Saturday May 2, 1914

Nice day but quite a high wind, I found our grey rabbit dead this morning when I let the hens out. I think she had consumption, coughed all the while we had her. Mora has been twice to get green, once with Sidney, once with Lydia Boots. Maud went up and brought her children down here so she could go, Mora went up to Gehr's and back and then Sidney and her went over to Courbots Pond fishing, did not get a nibble, came home and Mora caught a chub and gave it to the cat, it was to cold to fish with any luck altho Mallory's land is posted. I saw John Fidlers reflection in the water over on the point of land when so dark I could hardly see him, Sidney called on P. Maruney a.m. he was just getting over the grippe. Little Mary Piddie 23 years old today.

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