Monday May 11, 1914

Nice but quite cool and cloudy p.m. Sidney started out about 7 a.m. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school p.m., a.m. Mora did not go, went to the mill for corn, went down to Weatherups tonight with Avis and got some buttermilk. Got a telegram p.m. from Syracuse that Mary* is dead, got a letter also (that she was dieing) with a special delivery stamp. Nellie came and brought it down. Guy came twice to tell me about the message so I could write to Sidney, sent a letter to him on the 2 p.m. Mr. Henderson came a few minutes before six this evening, Henry gave Cassie more potatoes.

*Note- I believe Mary might be Sidney's older half sister Mary Welsh. I have not been able to confirm this yet.

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