Saturday October 23, 1915

Cold raw wind. I got up a 1 o'clock and drove Charles Runga's cattle out of our garden and they came right back and I drove them out again at 2. Mr. House put them in Fisher's lot and this morning they jumped over the fence and came back in our garden at noon again. {Unable to read, ripped} them as far as Johnson's, they have eaten {unable to read, ripped} cabbage, and some turnips too. Mora and Maud went over to Lettie's and also to Elmer Cottett's a.m. Blanche gave them each a pumpkin. Mr. House gave Lillian a *toque that was Hazel's. Bell came a.m. a little while. Sidney got home at 9 p.m. having walked from Brewerton. He brought some groceries from Claud Davy's.

*small brimless hat.

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