Tuesday September 29, 1914

Mora and I have picked quite a lot of apples.

Monday September 28, 1914

Cold this morning. The old stove smokes so all of us has headaches. Will be very glad to be at home.

Sunday September 27, 1914

Quite cool but nice all day. Sidney walked ovet to Mallory to stay tonight so to get an early start toward the north in the morning.

Saturday September 26, 1914

Sidney has chored for James and is quite tired. I am much better and the childrens arms are better.

Friday September 25, 1914

Warm night. I am very much better altho still very weak. Got up but have to sit down most of the time.

Thursday September 24, 1914

Not any better, vomited all day away. Weak now.

Wednesday September 23, 1914

I have been awfuly sick all night and all day.

Tuesday September 22, 1914

Sidney picked apples, a bushel for James and a bushel for us. I have got a nice lot of crab apples dried and a 1/2 sack sweet ones and some sour ones dried too.

Saturday September 19, 1914

Fair. Sidney cut corn. I and children busy all day.

Friday September 18, 1914

Lovely day. Sidney came home p.m.

Thursday September 17, 1914

A very nice day. Mora, Maud and Memphis were vaccinated at school by Dr. Conterman. Lewis Morey came. No letter from Sidney as yet.

Wednesday September 16, 1914

Another nice day. My medicine came. I cut off some sweet corn and put it drying. Susie brought up some elder berries and five turnips they got off Hiram West. I sent by her for a composition book for Maud and some crackers.

Tuesday September 15, 1914

Nice and pleasant all day. Sidney started towards the north at 10 a.m. with two scrolls.

Monday September 14, 1914

A lovely day. Sidney went to Brewerton early, came back at night as everything was filled up with barge canal boarders. Mora started in school this morning, likes the teacher very well. I made a little corn salad and some *higdon. p.m.

*pickle, cabbage, pepper relish

Sunday September 13, 1914

Beautiful day. Mina and a friend came in an auto. Also Peter was at James's, he took him home. p.m. Mina said she was coming for a weeks visit with us in about a month.

Saturday September 12, 1914

Fair day, eve cold. Sidney cut corn at 8 p.m. He and I started for Mallory, we found everything alright but someone had taken slips off all my plants. We brought 1 1/2 bu. tomatoes mostly green and pulled the rest for fear of a frost. We picked nearly 2 bu. sweet corn and several other things from the garden. School books and some clothes for us all, got back 11:15 p.m.

Friday September 11, 1914

Sidney has gone to Brewerton on the 10:19 train a.m. Got an auto ride come home, reached here at 7 p.m.

Thursday September 10, 1914

Sidney took the cuc's to Central Square and then drove to Brewerton to canvass, sold 4 chickens for $1.00. Got an order for a scroll. Got home 6:30p.m.

Wednesday September 9, 1914

Sidney and I also James and Hiram West went over the cuc's again. a.m. to get a bu. of bottlers and Sidney and Mora took 1 bu. to Constantia where James had contracted them at the Italian saloon, had a job to make him pay for them, took a few broilers could not sell them so brought them back. Picked 1/2 bu. elderberries coming home.

Tuesday September 8, 1914

Picked cucumbers p.m. Sidney went to Central Square. Mora went with him as far as Davy's store. Got some brown also grain sugar, 8c#.

Monday September 7, 1914

Cold west wind, cloudy some mist. Sidney and I picked cucumbers p.m.

Sunday September 6, 1914

Nice a.m., rain p.m. James and Susie with their baby went to Little France to church. None of us attended church, seems very funny too, us all not to go.

Saturday September 5, 1914

Pleasant quite warm. Very busy all day. I bought some onions off Florence and made some sliced pickles. They are fine too. Wrote a receipt for Susie. Sidney came home p.m.

Friday September 4, 1914

Nice all day altho cool and cloudy. Rec'd a letter from Sidney mailed at Lycoming.

Thursday September 3, 1914

Rained all night and some a.m. We have sliced crabapples today. Made some sweet cucumber pickles, a few mustard pickles and washed. P.M. I went to Mallory with Susie and got some sweet corn, some string beans, a mess of beets, what tomatoes were ripe and some fruit cans to fill.

Wednesday September 2, 1914

Rain, rather gloomy all day.