Thursday December 31, 1914

A little colder, freezing enough to make good sleighing. Sidney cut wood for P. Maruney in the woods. Mora got a middy pattern off Avis W.

Wednesday December 30, 1914

Mora staid all night with Mrs. Boots. Quite stormy altho not very cold. Sidney went to P. Maruney's a.m. and Pat got Claud Burt to draw the poles down for him. Strickland plowed and Pat kittled out the road p.m.

Tuesday December 29, 1914

A rainy day, freezing on everything until at about 3 p.m. got very much warmer and thaws snow, is going awfully fast. Mrs. Burt's funeral at Carley's. Rev. Mitchel preached a good sermon so Sidney said.

Monday December 28, 1914

A little warmer and it seems so good. Sidney went to P. Maruney's and cut some pole wood for us p.m. Sidney rec'd $5.00 money order from Lulu Bellenger.

Sunday December 27, 1914

Very cold. Sidney, Mora and Maud attended meeting and S.S, only a few present.

Saturday December 26, 1914

Very cold, can not keep warm with a good fire. Mrs. Starr, Chas. Burts mother died this morning after 2 month illness.

Friday December 25, 1914

A beautiful Christmas day, but quite cold. There is over a foot of snow on the level and some great drifts. Mr. and Mrs. Wm. Shrader called yesterday p.m. and Mrs. S. left a nice piece of plaid for Mora, a dress, a brown pair mittens for Maud and a pair red ones for Memphis also some S.S. cards for them all. We had a very enjoyable Christmas, a roast duck and mince pie for dinner.

Thursday December 24, 1914

A baby girl at Guy and Edith Pierce's. Bitter cold. I rec'd a letter from Lillian Smith, she sent some lace to Lillian and a tie to me. Mora and Maud went to school.

Wednesday December 23, 1914

A fierce blizzard all a.m. Sidney went to church with Mora and Maud p.m. to see they got through alright, and in the evening he carried Memphis some of the way. Had a nice Christmas entertainment, church packed. Mora's gift from her teacher was a nice tie box, Maud's a burned gold glass tumbler and Memphis's a mug, same material. All got bags of candy. I rec'd a handkerchief from Aunt Kate. Sidney and the children rode home from church with P. Maruney.

Tuesday December 22, 1914

Very cold last night and is cold today. Roads are opened, so Mora and Maud went to school. I rec'd a card from Mina. A regular blizzard p.m. Sidney went to meet Mora and Maud.

Monday December 21, 1914

Snowed all night and is still snowing hard and is quite cold too. Children could not go to school, roads full.

Sunday December 20, 1914

Quite pleasant. Sidney went to church. Mora could not get her shoes on her feet were so swelled with chilblains. Maud went but afraid they had commenced S.S, she came back without going in, but she opened the door to let a cat go in that came from across the way.

Saturday December 19, 1914

Sidney came home a little before noon, brought a grapefruit and a lb. of leaf lard and a lb. beef suet from Syracuse. He went to mill and store and bought wood too. Orla came with it.

Friday December 18, 1914

Pleasant sunshiny day, but did not thaw any. Mora and Maud went to school and carried their dinner, but just as the children and I were about to sit down to our dinner, Mora came in. Rather walk home in the cold than eat at school. Rec'd a card from Adelle, her and Lew and a girlfriend photo card. Mailed a card to Lillian Smith.

Thursday December 17, 1914

Some milder today. Sidney started out at about 8 a.m. Mora and Maud at school, they do not like cold dinners.

Wednesday December 16, 1914

Still very cold, wind has piled the snow high in places. Mora and Maud went to school. I rec'd a letter from Mina and Mrs. Wynes, also a pkg. of black cherry pits from Mr. Higley of Ind.

Tuesday December 15, 1914

Cold, high wind, bitter cold night. Mora and Maud went to school, rode from P.O. to school with P. Maruney and Lewis. Rec'd card from Mina. We had a rabbit for supper.

Monday December 14, 1914

Cold, snowed last night and all day nearly a foot of snow on level. Children did not go to school or Sidney did not go away as he had intended doing.

Sunday December 13, 1914

Fair. Sidney, Mora, Maud and Cassie went to church, very small attendance.

Saturday December 12, 1914

Quite pleasant, not very cold. Susie and Marguerite came p.m. I let them have a brown leghorn rooster. Earl and Hazel Boots here all p.m. Sidney came home on the 7 p.m. brought 25lbs. macaroni from Syracuse factory, also a pretty good pair gunmetal shoes he got at bargain .15c.

Friday December 11, 1914

Pleasant day. Children at school. Mora came home to dinner, two others carried theirs . Rec'd scroll by P.P.

Thursday December 10, 1914

Mild day, quite mussy underfoot. Maud and Memphis took their dinner, Mora came home to dinner. Cassie went to P.O. 4 times, got a letter from Sidney and a P.O.Order for $2.00. Mora ordered 1/2 cord wood. Orla Courbat brought it and took 8 shillings instead of 7, as she should have done. Rec'd a card from Adell. Hazel Lynch brought the things I ordered off her, .25c worth.

Wednesday December 9, 1914

Warm early, but turned colder and snowed. Sent a letter to Sidney this morning when the children went to school. Mora brought .25c worth of corn when they came home to dinner. Wind is whistling most dolefully tonight.

Tuesday December 8, 1914

Ice storm in night. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school. Cassie to P.O. rec'd a letter from Sidney enclosed .50c. Quite slushy at noon. Brought pump back made new platform.

Monday December 7, 1914

Looks like snow, a trifle cold tonight. Sidney started out at about 6 a.m. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school. Memphis has not been to school since Nov. 9th. I got washing all done before noon. Clint and Gene came and after fussing about 2 hours witht the pump, took it to the blacksmith shop to be repaired. Children are studying pieces to speak for Christmas at the church.

Sunday December 6, 1914-

Fair. Sidney went to meeting and Sunday school. Mora and Maude to S. school, got home at 2 p.m. Mora, Maud and Lillian called at Mrs. Boots a little while.

Saturday December 5, 1914

Fair. Sent a card to Dolly. Sidney came at 9 p.m. Clint took up the pump but could not fix it.

Friday December 4, 1914

Cloudy, a little colder tonight. Mora and Maud went to school and to the mill tonight. Rec'd a letter from Sidney, also a tablet and envelope's he enclosed .25c for feed. Cassie went to P.O. a.m. got a card from Adelle.

Thursday December 3, 1914

Sidney started at 6 a.m. south. Mora attended a birthday dinner at Mr. and Mrs. Wm Shrader's in honor of Irene Piguet's 12th birthday, the invited ones were Irene, Hazel, Rose, Avis Weatherup and Mora. Each rec'd a lovely hair ribbon. Mora said they had a very nice dinner and a good time. Leslie Wires came in his car at 12 noon, ate dinner and he and Mina started back at 4 p.m. Very cloudy all day.

Wednesday December 2, 1914

Rained all last night and until after daylight. Sidney was going away early but did not on account of the rain. Rev. Mitchel's wife and daughter called for Sidney, Mina and Mora to go to prayer meeting with them at John Fidler's. Clayton Porter bought a paper.

Tuesday December 1, 1914

Quite rainy. Sidney reached home about 5pm. Mina and Mora called at Henry Porter's, evening.