Saturday June 5, 1915

Hot. Sidney went to Jim Potter's twice and carried 1 bu. potatoes each time. He planted some on the {unable to read} place, and went to Gayville eve. I hoe'd some in the garden this morning. Susie, Mable, Marian and Myrtle came a.m. eat dinner, bought a lot of sour milk, buttermilk and some beans. Also peppermint herb. Mora has a bad bronchial cough and acts sick.

Friday June 4, 1915

Fair, rather cold wind. Fay Sypher came and borrowed a hammer a.m. Sidney went over to Fred Cary's this morning and Fred gave him a few early rose and a few other early potatoes to plant. Mr. House came over p.m. and cut the grass in our front yard, for his horses. I put short clothes on baby *Paul. a.m. Sidney went to North Constantia eve. Got home 10 p.m.

*Editors note: First time baby's name is mentioned as Paul, since his birth in March..

Thursday June 3, 1915

Quite cold but has not rained here. Floyd came to tell us the potato ground was ready to plant. Bell Allen brought some milk, I gave her some tomatoes and pumpkin seed. A. Russel stopped to get some oil for his bicycle. Sidney got home at 7:30, fixed up Guy's little grave.

Wednesday June 2, 1915

Warm, looks like rain. Got a sack of graham off Mr. Willson 40c., sold 9 eggs at 20c doz. Sidney started out at noon.

Tuesday June 1, 1915

Warm again. Sidney finished his piece of potatoes a.m. Rev. Sypher and son are also planting their potatoes across the way from us. A peddler came only give 12c. for chickens, we did not sell. Sidney got a bu. potatoes from Chas. Munger p.m. F. House and Curtis called eve.

Monday May 31, 1915

Warm lovely day. Sidney went to Gayville before breakfast, got groceries, got there an hour before anyone was up, had to wait, got home at 7:30 a.m. P.m. he planted potatoes across the way some over 3 bu. seed. James, Mossaline and Susie came eat supper here.

Sunday May 30, 1915

Warm. Sidney was tired, did not go to church. Maud and Memphis went. Sidney went to F. Cronan's and Little France, rode home with Frank Fisher. Frank gave him a bu. seed potatoes. F. House paid him for his day's work last week.