Saturday May 29, 1915

Quite cold last night but beautifully bright today. Maud, Memphis and Cassie went to the picnic all had a good time. The teacher gave Mora, Memphis and Cassie a book each and Maud a box of small envelopes and paper. Sidney reached home about 10 p.m came all the way from C. Greens, had two  suits of underwear given him.

Friday May 28, 1915

Fair. This is the last day of school. Maud, Memphis and Cassie went, did not have many classes. Spent the day practising pieces for tomorrows picnic. I baked a cake for them to take. Received a letter from Sidney mailed at Phoenix.

Thursday May 27, 1915

Very cold night, hard frost, ice nearly 1/4 in. in the boiler back of the house. Maud and Memphis took exam again today. Mr. Willson came, I got a pkg. of banner oats, let him have 9 eggs still 20c per doz. I have felt bad and baby worrisome on account of it.

Wednesday May 26, 1915

Rained last night. Mist this a.m., clear p.m. Growing cold toward night. Cassie did not go to school as they are having examinations. Maud and Memphis went.

Tueday May 25, 1915

Very nice day. Sidney went down and saw Floyd Fisher about some land to plant. After he went away about 9 a.m. toward Hastings. I put the little speckled hen setting on duck eggs. The children took some squash seed to Fisher's when they went to school. I sent Bell Allen some squash and cucumber seed and she gave them a little pail of sweet milk.

Monday May 24, 1915

Fine day. Sidney helped me with the garden, all done except a place to sow small seed. Alf. Russel came and borrowed a potato hook, brought it back. Maud, Memphis and Cassie went to school.

Sunday May 23, 1915

Real pleasant day. Sidney and Maud went to Sunday school and church. Mrs. Kent, Herbert, Monroe and Hank Woolridge were there.

Saturday May 22, 1915

Pleasant day. I planted 4 rows beans. Memphis and Cassie helped me. Mora kept busy in house, Maud also did various odd jobs. Sidney worked for House a.m. and Fisher p.m. Got 1/2 bu. oats.

Friday May 21, 1915

I sent a card to Mina. Showery, an electric storm at 6 p.m., struck Frank Cronan's house, setting fire in two places. Maud and Memphis went to school. Cassie helped me, dropped 2 rows sweet corn. Sidney worked for F. House a.m. and Ross Bisbo p.m., eve. He and Mora went to Little France and got a lot of groceries. Mrs. Beasonson gave her 3 sticks of candy and Charlie gave her cookies. Took 1 doz. eggs 20c.

Thursday May 20, 1915

Frost last night. Quite warm today, cold eve. Sidney planted corn a.m. for Fisher's. Martin came in and both went together to plant p.m. Sidney planted for Ross Bisbo. Chester Bumpus came p.m. Mr. and Mrs. House and Curtis came eve.

Wednesday May 19, 1915

Cold a.m., p.m. quite warm, eve. very cold. Sidney worked for Fisher's. Children went to school. We sold 2 1/4 doz. eggs at 20c to Mr. Wilson, got 10# meal and a can red cross milk.

Tuesday May 18, 1915

Cold. Sidney planting corn for Martin Fisher. Children at school. Harve Ausman's wife buried, died with black measles Tues. eve. Sidney got 1 bu. potatoes at Ross Bisbo's.

Monday May 17, 1915

Rained hard n night, rained a.m., cold and cloudy p.m. Roy Johnson and Floyd Fisher called on Sidney. Children did not go to school.

Sunday May 16, 1915

Cold. None of us attended church. Sidney paid Mr. House the rent and got 1 bu. potatoes. A hen died.

Saturday May 15, 1915

Cold wind. I planted 1 row potatoes in the garden. Sidney came at 8:30 p.m. from Mell's pretty tired. Pa's birthday.

Friday May 14, 1915

Cold wind, chilly all day. Baby has worried all day. Pearl Russel waited for our girls this morning. Mamie and her baby came a.m. eat dinner here. Maud Cronan came p.m. and three children.

Thursday May 13, 1915

Rained hard last night, mist and cloudy a.m. Maud and Memphis went to school. Little Russel girl stopped and went with them. Mora made another flower bed. I washed again. Bright sunshine p.m.

Wednesday May 12, 1915

Nice balmy day. Maud and Cassie went to school. Memphis carried their dinner down as far as Sypher's at noon. Mr. Willson came, we got 2# corn, 2 thread, a sack salt and a can of milk. Let him have 2 1/2 doz. eggs. Harry House dragged our garden. Mora made a flower bed in front of house. I am awfully weak and faint at times but try to keep going. Gave the Elder cucumber, pumpkin and summer squash seed and House's delicious seed.

Tuesday May 11, 1915

Lovely day. Maud and Cassie went to school. I washed and fainted clear away before I could get the clothes out. Mora threw water on me and rubbed me with camphor. After I felt better and finished my washing. Mora helped and I took a lot of care of baby. Memphis is getting better but Lillian has kept me awake 2 nights, am about used up. A. Russel gave us a big wood chuck, he dressed it, our ducks came up tonight alone.

Monday May 10, 1915

Frost last night, sunshine's but a cold wind blowing today. Sidney started at 12:30. Maud and Cassie went to school. Memphis is much better. I rec'd a letter from Mina. Alf. and Mannie came and spent the evening. Sidney got 1/4 bu. buckwheat off Frank Cronan this morning. Mora got cowslips. Mrs. Fisher gave her sauerkraut.

Sunday May 9, 1915

A cold raw wind and rain a.m. Sidney, Maud and Cassie started for Sunday School but it rained so hard he sent them both back home.

Saturday May 8, 1915

Memphis is quite sick. This has been a lovely day. 2 little Russel girls played here all a.m. Sidney came at 7 p.m. He brought 1/2 sack flour, 1/2 # baking power, and 2# sugar from West Amboy. Some apple trees blossomed.

Friday May 7, 1915

Cold wind, commenced to rain at 11 a.m. rained nearly all the rest of the day. Maud and Memphis went to school a.m. they did not have their arbor day exercises on account of the rain. Mr. House came and got a bag of plaster, he left in house for Frank Cronon. A rag peddler came a.m. A. Russel came this p.m. wanted Sidney to go fishing with him. Pearl Russel came and borrowed some salt for her mother.

Thursday May 6, 1915

Pleasant day. Sidney went away at 7:30 a.m. Maud and Memphis went to school. I finished up the washing. Whip poor will's are singing.

Wednesday May 5, 1915

Cold wind. Sidney at home all day. Maud and Memphis went to school. Mr. Willson of Hastings came. We go 10# of lovely corn meal the best I ever saw, also 2 cans red cross milk, 2 bars Lenox soap. He paid 20c doz. for egg's. 3 doz eggs at 20c per doz. I washed again today.

Tuesday May 4, 1915

Fair. Sidney helped Martin Fisher fix fence. Maud and Memphis went to school. Mrs. Sypher gave Maud 5 pair drawers she had bought in Oswego. 3 pair for Mora, 1 pr for Maud and 1 pr. for Cassie. Sidney carried a bag of potatoes from Ross Bisbo's. Maud got 1/2 bu. at F. House's. I did a large washing. Mora cleaned.

Monday May 3, 1915

Cold day. Maud and Memphis went to school. A baby boy came to Elmer Whorl and wife. Janie Johnson brought a pail sauerkraut this morning sent by old Mrs. Johnson. Sidney went up to North Constantia and back by way of Gayville.

Sunday May 2, 1915

Very cold. Sidney and Maud went to church. Elder Bowman preached. Memphis and Cassie picked about 1 qt. wintergreen berries. Mora got a mess of cowslips. Mrs. Fisher sent a pail of sauerkraut, gave children a few apples. Susie, Marguerette and Marian came p.m.

Saturday May 1, 1915

Light rain. Sidney fixed book shelves upstairs. Staid home all day.

Friday April 30, 1915

Rained hard today. Maud and Memphis got wet going back to school at noon. Sidney went to West Monroe early. Got some hen feed, a sack or graham, a can of milk and a bar of soap. Baby is not well.

Thursday April 29, 1915

Sidney went to Gayville, sold 2 scrolls, led the prayer meeting at the school house in evening. Floyd Fisher called to see Sidney. Had 2 electric storms, rained, was furious also hail.

Wednesday April 28, 1915

Sidney went to Little France and got can of milk.

Tuesday April 27, 1915

I am some better, baby remains about the same, very worrisome. Maud and Memphis went to school but Mora did not. Mrs. Weaver came p.m. Mr. House sowed oats. Sidney came home about nine p.m.

Monday April 26, 1915

Very hot all day. Sidney went away early over through Parish Center. Mora and Maud and Memphis all went to school, came home to dinner. Mora did not go back as both baby and I were very sick. Mrs. Weaver came a.m. brought some wintergreen and little peppermint.

Sunday April 25, 1915

Warm again. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church.