Thursday July 8, 1915

Rained all night and rained until 3 p.m., hard today. Children got a lot of bean poles p.m. A little white duck died this morning, only 7 left now. Mamie Russel ask the girls to bring her some flour. I let her have a little pail of graham. Sent a card to Sidney in Westdale.

Wednesday July 7, 1915

Fair pleasant day until 7 p.m., commenced to rain. Mr. Willson came a.m. got graham, meal, salt and 1 red cross milk. Mora hoe's 4 rows potatoes. I did quite a lot in garden, it is looking fine, beans are in bloom.

Tuesday July 6, 1915

Quite cold, rained again last night. Sidney went away 8 a.m. headed for Westdale, Oneida Co.. Mora hoe'd potatoes, 3 1/2 rows. Memphis got a few bean poles which I set. Beans are looking fine. Paul has been very good, we have all been busy. I did quite a large washing.

Monday July 5, 1915

Rained hard in the night and until 7 a.m., it was quite chilly all day. Sidney went to Harve Smith's, got 1 bu. potatoes at Davis's, after which he hoe'd potatoes. Lot's of travel, celebrating Independence Day. Planted beans where potatoes did not come, I set turnips.

Sunday July 4, 1915

Sidney and Maud went to S.S. Sypher held quarterly meeting at North Constantia. We had a big strawberry shortcake. Sidney got berries at Bisbo's. Bell Allen called eve., brought milk.

Saturday July 3, 1915

Sidney got House's old gray horse and cultivated his potatoes acrossed the way. I planted a few wax beans. Sidney went to Gayville at night, got 1/2 gal. oil, a sack of meal, a loaf of bread and some sugar, also a can of red cross milk, quart confer. Dutch Hill.

Friday July 2, 1915

Very warm, fair until 4 p.m., where it rained hard. Mora, Maud and Memphis picked berries at Bisbo's, got soaked coming home. Sidney hoe'd beans at Floyd Fisher's till the rain come. L. Cole wanted a loaf of bread, I did not have any baked so could not oblige him, he said he was out of flour too.

Thursday July 1, 1915

Cloudy this morning. Mr. Willson came about eleven o'clock, Sidney got 10# graham, 10# meal and 2 bar's lenox soap. After dinner Sidney, Mora and Maud went and picked a few qts. berries at Bisbo's and from there went to Gayville and got sugar. Mrs. Hess gave he children firecracker's, they also brought home some berries and we had a nice shortcake. Claud Bisbo came for them on his bike.

Wednesday June 30, 1915

Sidney reached home at 2 o'clock this morning, pretty tired, came about 5 miles beyond Williamstown after 5 p.m. yesterday. Commenced to rain just as he got in the house, kept steady at it the rest of the night and all day. Two little ducks drowned, got out in the rain. We had a pot pie of the little creeper. A. Russel came to borrow loaf of bread.

Tuesday June 29, 1915

Hot stuffy day. Rec'd a letter from Mina. Children got more berries for shortcake. Seymour Moon buried, funeral at W. Monroe, 2 o'clock. I hoe'd and planted in some wax beans.

Monday June 28, 1915

Hot all day. The children picked some very nice wild strawberries. We had shortcake. Elder Sypher cultivated across'd the way p.m.

Sunday June 27, 1915

Fair, cool breeze. Mora and Maud attended S.S. and meeting. A. Russel came to get one of our girls to stay with Mamie while he wen to his folks. Verne Eaton called to see Sidney about helping him in haying. C.F. Cary also called to see him.

Saturday June 26, 1915

Nice cool day. Sidney went away at about 7 a.m. I washed a few things, hoe'd garden and did various other things, kept continually busy. Mora straightened the front room. Maud, Memphis and Cassie went to see the new Russel baby. Seymour Moon died p.m., Brights disease.

Friday June 25, 1915

Cloudy a.m. but no rain. I baked bread and washed babies clothes. Sidney and Mora went over to see how Mamie and the baby was, I felt too tired to go. I sent a card a pkg. barbara bark to Mrs. Dainis.

Thursday June 24, 1915

Fair warm day. Sidney came home 10 a.m. he went down to Kents got 1/2 Batavian for $1.00, flour dropped 40c on a barrel. Bell stopped for me to go to Russel's with her, we went 1 p.m. I came home at 4., at 6 Alfred came after me again. I came home at 9, and at 1 he came again. I had only just got asleep. I went over and at 3:15 a.m. a baby girl was born. I washed and dressed it after which I came home. Alfred's mother and Mrs. Lester Alsiver were there. Sidney fixed fence for Bell afternoon.

Wednesday June 23, 1915

Rained all last night and a.m. until 11 o'clock. Mr. Willson came p.m. I got 10# meal. Little ducks all hatched and smart, eleven of them. Alfred Russel came at 9:30 for me to go over there, said Mamie was sick. I went and old Mrs. Russel, Sarah and Bell Allen were there, they went home after awhile and Alfred got F. House to go for Mrs. Allseiver. I came home at 12 midnight.

Tuesday June 22, 1915

Pleasant a.m., showery p.m. and eve. two electric storms. I put the little hen down cellar to save little ducks that were just picking. The thunder was pretty hard. I set peppers, tomatoes and cabbage this eve. in the rain. Sidney went away at 7 a.m. A. Russel came to borrow some matches. Maud, Memphis and Cassie got berries.

Monday June 21, 1915

Fair. Sidney went to H. Bryants and around by Claud's but did not find Claud home a.m., went to Bisbo's eve. Mora hoe'd some in the garden, other children went out p.m. I did quite a washing. Lillian and Paul worrisome.

Sunday June 20, 1915

Rainy a.m. Children's day, exercises at school house.

Saturday June 19, 1915

Cool, rain a.m., cloudy p.m. Sidney fixed fence for Bell and got a jar of butter, 5 lbs. 30c/, it is lovely butter.

Friday June 18, 1915

Hot again today. Sidney worked for Floyd. One of their calves got out and he had quite a time catching it and getting back in the lot. Cassie is breaking out and pretty sick, the other are most a solid red. Baby is only a little broken out as yet. Bell gave Sidney a pail of sweet milk and some buttermilk. A man came from Parish selling clothes washers.

Thursday June 17, 1915

Hot. Sidney's birthday. He worked for Floyd all day. Maud and Lillian breaking out a little. Mora is out, she picked a few strawberries and we had shortcake for supper. She also caught a little wild gray rabbit. Mr. Willson came. I got 10# graham, 10# meal, 5# of gran. sugar and a can of red cross milk.

Wednesday June 16, 1915

Sidney worked for Floyd Fisher p.m. Memphis commenced to break out with measles, quiet for her.

Tuesday June 15, 1915

Rainy nearly all day, a lot of water fell, some thunder and lightening. Sidney went and helped Floyd draw us some wood first thing this morning. Went to school house to draw some map's, also to Bell's and got some buttermilk. Bell brought a pail sweet milk eve. Mora up all day, all the rest children are coughing but not breaking out yet.

Monday June 14, 1915

Fair day, lightening last night but very little rain. Mrs. Fisher called a.m. Sidney cultivated for Floyd p.m. Maud had a headache a.m., ate no breakfast, better p.m. Mora did not get up or eat until dinner time. Look's bad, pretty weak. Mr. House came eve. got some curtains and *paris green.


Sunday June 13, 1915

Fair. Sidney went to Sunday School, no preaching. Children's day at Gayville. Mora did not eat anything until after 2 p.m.

Saturday June 12, 1915

Hard rain last night, beautiful day. Sidney went away about 7 a.m. came home 10:30 p.m. Mora is better commenced to have a little more appetite for dinner and supper, did not eat any breakfast.

Friday June 11, 1915

Two nice showers did a lot of good. Sidney suffering a severe toothache. Bell Allen brought some milk over. I gave her some tomato plants and she gave me a few cabbage plants. I set them out in the garden, also set some tomatoes plants. I did quite a washing. Hazel Weaver brought some bananas and lemons.

Thursday June 10, 1915

Fair, rather cold wind. Chilly evening. Mora is much better, getting along fine. Sidney carried two bags potatoes home from Fred Cary's a.m. Went to Bisbo's p.m. brought home a few garden strawberries. the children got a few wild ones and we had a shortcake for supper. It was nice too.

Wednesday June 9, 1915

Fair, with a nice shower p.m. Sidney finished hoeing the garden a.m. it looks fine. He also dress'd the turtle, it was full of eggs. Got 10# meal off of Willson. Mora is a little stronger, but still has a very raking cough. Mrs. Hazel Weaver called p.m. a little while.

Tuesday June 8, 1915

Warm. Mora is quite sick awfully broken out today. Martin Fisher came eve. Sidney went home with him and got a turtle. Loyd Cole came a.m. wanted one to keep his two little boys as he and his wife had to go to Square to attend a lawsuit. He left them at House's. Rained last night. I planted a few early potatoes in garden.

Monday June 7, 1915

Hot again today. Sidney and Maud finished the potatoes today and put on 1 hundred and 25# phosphate on them. Mora has been pretty sick all day, has measles alright, but it is a mystery where she got them. Memphis and Cassie got quite a few wild strawberries. Lillian has a stone bruise on her heel. Sidney and Maud went over to Cary's this eve. got a few potatoes and bargained for more. Borrowed lantern.

Sunday June 6, 1915

Very warm. Sidney, Maud and Memphis went to S.S. and meeting. F. Carey came awhile p.m. Mora is breaking out like measles feel all gone and has a hard cough. Floyd Fisher kicked by horse.

Saturday June 5, 1915

Hot. Sidney went to Jim Potter's twice and carried 1 bu. potatoes each time. He planted some on the {unable to read} place, and went to Gayville eve. I hoe'd some in the garden this morning. Susie, Mable, Marian and Myrtle came a.m. eat dinner, bought a lot of sour milk, buttermilk and some beans. Also peppermint herb. Mora has a bad bronchial cough and acts sick.

Friday June 4, 1915

Fair, rather cold wind. Fay Sypher came and borrowed a hammer a.m. Sidney went over to Fred Cary's this morning and Fred gave him a few early rose and a few other early potatoes to plant. Mr. House came over p.m. and cut the grass in our front yard, for his horses. I put short clothes on baby *Paul. a.m. Sidney went to North Constantia eve. Got home 10 p.m.

*Editors note: First time baby's name is mentioned as Paul, since his birth in March..

Thursday June 3, 1915

Quite cold but has not rained here. Floyd came to tell us the potato ground was ready to plant. Bell Allen brought some milk, I gave her some tomatoes and pumpkin seed. A. Russel stopped to get some oil for his bicycle. Sidney got home at 7:30, fixed up Guy's little grave.

Wednesday June 2, 1915

Warm, looks like rain. Got a sack of graham off Mr. Willson 40c., sold 9 eggs at 20c doz. Sidney started out at noon.

Tuesday June 1, 1915

Warm again. Sidney finished his piece of potatoes a.m. Rev. Sypher and son are also planting their potatoes across the way from us. A peddler came only give 12c. for chickens, we did not sell. Sidney got a bu. potatoes from Chas. Munger p.m. F. House and Curtis called eve.

Monday May 31, 1915

Warm lovely day. Sidney went to Gayville before breakfast, got groceries, got there an hour before anyone was up, had to wait, got home at 7:30 a.m. P.m. he planted potatoes across the way some over 3 bu. seed. James, Mossaline and Susie came eat supper here.

Sunday May 30, 1915

Warm. Sidney was tired, did not go to church. Maud and Memphis went. Sidney went to F. Cronan's and Little France, rode home with Frank Fisher. Frank gave him a bu. seed potatoes. F. House paid him for his day's work last week.

Saturday May 29, 1915

Quite cold last night but beautifully bright today. Maud, Memphis and Cassie went to the picnic all had a good time. The teacher gave Mora, Memphis and Cassie a book each and Maud a box of small envelopes and paper. Sidney reached home about 10 p.m came all the way from C. Greens, had two  suits of underwear given him.

Friday May 28, 1915

Fair. This is the last day of school. Maud, Memphis and Cassie went, did not have many classes. Spent the day practising pieces for tomorrows picnic. I baked a cake for them to take. Received a letter from Sidney mailed at Phoenix.

Thursday May 27, 1915

Very cold night, hard frost, ice nearly 1/4 in. in the boiler back of the house. Maud and Memphis took exam again today. Mr. Willson came, I got a pkg. of banner oats, let him have 9 eggs still 20c per doz. I have felt bad and baby worrisome on account of it.

Wednesday May 26, 1915

Rained last night. Mist this a.m., clear p.m. Growing cold toward night. Cassie did not go to school as they are having examinations. Maud and Memphis went.

Tueday May 25, 1915

Very nice day. Sidney went down and saw Floyd Fisher about some land to plant. After he went away about 9 a.m. toward Hastings. I put the little speckled hen setting on duck eggs. The children took some squash seed to Fisher's when they went to school. I sent Bell Allen some squash and cucumber seed and she gave them a little pail of sweet milk.

Monday May 24, 1915

Fine day. Sidney helped me with the garden, all done except a place to sow small seed. Alf. Russel came and borrowed a potato hook, brought it back. Maud, Memphis and Cassie went to school.

Sunday May 23, 1915

Real pleasant day. Sidney and Maud went to Sunday school and church. Mrs. Kent, Herbert, Monroe and Hank Woolridge were there.

Saturday May 22, 1915

Pleasant day. I planted 4 rows beans. Memphis and Cassie helped me. Mora kept busy in house, Maud also did various odd jobs. Sidney worked for House a.m. and Fisher p.m. Got 1/2 bu. oats.

Friday May 21, 1915

I sent a card to Mina. Showery, an electric storm at 6 p.m., struck Frank Cronan's house, setting fire in two places. Maud and Memphis went to school. Cassie helped me, dropped 2 rows sweet corn. Sidney worked for F. House a.m. and Ross Bisbo p.m., eve. He and Mora went to Little France and got a lot of groceries. Mrs. Beasonson gave her 3 sticks of candy and Charlie gave her cookies. Took 1 doz. eggs 20c.

Thursday May 20, 1915

Frost last night. Quite warm today, cold eve. Sidney planted corn a.m. for Fisher's. Martin came in and both went together to plant p.m. Sidney planted for Ross Bisbo. Chester Bumpus came p.m. Mr. and Mrs. House and Curtis came eve.

Wednesday May 19, 1915

Cold a.m., p.m. quite warm, eve. very cold. Sidney worked for Fisher's. Children went to school. We sold 2 1/4 doz. eggs at 20c to Mr. Wilson, got 10# meal and a can red cross milk.

Tuesday May 18, 1915

Cold. Sidney planting corn for Martin Fisher. Children at school. Harve Ausman's wife buried, died with black measles Tues. eve. Sidney got 1 bu. potatoes at Ross Bisbo's.

Monday May 17, 1915

Rained hard n night, rained a.m., cold and cloudy p.m. Roy Johnson and Floyd Fisher called on Sidney. Children did not go to school.

Sunday May 16, 1915

Cold. None of us attended church. Sidney paid Mr. House the rent and got 1 bu. potatoes. A hen died.

Saturday May 15, 1915

Cold wind. I planted 1 row potatoes in the garden. Sidney came at 8:30 p.m. from Mell's pretty tired. Pa's birthday.

Friday May 14, 1915

Cold wind, chilly all day. Baby has worried all day. Pearl Russel waited for our girls this morning. Mamie and her baby came a.m. eat dinner here. Maud Cronan came p.m. and three children.

Thursday May 13, 1915

Rained hard last night, mist and cloudy a.m. Maud and Memphis went to school. Little Russel girl stopped and went with them. Mora made another flower bed. I washed again. Bright sunshine p.m.

Wednesday May 12, 1915

Nice balmy day. Maud and Cassie went to school. Memphis carried their dinner down as far as Sypher's at noon. Mr. Willson came, we got 2# corn, 2 thread, a sack salt and a can of milk. Let him have 2 1/2 doz. eggs. Harry House dragged our garden. Mora made a flower bed in front of house. I am awfully weak and faint at times but try to keep going. Gave the Elder cucumber, pumpkin and summer squash seed and House's delicious seed.

Tuesday May 11, 1915

Lovely day. Maud and Cassie went to school. I washed and fainted clear away before I could get the clothes out. Mora threw water on me and rubbed me with camphor. After I felt better and finished my washing. Mora helped and I took a lot of care of baby. Memphis is getting better but Lillian has kept me awake 2 nights, am about used up. A. Russel gave us a big wood chuck, he dressed it, our ducks came up tonight alone.

Monday May 10, 1915

Frost last night, sunshine's but a cold wind blowing today. Sidney started at 12:30. Maud and Cassie went to school. Memphis is much better. I rec'd a letter from Mina. Alf. and Mannie came and spent the evening. Sidney got 1/4 bu. buckwheat off Frank Cronan this morning. Mora got cowslips. Mrs. Fisher gave her sauerkraut.

Sunday May 9, 1915

A cold raw wind and rain a.m. Sidney, Maud and Cassie started for Sunday School but it rained so hard he sent them both back home.

Saturday May 8, 1915

Memphis is quite sick. This has been a lovely day. 2 little Russel girls played here all a.m. Sidney came at 7 p.m. He brought 1/2 sack flour, 1/2 # baking power, and 2# sugar from West Amboy. Some apple trees blossomed.

Friday May 7, 1915

Cold wind, commenced to rain at 11 a.m. rained nearly all the rest of the day. Maud and Memphis went to school a.m. they did not have their arbor day exercises on account of the rain. Mr. House came and got a bag of plaster, he left in house for Frank Cronon. A rag peddler came a.m. A. Russel came this p.m. wanted Sidney to go fishing with him. Pearl Russel came and borrowed some salt for her mother.

Thursday May 6, 1915

Pleasant day. Sidney went away at 7:30 a.m. Maud and Memphis went to school. I finished up the washing. Whip poor will's are singing.

Wednesday May 5, 1915

Cold wind. Sidney at home all day. Maud and Memphis went to school. Mr. Willson of Hastings came. We go 10# of lovely corn meal the best I ever saw, also 2 cans red cross milk, 2 bars Lenox soap. He paid 20c doz. for egg's. 3 doz eggs at 20c per doz. I washed again today.

Tuesday May 4, 1915

Fair. Sidney helped Martin Fisher fix fence. Maud and Memphis went to school. Mrs. Sypher gave Maud 5 pair drawers she had bought in Oswego. 3 pair for Mora, 1 pr for Maud and 1 pr. for Cassie. Sidney carried a bag of potatoes from Ross Bisbo's. Maud got 1/2 bu. at F. House's. I did a large washing. Mora cleaned.

Monday May 3, 1915

Cold day. Maud and Memphis went to school. A baby boy came to Elmer Whorl and wife. Janie Johnson brought a pail sauerkraut this morning sent by old Mrs. Johnson. Sidney went up to North Constantia and back by way of Gayville.

Sunday May 2, 1915

Very cold. Sidney and Maud went to church. Elder Bowman preached. Memphis and Cassie picked about 1 qt. wintergreen berries. Mora got a mess of cowslips. Mrs. Fisher sent a pail of sauerkraut, gave children a few apples. Susie, Marguerette and Marian came p.m.

Saturday May 1, 1915

Light rain. Sidney fixed book shelves upstairs. Staid home all day.

Friday April 30, 1915

Rained hard today. Maud and Memphis got wet going back to school at noon. Sidney went to West Monroe early. Got some hen feed, a sack or graham, a can of milk and a bar of soap. Baby is not well.

Thursday April 29, 1915

Sidney went to Gayville, sold 2 scrolls, led the prayer meeting at the school house in evening. Floyd Fisher called to see Sidney. Had 2 electric storms, rained, was furious also hail.

Wednesday April 28, 1915

Sidney went to Little France and got can of milk.

Tuesday April 27, 1915

I am some better, baby remains about the same, very worrisome. Maud and Memphis went to school but Mora did not. Mrs. Weaver came p.m. Mr. House sowed oats. Sidney came home about nine p.m.

Monday April 26, 1915

Very hot all day. Sidney went away early over through Parish Center. Mora and Maud and Memphis all went to school, came home to dinner. Mora did not go back as both baby and I were very sick. Mrs. Weaver came a.m. brought some wintergreen and little peppermint.

Sunday April 25, 1915

Warm again. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church.

Saturday April 24, 1915

Warm. Sidney was home all day.

Friday April 23, 1915

Nice hot day. Sidney went to Little France in the evening. Alfred Russel wife and baby spent the eve. here. Mr. Sypher gave the children sourkraut.

Thursday April 22, 1915

Fair. Sidney went over Dutch Hill ate dinner at Jess Alger's, sold him a seal grain scroll.

Wednesday April 21, 1915

Fair. Sidney went over Dutch Hill sold a scroll to Mrs. Saunder's. I rec'd a letter from Aunt Adaline R.

Tuesday April 20, 1915

Pleasant today. Sidney worked at House's. Mr. Sypher gave us some onions. Mrs. S. gave Maud and Memphis each a banana, also a few apples.

Monday April 19, 1915

Warm day. Maud started in school and Sidney worked for Mr. House building a wood house. He gave Sidney a small box potatoes, also the children a few apples. Riley Hendricks buried p.m. at Union Settlement.

Sunday April 18, 1915

Sidney and Maud went to church. Mr. Ingersoll was there. Mr. and Mrs. Russel spent eve. here.

Saturday April 17, 1915

Fair. Sidney went over to Char. Munger's and sold him a scroll. I worked settling.

Friday April 16, 1915

Very nice day. Elder Sypher called a.m. and Mrs. A. Russel came twice. Sidney worked at Martin Fisher's. Ate dinner and supper there. Martin came in the eve and helped change out stove. Mrs. Johnson sent some parsnips by Frank Fisher, they were very nice.

Thursday April 15, 1915

Cold wind. Sidney went up to Mr. Johnson's and got a bu. potatoes first thing this morning. All try to settle, it goes rather slowly. Baby is very worrisome sometimes.

Wednesday April 14, 1915

Floyd came this morning after another load. I got a ride with Mr. Johnson, so took Lillian and the baby. I got awfully cold and the baby was blue. First time I had been outdoors or baby. Mrs. Johnson made me a cup of peppermint and it warmed us all up. We ate dinner there and then Mr. Johnson took us over to the house. Sidney and the rest of the children came with Floyd. Jannie was at Johnson's and Herb Munger's children. Herb and Elsie were at the funeral of his nephew, operator's little son at Hastings.

Tuesday April 13, 1915

Sidney went over to Union Settlement and rented the Mead house a.m. and Floyd Fisher and Sidney took a load of goods over p.m. Cold north west wind.

Monday April 12, 1915

Sidney went to Central Square to see Mr. Deavendorf. Rained all day. Mrs. Dainis came p.m. gave us more apples.

Sunday April 11, 1915

Pleasant. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church.

Saturday April 10, 1915

Sidney came home at 9 p.m. Mora and I packed up.

Friday April 9, 1915

Lovely and warm all day. Agnes came a while p.m. to play, came again this eve with her mother. Maud went to Weatherups and got some buttermilk. Avis filled her pockets with apples. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, inclosed $1.00.

Thursday April 8, 1915

Beautiful day clouding at night. Mrs. Dainis came p.m.

Wednesday April 7, 1915

Cloudy a.m. bright most of p.m. Rec'd a letter from Sidney inclosed .50c, also a card from Hannah.

Tuesday April 6, 1915

Cloudy nearly all day. Mr. Henderson called a few minutes p.m.

Monday April 5, 1915

Quite nice a.m., sprinkled p.m. and is some colder. Sidney helped us to get carpet out from under the stove and he went away after about 10 a.m. Mora has had headache all p.m. and evening. I washed some and packed some but it is rather slow work with so many other things to look after.

Sunday April 4, 1915

Real nice day. Sidney and Mora went to church. This is Mitchels last Sunday. They elected officers.

Saturday April 3, 1915

Fair but a very cold raw wind. Sidney cut and drew us a load of wood, had Weatherups colt and gray horse. Mora and Maud went to Weatherups had maple sugar, Maud got some buttermilk for me. Hazel Lynch called. A priest boy died in Scriba, brought here for burial.

Friday April 2, 1915

Fair a.m. Cloudy p.m. Sidney went to S. Pailen's a.m. and we packed up dishes. I washed as usual. I do not feel good at all today. Mora has a toothache.

Thursday April 1, 1915

Fair, cold northwest wind. Sidney went to Little France in the morning, came home and then went over on the state road and to Central Square and back home.

Wednesday March 31, 1915

Fair, cold west wind. Sidney called on Mitchel and went from there to the Square and back home. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. H. Porter came in the evening.

Tuesday March 30, 1915

Cold wind as usual lately. Mrs. Dainis called and brought us a couple turnips and some beets p.m.

Monday March 29, 1915

Cold west wind, awfully cold nights. There is two weeks vacation, seems odd not to have the girls go to school.

Sunday March 28, 1915

Nice again today. Clarence Porter came to find out how to cook a duck. Floyd and Agnes came too. Sidney and the five girls all went to church today.

Saturday Marcy 27, 1915

Cold northwest wind, not quite as cold as yesterday. Sidney drew a load of wood with Weatherups team.

Friday March 26, 1915

Snowed quite hard, a very cold northwest wind. Mrs. Geo. Rudeau buried at Little France. *Henry came to attend funeral, sheriff was with him. Mora and Maud went to school.

*Editor's note- Henry Rudeau was in jail since Oct. 1914 for not paying $400 alimony to his wife Florence, per the Oswego Daily Times.

Thursday March 25, 1915

Rained all day. Mora and Maud went to school. Sidney went to Central Square and got some groceries.

Wednesday March 24, 1915

Pleasant. Mora and Maud went to school. Sidney came home just evening.

Tuesday March 23, 1915

Lovely again today. Mrs. Geo. Rudeau passed away at 11:30 a.m Mrs. Dainis called awhile p.m. Mora and Maud went to school.

Monday March 22, 1915

Warm thawy day, very sloppy underfoot. Mora and Maud have gone to school. Sidney went away at 1 p.m.

Sunday March 21, 1915

Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church got home at 3 o'clock. I had dinner ready. I made 2 cherry pies, an apple turnover, some sugar cookies and graham cakes. I am getting stronger but rather slowly.

Saturday March 20, 1915

Pleasant. I washed baby's things and Mora hung them out. Mora and Maud went to see Avis this p.m. Mrs. W. gave them a sack of mol. cookies when they came home.

Friday March 19, 1915

Quite nice again today but still remains cold nights. Sidney has his wood sawed and split up. Tonight he went down to see Mitchel a while this eve. Mora went to Weatherups and got a little buttermilk. Maud and Memphis went to school. I have done quite a little today but I feel cold more than I usually have. Baby is very good.

Thursday March 18, 1915

Mr. Weatherup gave Sidney a bu. of apples. Snow'd quite a little. I got up and altho quite weak I have kept up all day. Made a night dress for the baby besides other little jobs. I washed baby myself this morning. Edith Pierce gave Maud a pail of oyster stew left over from their St. Patrick dance. Mrs. Weatherup and Avis called this evening to see the baby. Maud and Memphis at school.

Wednesday March 17, 1915

Very nice bright day. Mrs. Dainis came and dressed the baby in the morning and p.m she came and brought 5 beets, two nice turnips, 2 eggs, a bar of soap and a pkg. of matches. Sidney drew a load of wood with Weatherups horse a.m. and went to Square and got some groceries p.m. and went to prayer meeting in the eve. at Weatherups. Mitchel called a little while. R. Tate came and Sidney talked with hm a while out doors and he then went back. Maud and Memphis went to school. Mrs. Geo. Rudeau had a *shock at 9 p.m. yesterday. I rec'd a card from Mrs. Wynes.

*Editors note- stroke per the Oswego Daily Times.

Tuesday March 16, 1915

Very pleasant again today. Mrs. Dainis came again this morning and washed the baby. Maud and Memphis and Cassie went to school. Aunt Katie came almost dark, she brought a qt. can of elderberries and a pint can of quinces, also told Sidney he could pick up some wood in the picnic grove. Mr. Weatherup gave him a nice lot of wood for cutting. I made a skirt, a pining blanket and a shoulder blanket for the baby.

Monday March 15, 1915

Beautiful and bright. We have had 3 white frosts running. Mrs. Dainis came and washed the baby. Maud and Memphis are at school. Grace Courbat came to see the baby.

Sunday March 14, 1915

Beautiful again. Mora is 13 years old. Mrs. Dainis came and washed our baby. Sidney, Maud, Memphis and Castella all are attending church. Leslie and Mina came to get her dishes, brought a few apples. Mrs. Smith came in the evening.

Saturday March 13, 1915

Lovely as ever. Mrs. Dainis washed baby in morning and came again at 5 p.m. and brought some nice bleached outing print and a spool of white thread Mrs. Weatherup sent to the baby. Mrs. Dainis bought a granite wash basin to wash him in. Aunt Kate came and brought 2 yds. nice outing for baby, a can of peaches and a doz mol. cookies from Joe German. Louise Vinney called a.m. Mrs. Mallory sent sweet milk. Maud got buttermilk at Weatherups. Rev. Mitchel came a while this evening, he is very interesting. I sent a card to Aunt A.R. Raymond, rec'd one from Mina.

Friday March 12, 1915

Beautiful sunny day but awful cold north west wind. Maud and Memphis went to school. Mrs. Dainis came and washed the baby. I did not feel so well today. Mrs. Mallory sent more milk.

Thursday March 11, 1915

Bright lovely day. Mrs. Dainis came and cared for the baby as usual. Mrs. Smith came and helped Mora straighten up things and washed a few things. P. Maruney brought us a bag of potatoes and a basket of apples. Mrs. Mallory sent me a sack of ginger cookies and some sweet milk p.m. Maud and Memphis at school. Sidney met Otis Fuller a.m. and called at Mitchels a little while.

Wednesday March 10, 1915

Beautiful warm sunny day, cold nights. Maud and Memphis at school. Mrs. Dainis came and washed the baby, she made a little blanket and brought some cloth for bands. Mrs. Mallory and Edith Pierce called p.m. Mrs. M. sent me some sweet milk. Rev. Mitchel called eve. Mrs. C. Ames brought a bag of nice apples, a qt. can of sauce and a roll of sausage this eve. on her way to prayer meeting. Erma M. came in to see the baby. I sent a card to Mina.

Tuesday March 9, 1915

I was taken worse at midnight. Sidney tried every way to get a doctor but none was at hand. He got D. Weatherup to drive to Parish. Mrs. Dainis came at 12:30 a.m., went home after light and came down after baby was born at 9:30 a.m. Mrs. Dainis and Sidney took care of baby and me. Nellie Morey and Lydia Boots came before the boy was dressed. Mr. Weatherup came and brought a load of wood, 2 crates of potatoes, 1 crate of cabbage, 2# butter and a pail of buttermilk. Aunt Kate sent a big basket of groceries. Memphis went to school. Mrs. Dainis made me some lovely oatmeal gruel, 2 eggs and a cam of red currants Tues. eve.

Bloggers note- Birth of Paul Higley Clarke, the 8th baby and only surviving son. I believe named after Sidney's friend Mr. Higley. Not once was it mentioned in her diary that she was expecting baby Paul. Just her usual chores. No mention of any doctors visits. Such a difference from today's world!

Monday March 8, 1915

Stormy all day. Sidney worked at Weatherups. I was sick all day but made out to do my washing and various odd jobs. Mora and Maud went to school.

Sunday March 7, 1915

Nice pleasant day. Sidney and Maud went to Sunday school.

Saturday March 6, 1915

Stormy all day, clearing at night altho not cold. Sidney worked at Weatherups sawing wood all day. Mora staid with Mrs. Smith's and Boots's children p.m. While they went to Burts to get a bedstead for Mrs.Smith. Earl Boots came a.m. Mora washed a few things. Lynch's baby buried at Carlys Mills. Loved Mitchel's funeral sermon.

Friday March 5, 1915

Beautiful warm sunshiny day. Sidney did Mitchels chores this morning, worked a while at Weatherup's p.m. and then walked to Square and back. Mora and Maud went to school. Clayton Porter knocked a bottle of ink on Mora's dress and just about ruined it, she had to come home to change her dress.

Thursday March 4, 1915

Beautiful warm day. Maud fell and hurt her knee this a.m. so did not attend school until p.m. Mora went all day. Both went to play with Avis after school. Sidney did the chores for Rev. Mitchel at noon and night as he is away. Brought about 1 1/2 qt of milk he milked. Frank Lynch's baby died 2 a.m this morning, pneumonia.

Wednesday March 3, 1915

Another stormy day and very cold north west wind. Maud started for school, waited for Mora a P.O. as she got balky and did not get ready to go. Maud came back and eat dinner with Lydia Boots intending to go to school p.m. Sidney went and found her and she staid in bed part of p.m. Mora went p.m. Mr. Baum was buried p.m. Sidney called at Weatherups and Mitchels.

Tuesday March 2, 1915

Cold stormy regular blizzard. Mora and Maud went to school. Mrs. Dainis called awhile p.m. Sidney sold 12 doz. pickles to L.E. Morey at 8cts. per doz.

Monday March 1, 1915

Beautiful clear day, not very cold. Sidney went up and helped Claud Dick saw 1/2 cord wood for us before breakfast. Mora did not go to school until p.m. Maud did.

Sunday February 28, 1915

Ate our last squash today. Fair. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church. Mrs. Smith came in twice. Hazel Lynch came in eve.

Saturday February 27, 1915

Quite stormy and cold, real cold win. Sidney went to Weatherups and got some onions, also called on Rev. Mitchel, and this evening went to mill and store. Mora called on Mrs. Dainis, she gave her a mess of parsnips, a big turnip and some apples. Maud went to Weatherups and got some buttermilk and staid an hour with Avis. A trifle warmer tonight.

Friday February 26, 1915

Cold, stormy all day. Children came home to dinner however. Sidney reached home about 6:30 p.m.

Thursday February 25, 1915

Rainy last night and all a.m., p.m. snow but it melts as fast as it falls, until evening ground is a little white. Children went to school. Claud brought us some wood this morning. Sidney split it all up and started away about 1 p.m. to go to Petts Corners. Wind westerly a little colder this evening.

Wednesday February 24, 1915

Rained all last night and today, fields are nearly all bare, creek very high. Mora and Maud did not go back to school p.m. as their feet were wet. Minister Mitchel called p.m. My cold and sore throat is no better.

Tuesday February 23, 1915

Awfully slushy snow going very fast, rainy p.m. Sidney reached home at noon, just as the children came to dinner. Mora and Maud went to store and mill after got home from school at night. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Burt has a baby.

Monday February 22, 1915

Very nice weather. Sidney went to Palermo. No school today. A mask ball at Alfred Piguets tonight.

Sunday February 21, 1915

Pleasant day. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to Sunday school only. I have not felt well all day.

Saturday February 20, 1915

Beautiful day, another white frost, everything looks lovely. Sidney went to Petts Corners got home at 7:30 p.m. Memphis was quite sick all p.m. and evening. Other duck died, think swallowed pin or needle the way both acted. Maud and Cassie went to Mrs. Smiths and Mrs. Boots's. Mrs. Smith gave Cassie a little glass. Mora went to Weatherups a.m. and p.m., also I rec'd a letter from Mrs. Wines.

Friday February 19, 1915

Rec'd a letter from Aunt A.R. Raymond. Very pleasant day, white frost last night. Claud brought some wood at 1 p.m. Children went to school. Clarence brought the chopping bowl and knife home. Mrs. Smith called. People tapping maple trees.

Thursday February 18, 1915

Nice thawy day, freezing at night. Children at school. Sidney came home at 7 p.m. Another white duck sick.

Wednesday February 17, 1915

Nice day, cold night. Children at school. Duck died.

Tuesday February 16, 1915

Froze up a very little last night, not so mussy today but still thawed some. Some snow p.m. not enough to cover the bare places. Sidney started at about 7:30 a.m. towards Mexico. Mora and Maud came home to dinner from school. Agnes Porter came to borrow our chopping bowl and knife. M. Clarence came to bring a note from his mother p.m. One of our white ducks acts queer as tho her back were hurt.

Monday February 15, 1915

Rained all last night, quite pleasant today altho very mussy underfoot. Sidney went to Weatherup's and got some onions, to mill and got feed, to store and also to Stricklands for 1/2 bu. potatoes. Mora and Maud came home to dinner got their feet wet so did not go to school p.m. James and Susie came over, staid to dinner, said little Mary had a baby boy. Charlie the horse had broken his neck, committed suicide. We are feeling a little better, but quite weak yet. James gave me some meal and Mora got some buttermilk off Mrs. Mallory and we had a lovely johnnie cake for supper.

Sunday February 14, 1915

Rather dull. All were feeling so bad that they did not attend church.

Saturday February 13, 1915

Lovely day. Sidney and Pat finished up the wood this p.m., cut all 8 cord. Pat brought a basket of nice apples to us this morning. Mora washed a few things. I have not felt much like work today. I finished knitting a pair of mittens for Sidney.

Friday February 12, 1915

A nice day, looks more settled now, altho a mist early a.m. Sidney and Pat cut wood p.m. Hazel and Verda came p.m. and brought a small sack onions and some celery. I gave her some pickles to take home. Mora went to Weatherups a little while p.m. I did quite a big washing.

Thursday February 11, 1915

Sidney is as sick in bed nearly all a.m., some better p.m. We have all got the grippe. Maud is nearly over her cold but Mora is much worse altho bound to go to school. Hazel came down and got pickles p.m.

Wednesday February 10, 1915

Rainy night and rains some today, snow is settling fast. Children came home to dinner.

Tuesday February 9, 1915

Cold and frosty. Stormed nearly all day. Sidney and Pat cut wood. Mora and Maud went to school. All came home for dinner. Boot's baby some better. All of us has a bronchial cough. Mrs. Dainis sent scraps for hens.

Monday February 8, 1915

Stormy a.m. Fair p.m. Claud brought the rest of the cord of wood a.m. Sidney and P. Marrney commenced to cut Aunt Kate's wood at 10 a.m. Mora and Maud came home to dinner from school. Not very cold.

Sunday Februay 7, 1915

Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church, a Rev. Haveus was there. Sidney said he preached a very good sermon.

Saturday February 6, 1915

Rainy most of the day. Sidney came at about 1 p.m. Mailed a letter to Lillian. C.D. brought wood eve.

Friday February 5, 1915

Bright and beautiful all day, commencing to rain at 7 p.m. high east wind at same time. Sidney went at about 8 a.m. Maud went to school. Mora want to Boots's a little after 4 p.m. their baby is very sick, had Dr. Conterman p.m. he said it had nearly pneumonia and only good care would save it. Rec'd a letter from Mina p.m. R.I.R {unable to read} died.

Thursday February 4, 1915

Beautiful bright day, growing milder p.m. Maud went to school, took her lunch. Mora and Cassie have a hard cold. Maud's and Lillian's cold are much better.

Wednesday February 3, 1915

Ice storm again last night. Stormy nearly all day. Sun shone. Night not quite so cold. Rec'd letter from Dell. Fred Morey dead after a two weeks illness.

Tuesday February 2, 1915

Sidney went to Hastings and back. Stormy all day, ice storm in night, no sunshine today. Bitter cold, east wind day and night too. ice storm all day.

Monday February 1, 1915

Severe cold and stormy. Children did not take their dinner, about frozen coming home from school.

Sunday January 31, 1915

Rough and stormy again today but Sidney and Mora and Maud have gone to church. Roads full when they came back.

Saturday January 30, 1915

Rough stormy day, cold. Sidney reached home 6 p.m. Sold a scroll to his old teacher and she gave him a card photo of her little girl.

Friday January 29, 1915

Cold last night and a rough stormy day. Mora and Maud went to school but Maud came home at 10 o'clock with a bad sore throat and cold in her head. I mailed a letter to Adelle and rec'd one from Sidney p.m. Vernice Courbat is quite ill with cold.

Thursday January 28, 1915

Fair a.m. a little snow p.m. and eve growing some colder toward night. Mora and Maud went to school. Mora went to Gehr's after coming home from school and Maud went to Smith and Boots. Mailed a letter to Mina. Rec'd one from Sidney with .50c inside. Also a letter for him from I.C. Green.

Wednesday January 27, 1915

A nice clear mild day. Children at school, went home with Avis tonight a little while. Avis let Maud have her fourth reader for .36c. I sent a letter to Aunt Adeline Raymond this morning. Rec'd a card from Mina and three letters for Sidney p.m.

Tuesday January 26, 1915

A clear lovely day. Sidney started toward Mexico at 8:30 a.m. Mora and Maud at school. Claud Dick and his father drew us a cord of wood a.m.

Monday January 25, 1915

Miss Jennie Diamond back at school. Rained and then snowed last night, kept on snowing a.m. Fair p.m. Mora and Maud took their dinner, Sidney mailed his report and several cards to his customers. Rec'd a letter from the company.

Sunday January 24, 1915

Roads are full from last nights snowfall. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church as usual. Lydia Boots called in the evening.

Saturday January 23, 1915

Snowed and rained in the night and some snow today, much milder than yesterday. Pierce's sold 40 numbers at their last night dance. Mora and Maud went to the mill for feed and three times to the store. Mora got a ride home with a basket full of groceries with Will Strickland. We had popcorn balls which were very good indeed.

Friday January 22, 1915

Quite cold all day, last night was the coldest night so far this month. Claude Dick got Joe Dupra to bring 1/2 cord wood over, as one of his horses kicked the other and he is unable to use it. Sidney came about 7 p.m.

Thursday January 21, 1915

Lillian is two years old, Murl Piquet is seven. Mora and Maud took examinations, came home to dinner. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, included .35c, mailed at Mexico. A very nice snowfall, large flakes, just like the first of April. Real pleasant. P. Maruney called to see Sidney p.m. Mina married.

Wednesday January 20, 1915

Frozen up this morning but it is not cold, a few large flakes of snow early. Pleasant day. Sidney went away 7 a.m. Girls came home to dinner. Mrs. Smith invited them there for this evening, came home a little before eight.

Tuesday January 19, 1915

Weather remains about the same, rained all last night, but did not rain any today. A very little round snow fell. Mora and Maud came home to dinner. Sent a pint of higdon to Mrs. Boots and Mrs. Smith. Sidney went up to see Floyd White p.m. Mallorys are sawing in the mill. Ice breaking up in the pond. Crows are quite numerous for the past 3 weeks. Auction at Robinsons.

Monday January 18, 1915

Rainy. Sidney did not go away on account of the weather, he went and got 1 bu. potatoes off Wm. Strickland. He rec'd a letter from Mr. Higley. Mora and Maud went to school. Their little speckled hen came in and lay'd in a basket.

Saturday January 17, 1915

Rainy, very mussy all day. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church. Rev. Mitchel walked down with them, he was going to see Mrs. Killz who is quite sick.

Saturday January 16, 1915

Still thawing. Sidney worked at Weatherups p.m. Mora went to see Avis p.m. Maud eat dinner with Mrs. Smith and children. I wrote a couple candy recipes for her. Clarence Porter came for more pickles.

Friday January 15, 1915

Reuben Porter came down and paid for the pickles .25c. Mora and Maud came home to dinner. Mrs. Porter and two children called this evening to get a mustard pickle recipe. Sidney came home tonight about 6, he stayed last night at Mrs. Little's, he said she has failed terribly.

Thursday January 14, 1915

A lovely sunny day, thawed quite a little. Mora and Maud came home to dinner. Tonight Mrs. Dainis gave them a very big turnip and sent the rose balm back as Pat did not want it, thought it was too greasy for his complexion. Mora and Maud went to Strickland's and got 1/2 bu. potatoes after school, I sent Mrs. Boots and Smith a can of pumpkin. I rec'd a letter form Dolly, she has a baby boy 12 weeks old.

Wednesday January 13, 1915

A beautiful day, froze up enough so the snow is not slushy. Mora and Maud came home to dinner and Sidney went toward Palermo, left home at 11 a.m. went to store before going away, gave .30c for 10 lb. meal. I finished washing made a dress for Mora and one nearly made for Cassie, and various odd jobs. Tired and awfully lonesome tonight.

Tuesday January 12, 1915

Commenced to snow before daylight, snowed hard a.m turning to rain p.m. Sidney went to Weatherup's 8 a.m. worked till noon and came home awfully wet. Mitchel worked with him. Mrs. Dainis called p.m. let her have the old curiosity shop for Arthur to read, also a jar of rose balm for deafness. I gave her some snakehead for her sleeplessness. Mora and Maud at school as usual.

Monday January 11, 1915

Thawing. Sidney split our wood. David Weatherup came to get him to help him in their wood tomorrow. Mora and Maud went to school. H. Holding called a.m.

Sunday January 10, 1915

Another mild day. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to S.S and preaching, a large crowd to meeting.

Saturday January 9, 1915

Nice day, not cold. I rec'd a birthday card from Adell. Sidney mailed his report, also 100 names to Rural New York. Will Smith and family sent the evening with us. I made Maud a blue wool dress trimmed with red braid. Sidney got a cord of wood off Claud Dick for .75c delivered.

Friday January 8, 1915

A little colder, snowed just a little. Sidney woked on ice all day. Mora and Maud at school. Rec'd a Salyer cat. I am 35 years old.

Thursday January 7, 1915

Rained all night but cleared this morning, very mild thawy day. Sidney got feed this a.m. helped Clint p.m. with his ice. Mora and Maud went to school.

Wednesday January 6, 1915

Very mild a.m. rainy p.m. snow is going with a rush today. Sidney helped Pat this a.m. finished up. Mora and Maud went to school. Maud went to store, got a loaf of bread for Mrs. Dainis and she gave her a pkg. of gum. I sent some herbs for Lydia's baby. Sidney went to mill but it was closed. I rec'd a birthday card from Aunt A. R. Raymond. I made Mora's new dress and baked bread. Sidney rec'd a letter from the company.

Tuesday January 5, 1915

Pleasant mild day, thawed a little in middle of day. Sidney cut wood with Pat again. Mora and Maud went to school, forgot to bring their dinner pail home. I sent Mrs. Boots a can of higdon.

Monday January 4, 1915

Clear, pleasant, thawed some on the south side of the house. Sidney cut wood at P. Maruney's. Mora and Maud went to school. Rev. Mitchel came eve. staid until 10 p.m. We had a very good visit with him, he is an interesting talker alright.

Sunday January 3, 1915

Bright sunny day, cold last night but got considerable warmer before morning. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to S.S and preaching, only a very few present. Mrs. Boots and Mrs. Smith came and spent the evening. Clarence Porter came to get some pickles.

Saturday January 2, 1915

Quite stormy. Mora eat breakfast before coming home this morning from Boots's. Sidney went to the mill and store.

Friday January 1, 1915

A beautiful day. Sidney finished sawing his poles and it is splendid wood. We had roast duck, it was rolling fat. Mora has gone to stay with Mrs. Boots. Mora and Mrs. Smith came down to have Sidney go up and show them the scroll, he went and said the children cried constantly.