold. Sidney worked at Weatherups sawing wood all day. Mora staid with Mrs. Smith's and Boots's children p.m. While they went to Burts to get a bedstead for Mrs.Smith. Earl Boots came a.m. Mora washed a few things. Lynch's baby buried at Carlys Mills. Loved Mitchel's funeral sermon.

Friday March 5, 1915

Beautiful warm sunshiny day. Sidney did Mitchels chores this morning, worked a while at Weatherup's p.m. and then walked to Square and back. Mora and Maud went to school. Clayton Porter knocked a bottle of ink on Mora's dress and just about ruined it, she had to come home to change her dress.

Thursday March 4, 1915

Beautiful warm day. Maud fell and hurt her knee this a.m. so did not attend school until p.m. Mora went all day. Both went to play with Avis after school. Sidney did the chores for Rev. Mitchel at noon and night as he is away. Brought about 1 1/2 qt of milk he milked. Frank Lynch's baby died 2 a.m this morning, pneumonia.

Wednesday March 3, 1915

Another stormy day and very cold north west wind. Maud started for school, waited for Mora a P.O. as she got balky and did not get ready to go. Maud came back and eat dinner with Lydia Boots intending to go to school p.m. Sidney went and found her and she staid in bed part of p.m. Mora went p.m. Mr. Baum was buried p.m. Sidney called at Weatherups and Mitchels.

Tuesday March 2, 1915

Cold stormy regular blizzard. Mora and Maud went to school. Mrs. Dainis called awhile p.m. Sidney sold 12 doz. pickles to L.E. Morey at 8cts. per doz.

Monday March 1, 1915

Beautiful clear day, not very cold. Sidney went up and helped Claud Dick saw 1/2 cord wood for us before breakfast. Mora did not go to school until p.m. Maud did.

Sunday February 28, 1915

Ate our last squash today. Fair. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church. Mrs. Smith came in twice. Hazel Lynch came in eve.

Saturday February 27, 1915

Quite stormy and cold, real cold win. Sidney went to Weatherups and got some onions, also called on Rev. Mitchel, and this evening went to mill and store. Mora called on Mrs. Dainis, she gave her a mess of parsnips, a big turnip and some apples. Maud went to Weatherups and got some buttermilk and staid an hour with Avis. A trifle warmer tonight.

Friday February 26, 1915

Cold, stormy all day. Children came home to dinner however. Sidney reached home about 6:30 p.m.