Sunday May 31, 1914

Beautiful day sprinkled just nightfall a little, Frank Cary called this evening. Gene Porter came a.m. with his female rabbit. Sidney, Mora and Maud and Memphis went to Sunday School. Sidney went to meeting also, said they had a nice large attendance today, seem to like the new minister so far, hope they continue to.

Saturday May 30, 1914

A lovely decoration day, we have all been very busy indeed. Sidney came on the 9 p.m. train but it was about 30 minutes late, rode back from station with Fay Courbat and Eddie Lynch.

Friday May 29, 1914

Warm all day close and stuffy tonight. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, mailed one to him at Pulaski also rec'd one from Adell, Hamilton. Memphis went to the mill also to store. Cassie went to P.O. twice, Maud went after the milk. Mora helped me and I sewed some, have not felt a bit good today. A dance at Guy Pierces tonight, Lawrence Harrington stopped, wanted to get a rabbit having lost one of his.

Thursday May 28, 1914

Fair cool p.m. received 2 letters from Sidney a.m. enclosed 50c. Clint came down at noon quite hot over our hen. Memphis got the milk tonight. Cassie took up a letter for me p.m. I have had a miserable day of it today, a severe headache tonight.

Wednesday May 27, 1914

Very warm muggy day, thundered but only a very few sprinkles of rain here, must had an awful shower towards W. Monroe, was terrible black that way. Maud and Memphis has been to the P.O. twice, Maud got 2 loaves of bread and some other things. Maud and Cassie went to Weatherups, got a pail of sweet milk also one buttermilk. Memphis mailed a letter to Sidney on the 2 p.m. at Pulaski, Dr. Wilcox had a hurry call, went by with horse on the run at 7 p.m.

Tuesday May 26, 1914

Warm muggy day with thunder and lightening eight thirty p.m. Sidney started for Hastings 5 a.m. to get the early train to Pulaski. A lady called p.m. selling dust cloths, polishing extracts and various other articles, said she lived 5 miles beyond Parish. Rogers also called, Pal collector from Mexico. Susie and Marguerette came p.m. brought over a white rabbit. I gave her Cassie's hen for it, she took James drum home for John Ingerson to practice on. She had a boiler to have soldered. She drove Lewis's horse over said she had a colt a week old, She had two dogs with her, said someone poisoned the hound, they saved it with an enietie. Maud went to the mill for feed, borrowed Carl Boots wagon to draw it home in, also went to store for graham flour and the mail. Mora went to Weatherups for sweet milk.

Monday May 25, 1914

Rained so Sidney did not go away . Built a yard for the rabbits, mail'd a letter to Valparaiso, Ind.

Sunday May 24, 1914

Warm pleasant day. Sidney and Mora went to church, minister was there, Rev. Mitchel also the Rev. Devit from the Square, large attendance as generally is on the arrival of any minister.

Saturday May 23, 1914

Lovely today altho quite a wind p.m. Mora has been to the mill, P.O. and down to Weatherups once, Cassie went to Weatherups with her, Maud has been to Weatherups once and the store twice. Memphis went to the store once, sent a letter to Della a.m. also one to the Mercantile reporting agency co., I cleaned the two front rooms upstairs all but washing the windows also the hall and stairs. Seems more pleasant already. The little rabbits are running all over the yard. Sidney came on the 9 p.m. Geo. Courbat shut down p.m. for the funeral of Mrs Walters who died with pneumonia.

Friday May 22, 1914

Very nice a.m. p.m. fair until 4 o'clock began to rain a little then harder. Will be a rainy night. Rec'd a letter from Sidney 4 p.m. enclosed 50c, I sent a letter to Sidney by Maud early this morning and a pkg. of several kinds of flower seed to Adelle by Memphis p.m. Mora and Maud each got a pail of sweet milk at Weatherups tonight, Maud went to the mill at noon and got some oats. Mr. Silverman called at about 3:30, said he had lost a horse.

Thursday May 21, 1914

Warm day, rec'd a letter from Sidney and 10c silver on the four o'clock. Mora went to Weatherups a.m. got buttermilk. Mr. Weatherup told her to come and get all the separated milk we wanted until they got more calves to take. Mora and Memphis each got a pail full tonight.

Wednesday May 20, 1914

Nice warm day. Rec'd a letter for Sidney from the firm, forwarded it to Pulaski. I rec'd one from Della. Kept the hen's in until 6:15 p.m. let them out a little while got 18 eggs, the most I have had to date. Had to lay at home today, I have felt very badly all afternoon.

Tuesday May 19, 1914

Warm today. Sidney started toward Pulaski this morning 7:30. Mora went to Weatherups also Cassie. Avis gave her or them a very pretty tiger kitten and for fear of it being lonesome, Maud and Memphis went and she gave them another tiger and white. Melvin wanted them to take all they had so Mr. Weatherup would not kill them. I have kept our hens shut up to keep them from going on Henry Rudeaus oats which he drilled in yesterday, did not finish until so dark we could hardly see him. Rolled them today. I caught two very nice bullheads by the bridge this eve, put the little rabbits in the pen today, seem to enjoy it.

Monday May 18, 1914

Another nice day. Sidney went to Weatherups a.m. borrowed 10 dollars to send his first order for scrolls, he also changed a setting of brown loghorn eggs with William Strickland and went to the station for an ex. order, to mill for feed and to Lewis's and got some groceries. This evening he went up to Burts carried some squash and pumpkin seed to old Mrs. Starr and Claud came back with him and brought a little female rabbit to change for our Adam. Mora caught another sucker this evening. Sidney sent a bundle of garden seed to Adelle by p.p. for me cost 4 cts. I washed today and will try and finish tomorrow.

Sunday May 17, 1914

A very pleasant day out, it seems rather lonely to me. Sidney, Mora, Maud and Memphis went to Sunday School, had no minister today, haven't got moved yet.

Saturday May 16, 1914

Fair all day. I have not felt well today or Sidney hasn't either.  rec'd a card from Adelle and Sidney a card from Max Silverman.

Friday May 15, 1914

Fair day, cold wind. Sidney cleaned out the cellar and opened the drain. Children went to school. I rec'd a letter from Adelle, Pa's birthday, 76 years old. This is the end of the term.

Thursday May 14, 1914

Nice all day. Sidney walked out as far as Brewerton and took the first train to Syracuse, arrived too late to see Mary as she was buried the day before at 2 o'clock p.m. A Mrs. Watson had Mary's raincoat and she gave it to Sidney to bring home. He ate dinner with Sadie Hill and came on the trolley to Brewerton and walked out home, rode a ways with John Fidler. Took 3 dozen eggs got 20c each per doz. I rec'd a letter from Sadie Hill from Syracuse. The children went to school.

Wednesday May 13, 1914

Cool all day, rained at 2 p.m. continuing all p.m. awfully dark tonight. Mora went to school a.m. all three went p.m. Maud brought a letter to me from Sidney this p.m. At 4 Lydia Boots came this afternoon, Carl and Hazel came with her, she brought down the flavoring I ordered off the Orman boy, he left it with Mrs. H. Porter, she paid him and I sent her money by Mrs. Boots. Cost 25c and a very nice teaspoon came free with each tube.

Tuesday May 12, 1914

Sent another letter to Sidney this morning when the children went to school. Sent one to Sadie Hill in Syracuse also. Rec'd  letter from Sidney, Maud brought it when she came from school p.m. Memphis did not go p.m. It commenced to rain about 10 a.m. and kept raining harder until tonight, it fairly pours, lightened quite a little and then thunder shook the whole house about 8 p.m. it has been a very sad lonely day to me. Sat up until after ten o'clock.

Monday May 11, 1914

Nice but quite cool and cloudy p.m. Sidney started out about 7 a.m. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school p.m., a.m. Mora did not go, went to the mill for corn, went down to Weatherups tonight with Avis and got some buttermilk. Got a telegram p.m. from Syracuse that Mary* is dead, got a letter also (that she was dieing) with a special delivery stamp. Nellie came and brought it down. Guy came twice to tell me about the message so I could write to Sidney, sent a letter to him on the 2 p.m. Mr. Henderson came a few minutes before six this evening, Henry gave Cassie more potatoes.

*Note- I believe Mary might be Sidney's older half sister Mary Welsh. I have not been able to confirm this yet.

Sunday May 10, 1914

Nice pleasant day. Sidney, Maud and Memphis went to Sunday School. Cassie and two children came this afternoon, rained a little after 2:30 p.m.

Saturday May 9, 1914

Nice all day. Rec'd a letter from Larkin Soap Co, Henry gave Mora and Cassie a big pail of potatoes he plowed up. We had a nice mess of bullheads for dinner. Harry Vinney's wife is very ill, not expected to live. Sidney came on the nine o'clock train tonight, said he did not get the pkg. we mailed to him.

Friday May 8, 1914

Pleasant all day. Mora went to Weatherups, Avis told her the minister and his family were going to moved on the Moon place. Rec'd a card from Sidney, mailed at Lacona. Floyd Lynch came to see our little rabbits early this morning, he had two little white rabbits in his pockets, said he got them off C. Burt. Gene Porter came to see them also, Agnes came and stayed until 11:30. Henry Rudeau has kept Cassie busy getting potatoes he plowed up, they are much nicer than if kept in a cellar. Caught some more little fish this evening

Thursday May 7, 1914

Cool, cloudy and sun by turns. Mora went to the mill this morning, got oats. Got letter from Sidney, enclosed express money order 50c. Mora has been to the P.O. several times. Maud took a pkg. to send by P.P. to Sidney at Pulaski, did not get any other mail. Mora went to Weatherups, learned that Owen's and family have moved from the Moon place over by Hasting Center. Mora and I caught some chub and seven bullheads by the bridge this evening, heard another whipper-will. 14 years tonight since our second boy was born, Guy Rexford.

Wednesday May 6, 1914

Beautiful day. We have all been busy today. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, enclosed money order for 50c, is in Pulaski.. Mora has been over town several times today, once after seven to get sugar and oats, did not get any mail, went to the mill but could not find anyone there either or at the house, Maud has been to the P.O. twice. Memphis went to Weatherups, Mora got a nice mess of dandy lions and cow cabbage, cooked some for dinner and some for supper. Memphis and Cassie got some dandy lions tonight,wanted me to make a salad of them tomorrow. Heard the first whipper-will tonight.

Tuesday May 5, 1914

Another thunder shower in the night, I could not sleep. Rain'd all day, hard all p.m. and is still raining tonight. Eve was very glad to see me this morning, I looked in her basket and found nine little bunnies, plump and cute. She is awfully proud of them. Mora caught a very nice sucker by the bridge at eleven o'clock. I dressed it and fryed it for our dinner. Lawrence Harrington was there but did not get a nibble, took Mora's fish off her hook for her. I received a letter from Adell, school meeting tonight.

Monday May 4, 1914

Their big bird had moved about 50lbs of iron and got out of the tub and after tipping over nearly everything, someway crowded Moras setting hen off her eggs and got on the nest eggs and all, never broke a single one. The hen was sitting on the nest behind (him or her) Minas eggs. Sidney started toward the north about 7 a.m. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school as usual, came home to dinner. Maud and Memphis succeeded in landing a very nice bird about 4 p.m. then Memphis went to Weatherups. Maud to the store and Mora helped me. I did quite a washing today. It has been cloudy some and sunshine a little, a very hard electric storm hit quite close several times altho rain was a short duration, severest between 7-9 p.m.

Sunday May 3, 1914

Pleasant day. Q.F. Cary called on Sidney a.m. said Fred is out on the farm. Sidney, Mora and Memphis went to S. School, no preaching. We all went up in Mallory's woods, p.m. we dug some mandrake roots. Children picked flowers, we all enjoyed it very much. The first time I have been out of the yard since before Christmas. Memphis went and bought a can of Van Camp milk a.m. Maud got some sugar p.m. Sidney and Mora got a beautiful bird.

Saturday May 2, 1914

Nice day but quite a high wind, I found our grey rabbit dead this morning when I let the hens out. I think she had consumption, coughed all the while we had her. Mora has been twice to get green, once with Sidney, once with Lydia Boots. Maud went up and brought her children down here so she could go, Mora went up to Gehr's and back and then Sidney and her went over to Courbots Pond fishing, did not get a nibble, came home and Mora caught a chub and gave it to the cat, it was to cold to fish with any luck altho Mallory's land is posted. I saw John Fidlers reflection in the water over on the point of land when so dark I could hardly see him, Sidney called on P. Maruney a.m. he was just getting over the grippe. Little Mary Piddie 23 years old today.

Friday May 1, 1914

Pleasant all day, white frost last night. Sidney worked to Rudeaus again today. Got a cord of wood off Henry. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school. Mora mailed a letter for me to Adell this morning, p.m. went home with Avis W. got a pail of buttermilk, heard Charlie Marshal was dead.