Friday January 29, 1915

Cold last night and a rough stormy day. Mora and Maud went to school but Maud came home at 10 o'clock with a bad sore throat and cold in her head. I mailed a letter to Adelle and rec'd one from Sidney p.m. Vernice Courbat is quite ill with cold.

Thursday January 28, 1915

Fair a.m. a little snow p.m. and eve growing some colder toward night. Mora and Maud went to school. Mora went to Gehr's after coming home from school and Maud went to Smith and Boots. Mailed a letter to Mina. Rec'd one from Sidney with .50c inside. Also a letter for him from I.C. Green.

Wednesday January 27, 1915

A nice clear mild day. Children at school, went home with Avis tonight a little while. Avis let Maud have her fourth reader for .36c. I sent a letter to Aunt Adeline Raymond this morning. Rec'd a card from Mina and three letters for Sidney p.m.

Tuesday January 26, 1915

A clear lovely day. Sidney started toward Mexico at 8:30 a.m. Mora and Maud at school. Claud Dick and his father drew us a cord of wood a.m.

Monday January 25, 1915

Miss Jennie Diamond back at school. Rained and then snowed last night, kept on snowing a.m. Fair p.m. Mora and Maud took their dinner, Sidney mailed his report and several cards to his customers. Rec'd a letter from the company.

Sunday January 24, 1915

Roads are full from last nights snowfall. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church as usual. Lydia Boots called in the evening.

Saturday January 23, 1915

Snowed and rained in the night and some snow today, much milder than yesterday. Pierce's sold 40 numbers at their last night dance. Mora and Maud went to the mill for feed and three times to the store. Mora got a ride home with a basket full of groceries with Will Strickland. We had popcorn balls which were very good indeed.

Friday January 22, 1915

Quite cold all day, last night was the coldest night so far this month. Claude Dick got Joe Dupra to bring 1/2 cord wood over, as one of his horses kicked the other and he is unable to use it. Sidney came about 7 p.m.

Thursday January 21, 1915

Lillian is two years old, Murl Piquet is seven. Mora and Maud took examinations, came home to dinner. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, included .35c, mailed at Mexico. A very nice snowfall, large flakes, just like the first of April. Real pleasant. P. Maruney called to see Sidney p.m. Mina married.

Wednesday January 20, 1915

Frozen up this morning but it is not cold, a few large flakes of snow early. Pleasant day. Sidney went away 7 a.m. Girls came home to dinner. Mrs. Smith invited them there for this evening, came home a little before eight.

Tuesday January 19, 1915

Weather remains about the same, rained all last night, but did not rain any today. A very little round snow fell. Mora and Maud came home to dinner. Sent a pint of higdon to Mrs. Boots and Mrs. Smith. Sidney went up to see Floyd White p.m. Mallorys are sawing in the mill. Ice breaking up in the pond. Crows are quite numerous for the past 3 weeks. Auction at Robinsons.

Monday January 18, 1915

Rainy. Sidney did not go away on account of the weather, he went and got 1 bu. potatoes off Wm. Strickland. He rec'd a letter from Mr. Higley. Mora and Maud went to school. Their little speckled hen came in and lay'd in a basket.

Saturday January 17, 1915

Rainy, very mussy all day. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church. Rev. Mitchel walked down with them, he was going to see Mrs. Killz who is quite sick.

Saturday January 16, 1915

Still thawing. Sidney worked at Weatherups p.m. Mora went to see Avis p.m. Maud eat dinner with Mrs. Smith and children. I wrote a couple candy recipes for her. Clarence Porter came for more pickles.

Friday January 15, 1915

Reuben Porter came down and paid for the pickles .25c. Mora and Maud came home to dinner. Mrs. Porter and two children called this evening to get a mustard pickle recipe. Sidney came home tonight about 6, he stayed last night at Mrs. Little's, he said she has failed terribly.

Thursday January 14, 1915

A lovely sunny day, thawed quite a little. Mora and Maud came home to dinner. Tonight Mrs. Dainis gave them a very big turnip and sent the rose balm back as Pat did not want it, thought it was too greasy for his complexion. Mora and Maud went to Strickland's and got 1/2 bu. potatoes after school, I sent Mrs. Boots and Smith a can of pumpkin. I rec'd a letter form Dolly, she has a baby boy 12 weeks old.

Wednesday January 13, 1915

A beautiful day, froze up enough so the snow is not slushy. Mora and Maud came home to dinner and Sidney went toward Palermo, left home at 11 a.m. went to store before going away, gave .30c for 10 lb. meal. I finished washing made a dress for Mora and one nearly made for Cassie, and various odd jobs. Tired and awfully lonesome tonight.

Tuesday January 12, 1915

Commenced to snow before daylight, snowed hard a.m turning to rain p.m. Sidney went to Weatherup's 8 a.m. worked till noon and came home awfully wet. Mitchel worked with him. Mrs. Dainis called p.m. let her have the old curiosity shop for Arthur to read, also a jar of rose balm for deafness. I gave her some snakehead for her sleeplessness. Mora and Maud at school as usual.

Monday January 11, 1915

Thawing. Sidney split our wood. David Weatherup came to get him to help him in their wood tomorrow. Mora and Maud went to school. H. Holding called a.m.

Sunday January 10, 1915

Another mild day. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to S.S and preaching, a large crowd to meeting.

Saturday January 9, 1915

Nice day, not cold. I rec'd a birthday card from Adell. Sidney mailed his report, also 100 names to Rural New York. Will Smith and family sent the evening with us. I made Maud a blue wool dress trimmed with red braid. Sidney got a cord of wood off Claud Dick for .75c delivered.

Friday January 8, 1915

A little colder, snowed just a little. Sidney woked on ice all day. Mora and Maud at school. Rec'd a Salyer cat. I am 35 years old.

Thursday January 7, 1915

Rained all night but cleared this morning, very mild thawy day. Sidney got feed this a.m. helped Clint p.m. with his ice. Mora and Maud went to school.

Wednesday January 6, 1915

Very mild a.m. rainy p.m. snow is going with a rush today. Sidney helped Pat this a.m. finished up. Mora and Maud went to school. Maud went to store, got a loaf of bread for Mrs. Dainis and she gave her a pkg. of gum. I sent some herbs for Lydia's baby. Sidney went to mill but it was closed. I rec'd a birthday card from Aunt A. R. Raymond. I made Mora's new dress and baked bread. Sidney rec'd a letter from the company.

Tuesday January 5, 1915

Pleasant mild day, thawed a little in middle of day. Sidney cut wood with Pat again. Mora and Maud went to school, forgot to bring their dinner pail home. I sent Mrs. Boots a can of higdon.

Monday January 4, 1915

Clear, pleasant, thawed some on the south side of the house. Sidney cut wood at P. Maruney's. Mora and Maud went to school. Rev. Mitchel came eve. staid until 10 p.m. We had a very good visit with him, he is an interesting talker alright.

Sunday January 3, 1915

Bright sunny day, cold last night but got considerable warmer before morning. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to S.S and preaching, only a very few present. Mrs. Boots and Mrs. Smith came and spent the evening. Clarence Porter came to get some pickles.

Saturday January 2, 1915

Quite stormy. Mora eat breakfast before coming home this morning from Boots's. Sidney went to the mill and store.

Friday January 1, 1915

A beautiful day. Sidney finished sawing his poles and it is splendid wood. We had roast duck, it was rolling fat. Mora has gone to stay with Mrs. Boots. Mora and Mrs. Smith came down to have Sidney go up and show them the scroll, he went and said the children cried constantly.