Friday October 29, 1915

Quite cloudy, sprinkled some. Bell came and got our cart. Also Cassie went to Homer Bryant's with her to meet Davy. Children went to school. I received a card from Sidney. Mailed at Syracuse.

Thursday October 28, 1915

Beautiful day, white frost last night. Ice in tub. Thunder and lightening'd all eve. I got 10# graham, 1 red cross, and 1 lenox soap off Mr. Wilson. Sold him 11 eggs at .38c/doz. I let Bell have 4 eggs. Children went to school. Brought their dinner pails full of sweet apple's from Cronins. Harry put putty on two lights of window.

Wednesday October 27, 1915

Cloudy most of today. Sidney went at about 9 a.m. Children went to school. Russel girls stopped. Bell came, has a very bad cold. I sent by Mr. and Mrs. House for a gal. oil and 1 red cross to Little France. p.m.

Tuesday October 26, 1915

 Sidney went to West Monroe p.m. got some groceries and meal, got a ride both ways with John {unable to read, ripped} in his auto. Sent $1.00 to County. Children went to school.

Monday October 25, 1915

A beautiful white frost this morning. Harry House came in here while watching cows this morning. Sidney went up to Dutch Hill a.m. and took a scroll to Brocket's. Cut wood p.m. Children went to school.

Sunday October 24, 1915

Pleasant day. We have been married 20 years. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to S.S., no preaching. Mr. House came in a while this morning. Sidney went to Joe Harrington's p.m. for Red Cross. Cows here eve., Mr. House put them up.

Saturday October 23, 1915

Cold raw wind. I got up a 1 o'clock and drove Charles Runga's cattle out of our garden and they came right back and I drove them out again at 2. Mr. House put them in Fisher's lot and this morning they jumped over the fence and came back in our garden at noon again. {Unable to read, ripped} them as far as Johnson's, they have eaten {unable to read, ripped} cabbage, and some turnips too. Mora and Maud went over to Lettie's and also to Elmer Cottett's a.m. Blanche gave them each a pumpkin. Mr. House gave Lillian a *toque that was Hazel's. Bell came a.m. a little while. Sidney got home at 9 p.m. having walked from Brewerton. He brought some groceries from Claud Davy's.

*small brimless hat.

Friday October 22, 1915

Fair. Children went to school. Bell came p.m., she has a bad cold. I rec'd a card from Sidney, mailed at Clay.

Thursday October 21, 1915

Quite a nice day, very little mist about noon. Mr. Wilson came 10 a.m. I got 10# graham, 1 red cross. Sold 1 1/4 doz. eggs for .34c/doz. The Russel girls stopped for our girls this morning to go to school. Arthur Getman came with an automobile.

Wednesday October 20, 1915

Cloudy a.m., nice p.m. Sidney started for Cicero. Children went to school, got a ride with Mrs. House from Fisher's to the school house. Mamie Russel came a little while p.m. Mr. House said it was {unable to read, ripped}. Cows in our garden.

Tuesday October 19, 1915

Very rainy, rain'd all night and a.m., showery p.m. Sidney cut some wood. Children did not go to school. Milked Russel's cow and fed their dog as they were at Martin Spencers. Alfred came this evening.

Monday October 18, 1915

Fair a.m., rainy p.m. Sidney cut us some wood and F. House drew a load over, it is green and hard to burn. Children went to school. Sidney sent by Mr. House for .25c worth of bolted meal. Arthur Getman came with the mail.

Sunday October 17, 1915

Quite {unable to read}. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church. Bell Allen came a.m.

Saturday October 16, 1915

Fair. Mora and Maud went to Little France p.m. Took eggs, .32c/doz. Got a package of Banner oats, a sack of {unable to read, ripped}. Chas. gave them each a stick of candy.

Friday October 15, 1915

Cloudy a.m., bright p.m. Children went to school. Mora came home at eleven a.m. to get a picture of the teacher's she forgot this morning, and eat dinner at home. Rec'd a letter form Sidney, he sent a new nipple for Paul also. Paul has another tooth coming through. I pulled an awful looking tooth for Cassie, had a root nearly 1/4 inch and decayed clear to the end.

Thursday October 14, 1915

Showery warm day. Children went to school. Did not get wet however. Went and back between showers. Cassie went down to Homer Bryant's and got me some vinegar. Pretty weak to use for anything. Rained nearly all night.

Wednesday October 13, 1915

A nice warm day. Children at school. Sidney left home at 9 a.m., walking to Brewerton and from there toward Cicero. Mr. Wilson came a.m. We got 5# graham, 1 red cross, and 1 lenox soap. Sold him 1 1/2 doz. eggs at .30c/doz.

Tuesday October 12, 1915

Another nice day. Columbus Day, no school. Sidney finished digging the lower piece of potatoes. Just about got back the seed. He brought up a couple small pumpkins. Cut some wood p.m. Mora came home early. Harry House shot 2 squirrels and gave to Sidney. I cooked them with pork. Sidney wrote a budget of news. I have a hard cold in head and throat.

Monday October 11, 1915

Hard white frost and a lovely day. Children all went school. Mora went to stay with Lettie tonight. Sidney went to Little France to trade, this morning got ride with Edd Cottett from his place over. Cut wood p.m. Arthur Getman was over the route today with Mr. Ferguson. He expects to commence carrying the mail next week. Our brown leghorn pullet layed her first egg today.

Sunday October 10, 1915

Showery. Sidney and the three girls went to church. Had to climb through the window as the key was at Mr. Smith's. Something was after our hens in the night.

Saturday October 9, 1915

*Rainy. Mora went up as far as Brocket's on {unable to read} hill. Getting up her soap order. Came home at 5 p.m. came home drenched. She brought a pumpkin from E.B. Po{unable to read} Mr. House called p.m. gave the children some apples. Sidney came home at 8:30, pretty wet. Charles Beasonson  had him take an umbrella. He brought a pkg. of banner {unable to read} graham and sugar.

*Last page of journal. A lot of tears and damage on this page.

Friday October 8, 1915

Very nice day altho mostly cloudy. I did an awful big washing, washed windows and mopped. Paul has been very good all day. I rec'd a card from Sidney from Phoenix. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school. Alfred Russel came to get some salts, said he was sick . I did not have any so I told him to get some butternut bark and steep and take that.

Thursday October 7, 1915

Cloudy and windy. Memphis is 9 years old. All 3 at school. Cassie went down to corner but did not get any mail. She went down to Kent's again to get a can of milk for baby. She got two pencils and helped Bell bring up her groceries in our baby cab. Sold 1/2 doz. eggs for .30c/doz. Mora came home tonight as Claud expects to be at home nights the remainder of the week. Paul has one tooth just coming through, left under front.

Wednesday October 6, 1915

Cloudy and some misty. I did a big washing. Mailed a letter to Sidney at Phoenix. Mora went to school but did not come home tonight. Maud and Memphis went to school also. I baked bread and it was beautiful, out of Pillsburys best flour.

Tuesday October 5, 1915

Commenced to rain at 3 a.m. Rained hard until 8:30 a.m. A mist rest of a.m., bright most of p.m. Maud and Memphis went to school barefoot, so not to get their shoes muddy. Mora did not go but she came home at 4 p.m. {unable to read} not be worried about her. Mr. Wilson came 2 p.m. Got 1/8 flour and 1 bar of soap, sold 2 doz. eggs at .30c/doz. Rec'd a letter from Sidney.

Monday October 4, 1915

A very nice day, breezy and sunshine's beautiful. Cassie went with the three girls when they went to school. *{Unable to read} to see if there was any mail from Sidney. Mr. Ferguson *{unable to read} her there wasn't any mail, but when he got here he had a letter for Sidney but none from him. Mora went on acrost to stay with Lettie. A dog came here and got into the rabbit yard. I got up quick, raised my bedroom window and yelled at it and it got out and ran away.

*Torn pieces missing from page.

Sunday October 3, 1915

Rained a.m., cleared about noon and we have had a beautiful p.m. Mamie Russel came p.m. wanted some meal but I did not have any. Bell came over this eve., brought some milk. We had a pretty good visit. Claud Bryant called to see if Mora was coming over to stay with Lottie this night.

Saturday October 2, 1915

Rainy all night and day, stopped a little toward night. Commenced again at 9 p.m. and kept steady at it all night. A very lonesome day. Expected Sidney but he did not come.

Friday October 1, 1915

Not quite so cold last night, cloudy most of today, beginning to rain 3:45 p.m. Mora started acrost to go to Bryant's, but it rained so hard and cold she came back home. Maud and Memphis at school day. Sent Mrs. Fisher 8 seeds of succotash when they went to school. I made a bin and took some boxes down cellar and the children and I have got the potatoes nearly all in the cellar. They carried the little pie pumpkins and squashes down for me.