Monday August 31, 1914

Morning cloudy. Sidney has gone berrying 9 a.m. got a nice lot. Mora went with him p.m. got some nice red raspberries. I picked cucumbers all day, am lame and tired out.

Sunday August 30, 1914

Warm and muggy again this morning. Lewis and Adell started to drive back to Randallsville at 10:30 a.m. they are both looking fine. She brought me a little dress of Ione's for Lillian also a waist that was Mates.

Saturday August 29, 1914

Rained hard all night continuing all day. Adell and Lewis came on the p.m. milk train. James went to meet them and all got soaked about through.

Friday August 28, 1914

Nice day. Sidney went berrying, got 5 qts. I canned them, also two can crabapples and spread some today.

Thursday August 27, 1914

Nice warm day. I have done quite a lot of canning today, salted the rest of my cucumbers. Sidney started for Brewerton 10 a.m. drove Nellie. Susie and Mora gone to Mallory, they got some of our sweet corn from out garden, someone has picked our ripe tomatoes. I guess taken the chicken also, as they did not see it anywhere.

Wednesday August 26, 1914

Another beautiful day. Lillian and I have been sick all day. Nellie Morey came taking orders for groceries. Sidney picked 7 qts. blackberries, 2 1/2 qts huckleberries.

Tuesday August 25, 1914

Fair, lovely day. Catholic picnic at Piguet woods, Mallory. James, Susie and Pa have all gone. Sidney, Mora and I picked cucumbers.

Monday August 24, 1914

Fair, quite cold wind. Sidney and I went berrying.

Sunday August 23, 1914

Hot, rather lonesome day. No chance for children to go to Sunday School, the horse sick.

Saturday August 22, 1914

Cloudy. Picked cucumbers, salted nearly a bushel more. Sidney and Mora went blackberring p.m. a little while, got 4 qts., also a basket of bearberries for chickens. Maud went to store and back with Susie, got sugar and lard.

Thursday August 20, 1914

Cloudy most all day, comenced to rain, 4 p.m. stopped. Sidney and I went berrying, got 13 qt. blackberries and 2 qts huckleberries, red raspberries are comencing to ripen their second crop.

Monday August 17, 1914

A hard thunder storm, quite a lot of hail fell. Sidney rode to the Harbor with James and Susie. James's dog died this morning, he thinks he was poisoned by someone. We picked cucumbers this p.m. I have run up and down so much to help Mable with her baking. I am awfully tired.

Sunday August 16, 1914

A very nice day, quite warm. We all stayed at home all day. Hiram West and family were at James's all day. James and Hi went to the Harbor with his boat.

Wednesday August 19, 1914

Sidney picked about 5 qts. blackberries. I made 2 pies and spread the rest to dry. James and Susie left for Brewerton at 3 p.m., got home 3:30 in morn. Mora went down and staid with Mable until they came back.

Saturday August 15, 1914

Cool wind. James and Susie went to picnic. I helped Florence pick cucumbers, she gave me a basket full also bunch onions. Sidney picked 4 1/2 qts. berries p.m. Mora went to W. Monroe, got gran. sugar.

Friday August 14, 1914

A hard soaking shower p.m. Sidney went to Central Square, with pickles came back by Mallory and got some things. James went with*Hi West said to paint a boat harbor.


Thursday August 13, 1914

Pleasant day. Sidney, Maud and Memphis and I also James and Susie went berrying. Got 11 qts huckleberries and 6 qts. blackberries. James and Susie got 4 qts blackberries. Sidney and James took a crate to Jock Hess, Constantia. Harry Kittell called p.m.

Wednesday August 12, 1914

Quite warm but cloudy cool eve. Sidney and I went berrying a.m. I got 6 qts. huckleberries. Sidney and Mora went a little while p.m. I picked cucumbers alone across from Ingerson's and helped James and Susie pick the rest. Lillian was sick in the night and has not felt good today.

Tuesday August 11, 1914

Hot. Sidney took 4 broilers to Constantia got 30c each. Mora and Mable went to W. Monroe P.O. a.m. Mabel and Maude p.m.

Sunday August 9, 1914

Hot as usual. Sidney went over p.m. and got our hens, one chicken got away from him. Fred Simmons came back with him from Pierces. They picked a qt. blackberries by road side coming back.

Saturday August 8, 1914

Another hot day. Susie came and got us and what things we wanted to take over with us. Saw we had left a crate with two hens and some chickens in. Grange picnic, met lots of [unable to make out word]

Friday August 7, 1914

Awfully hot sultry day. James and Susie came eve. and took most of our fowls over on the hill.

Thursday August 6, 1914

Very hot, everything is drying up in the garden. We have had several messes of string beans and our potatoes are nice also. Sidney got home about 9:30 p.m.

Wednesday August 5, 1914

Hot sultry day we need rain very much. Rec'd a letter, 25c included from Sidney on the 4 p.m. sent on to him. Maud took it up at 5:00, it would go north on the 7, and Mora went up after the 7 came and Nellie gave her back the letter, so I sent it again. He won't get it until tomorrow p.m. and like as not then. Bought hat off Hattie Piguet for Mora for 49c and flowers 15c a bunch of flowers for Maud 15c, a hat for Memphis 25c and wreath 10c, wreath for Cassie 10c. Irene Piguet here p.m. also Mrs. Mitchel and Erma.

Tuesday August 4, 1914

Warm lovely day. Agnes here 1 hour p.m. Mr. Lane came p.m. with 1 pr. wool hose for Sidney 25c and 2 pr. each for Maud and Memphis 20c each $1.05 for all. Rec'd a letter from Sidney on the 4 p.m. mailed at Dempster.

Monday August 3, 1914

Fair cool breeze. Sidney started toward Volney about 6:30 a.m. Maud went to mill. Carl and Hazel Boots were here all a.m. eat dinner and went home at 1 p.m. Mora and Maud have started out trying to get up a soap order 3 p.m. Memphis went to P.O got some cucumbers 1c each. James and Susie drove over tonight but I did not have things ready and Lillian was sick so I sent some things but did not go.

Sunday August 2, 1914

Pleasant all day sprinkled some in the evening. Maud, Memphis and Cassie went to Sunday School. Mora did not go on account of her sore foot and Sidney was feeling bad also so did not go. The little ducks got out and a turtle got a white one.

Saturday August 1, 1914

Pleasant with one short shower. Sidney went to Richland on the 9 this a.m. but failing to deliver the Scroll he came back on the 4 p.m. as far as Hastings and walked to Mr. Redheads in Palermo and del. it to him got home at 8:30 p.m. Memphis and Cassie went to Weatherups a.m. both they and Maud to store.