Saturday April 24, 1915

Warm. Sidney was home all day.

Friday April 23, 1915

Nice hot day. Sidney went to Little France in the evening. Alfred Russel wife and baby spent the eve. here. Mr. Sypher gave the children sourkraut.

Thursday April 22, 1915

Fair. Sidney went over Dutch Hill ate dinner at Jess Alger's, sold him a seal grain scroll.

Wednesday April 21, 1915

Fair. Sidney went over Dutch Hill sold a scroll to Mrs. Saunder's. I rec'd a letter from Aunt Adaline R.

Tuesday April 20, 1915

Pleasant today. Sidney worked at House's. Mr. Sypher gave us some onions. Mrs. S. gave Maud and Memphis each a banana, also a few apples.

Monday April 19, 1915

Warm day. Maud started in school and Sidney worked for Mr. House building a wood house. He gave Sidney a small box potatoes, also the children a few apples. Riley Hendricks buried p.m. at Union Settlement.

Sunday April 18, 1915

Sidney and Maud went to church. Mr. Ingersoll was there. Mr. and Mrs. Russel spent eve. here.

Saturday April 17, 1915

Fair. Sidney went over to Char. Munger's and sold him a scroll. I worked settling.

Friday April 16, 1915

Very nice day. Elder Sypher called a.m. and Mrs. A. Russel came twice. Sidney worked at Martin Fisher's. Ate dinner and supper there. Martin came in the eve and helped change out stove. Mrs. Johnson sent some parsnips by Frank Fisher, they were very nice.

Thursday April 15, 1915

Cold wind. Sidney went up to Mr. Johnson's and got a bu. potatoes first thing this morning. All try to settle, it goes rather slowly. Baby is very worrisome sometimes.

Wednesday April 14, 1915

Floyd came this morning after another load. I got a ride with Mr. Johnson, so took Lillian and the baby. I got awfully cold and the baby was blue. First time I had been outdoors or baby. Mrs. Johnson made me a cup of peppermint and it warmed us all up. We ate dinner there and then Mr. Johnson took us over to the house. Sidney and the rest of the children came with Floyd. Jannie was at Johnson's and Herb Munger's children. Herb and Elsie were at the funeral of his nephew, operator's little son at Hastings.

Tuesday April 13, 1915

Sidney went over to Union Settlement and rented the Mead house a.m. and Floyd Fisher and Sidney took a load of goods over p.m. Cold north west wind.

Monday April 12, 1915

Sidney went to Central Square to see Mr. Deavendorf. Rained all day. Mrs. Dainis came p.m. gave us more apples.

Sunday April 11, 1915

Pleasant. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church.

Saturday April 10, 1915

Sidney came home at 9 p.m. Mora and I packed up.

Friday April 9, 1915

Lovely and warm all day. Agnes came a while p.m. to play, came again this eve with her mother. Maud went to Weatherups and got some buttermilk. Avis filled her pockets with apples. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, inclosed $1.00.

Thursday April 8, 1915

Beautiful day clouding at night. Mrs. Dainis came p.m.

Wednesday April 7, 1915

Cloudy a.m. bright most of p.m. Rec'd a letter from Sidney inclosed .50c, also a card from Hannah.

Tuesday April 6, 1915

Cloudy nearly all day. Mr. Henderson called a few minutes p.m.

Monday April 5, 1915

Quite nice a.m., sprinkled p.m. and is some colder. Sidney helped us to get carpet out from under the stove and he went away after about 10 a.m. Mora has had headache all p.m. and evening. I washed some and packed some but it is rather slow work with so many other things to look after.

Sunday April 4, 1915

Real nice day. Sidney and Mora went to church. This is Mitchels last Sunday. They elected officers.

Saturday April 3, 1915

Fair but a very cold raw wind. Sidney cut and drew us a load of wood, had Weatherups colt and gray horse. Mora and Maud went to Weatherups had maple sugar, Maud got some buttermilk for me. Hazel Lynch called. A priest boy died in Scriba, brought here for burial.

Friday April 2, 1915

Fair a.m. Cloudy p.m. Sidney went to S. Pailen's a.m. and we packed up dishes. I washed as usual. I do not feel good at all today. Mora has a toothache.

Thursday April 1, 1915

Fair, cold northwest wind. Sidney went to Little France in the morning, came home and then went over on the state road and to Central Square and back home.

Wednesday March 31, 1915

Fair, cold west wind. Sidney called on Mitchel and went from there to the Square and back home. Mrs. Smith and Mrs. H. Porter came in the evening.

Tuesday March 30, 1915

Cold wind as usual lately. Mrs. Dainis called and brought us a couple turnips and some beets p.m.

Monday March 29, 1915

Cold west wind, awfully cold nights. There is two weeks vacation, seems odd not to have the girls go to school.

Sunday March 28, 1915

Nice again today. Clarence Porter came to find out how to cook a duck. Floyd and Agnes came too. Sidney and the five girls all went to church today.

Saturday Marcy 27, 1915

Cold northwest wind, not quite as cold as yesterday. Sidney drew a load of wood with Weatherups team.

Friday March 26, 1915

Snowed quite hard, a very cold northwest wind. Mrs. Geo. Rudeau buried at Little France. *Henry came to attend funeral, sheriff was with him. Mora and Maud went to school.

*Editor's note- Henry Rudeau was in jail since Oct. 1914 for not paying $400 alimony to his wife Florence, per the Oswego Daily Times.

Thursday March 25, 1915

Rained all day. Mora and Maud went to school. Sidney went to Central Square and got some groceries.

Wednesday March 24, 1915

Pleasant. Mora and Maud went to school. Sidney came home just evening.

Tuesday March 23, 1915

Lovely again today. Mrs. Geo. Rudeau passed away at 11:30 a.m Mrs. Dainis called awhile p.m. Mora and Maud went to school.

Monday March 22, 1915

Warm thawy day, very sloppy underfoot. Mora and Maud have gone to school. Sidney went away at 1 p.m.

Sunday March 21, 1915

Sidney, Mora and Maud went to church got home at 3 o'clock. I had dinner ready. I made 2 cherry pies, an apple turnover, some sugar cookies and graham cakes. I am getting stronger but rather slowly.

Saturday March 20, 1915

Pleasant. I washed baby's things and Mora hung them out. Mora and Maud went to see Avis this p.m. Mrs. W. gave them a sack of mol. cookies when they came home.

Friday March 19, 1915

Quite nice again today but still remains cold nights. Sidney has his wood sawed and split up. Tonight he went down to see Mitchel a while this eve. Mora went to Weatherups and got a little buttermilk. Maud and Memphis went to school. I have done quite a little today but I feel cold more than I usually have. Baby is very good.

Thursday March 18, 1915

Mr. Weatherup gave Sidney a bu. of apples. Snow'd quite a little. I got up and altho quite weak I have kept up all day. Made a night dress for the baby besides other little jobs. I washed baby myself this morning. Edith Pierce gave Maud a pail of oyster stew left over from their St. Patrick dance. Mrs. Weatherup and Avis called this evening to see the baby. Maud and Memphis at school.

Wednesday March 17, 1915

Very nice bright day. Mrs. Dainis came and dressed the baby in the morning and p.m she came and brought 5 beets, two nice turnips, 2 eggs, a bar of soap and a pkg. of matches. Sidney drew a load of wood with Weatherups horse a.m. and went to Square and got some groceries p.m. and went to prayer meeting in the eve. at Weatherups. Mitchel called a little while. R. Tate came and Sidney talked with hm a while out doors and he then went back. Maud and Memphis went to school. Mrs. Geo. Rudeau had a *shock at 9 p.m. yesterday. I rec'd a card from Mrs. Wynes.

*Editors note- stroke per the Oswego Daily Times.

Tuesday March 16, 1915

Very pleasant again today. Mrs. Dainis came again this morning and washed the baby. Maud and Memphis and Cassie went to school. Aunt Katie came almost dark, she brought a qt. can of elderberries and a pint can of quinces, also told Sidney he could pick up some wood in the picnic grove. Mr. Weatherup gave him a nice lot of wood for cutting. I made a skirt, a pining blanket and a shoulder blanket for the baby.

Monday March 15, 1915

Beautiful and bright. We have had 3 white frosts running. Mrs. Dainis came and washed the baby. Maud and Memphis are at school. Grace Courbat came to see the baby.

Sunday March 14, 1915

Beautiful again. Mora is 13 years old. Mrs. Dainis came and washed our baby. Sidney, Maud, Memphis and Castella all are attending church. Leslie and Mina came to get her dishes, brought a few apples. Mrs. Smith came in the evening.