Monday May 4, 1914

Their big bird had moved about 50lbs of iron and got out of the tub and after tipping over nearly everything, someway crowded Moras setting hen off her eggs and got on the nest eggs and all, never broke a single one. The hen was sitting on the nest behind (him or her) Minas eggs. Sidney started toward the north about 7 a.m. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school as usual, came home to dinner. Maud and Memphis succeeded in landing a very nice bird about 4 p.m. then Memphis went to Weatherups. Maud to the store and Mora helped me. I did quite a washing today. It has been cloudy some and sunshine a little, a very hard electric storm hit quite close several times altho rain was a short duration, severest between 7-9 p.m.

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