The Clarke family

Sidney Henry Clarke- (1872-1949) age 76
A descendant of Mayflower passenger Thomas Rogers.
He was born in NY state, son of Jane Hawley and Henry M. Clarke. Worked all sorts of jobs;  Canvasser, freelance evangelist, Nestle Chocolate factory in Fulton, NY, and also in the circulation dept for the Oswego Palladium newspaper.

Menzo Nelson Clarke- (1898)
Died in infancy.

Guy Rexford Clarke- (1900)
Died in infancy.

Mora Marguerite Clarke- (1902-1986) age 84
Lived in Fulton, NY all her life. Married Michael Riviezzo in 1937 at age 35. No children.

Maud Madeline Clarke- (1904-1973) age 68
My grandmother. Married Walter Wainman in 1924 at the age of 20. Had daughter Gloria in 1926 then she and Walter were seperated for years, then getting back together to have my mother Catherine in 1941. Lived most of their lives in Fulton, NY. Walter died in 1977.

Memphis Monford Clarke- (1906-1993) age 87
In later years was known as Peg. Married three times, First husband, Arthur Coles in 1924 and had 2 children, Barbara and James. In later years married Alfred Davidson, then Adolphus R. Passino.

Castella Cecil Clarke- (1908-1992) age 83
Known as Cassie. She never married. Dedicated her entire life to the Salvation Army. She died as an Envoy to the SA on the night of Easter Sunday 1992.

Lillian Leona Clarke- (1913-2009) age 96
Married Samuel New in 1931 at the age of 18. They had 3 children; Samuel, Robert and Patricia. They divorced in 1949. In 1963 she married Edward Ward and they were together for 43 years until he passed away in 2007. They were dog lovers and even though they lived in Underhill, VT she wrote a column, "The Way It Was" for the Fulton Patriot for over 20 years.

Paul Higley Clarke- (1915-2004) age 88
Married Celestine "Sally" Duciume. They had 3 children Paul, Francis and Marie. Lived most of their lives in the Fulton, NY area and then moved to Florida. He was a WWII veteran. Sally passed away in 2010.

Hugh Mortimer Clarke- (May 1919-Feb. 1920) age 8 months
Died of Influenza.

Kathaleen Louise Clarke- (1925-2011) age 85
Married Fred "Jake" McEwen in 1943 at the age of 17. They had 5 children; Roger, Ronald, Dennis, Colleen and Maureen. In 1962 she married Fred Keller and they had a son, Aaron. Later she went on to marry Adrian Janes and Carl Nelson.

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