Tuesday June 30, 1914

Rain a.m. fair p.m. Sidney worked around home. Mora and Maud picked berries at H. Wingen's p.m. They gave them a qt of berries to bring home. Lizzie called at noon. Memphis went to mill, Cassie to P.O. Melvin Weatherup came to say they wanted Mora Thur.

Monday June 29, 1914

Rainy all day and still raining tonight. Sidney, Mora and Maud went up to Wingen's and the Nihl place, p.m. Sidney went down and called on Rev. Mitchel, Memphis went to P.O. twice. Sidney rec'd a letter that his order is on the way. The minister gave him some beans also some succotash to plant. The little duck did not come up tonight. The susie rabbit has four little ones, came this a.m. Agnes down this p.m. Sidney wheel'd a 1/4 cord of wood home.

Sunday June 28, 1914

Pleasant a.m. rained p.m. thunder shower tonight, one after another. Sidney and Mora, Maud and Memphis went to Sunday School. Rev. Mitchel commenced an afternoon service at Whig Hill. Lawrence Harrington called p.m.

Saturday June 27, 1914

Sidney, Mora, Maud and Memphis gone to S. S. picnic in Pine Grove. I baked a cake and some raised biscuit's for them to take. Got home at 5 p.m. left my towel I had on the basket. Rained at 5 p.m.

Friday June 26, 1914

Warm, good hay day. Mora and Maud picked berries at Wingen's, he got 21 crates. They had to walk home, Lizzie gave them a qt. of berries. Got home 6:30 a.m. Sidney got home a little ahead of them, brought a lovely bunch of rose's from beyond Parish. Wm. Schrader called eve.

Thursday June 25, 1914

Nice cool breeze all day. Children picked more wild berries, had biscuit and berries for dinner, strawberry pie for dinner. Beet turnip and cabbage seed came today from Salzen's. I have laid some of the beet seed, hoed some. Lizzie Burt called p.m. Small crowd at the Grange picnic in Pine Grove.

Wednesday June 24, 1914

Very hot and muggy day, thunder at 6 p.m. and a smart shower, another thunder shower at 8 p.m. sharp flashes but very little rain. Mailed a letter to Sidney and rec'd one from him on the 4. Mora and Maud picked berries for a shortcake for dinner. Maud went to the mill tonight. Memphis picked a few berries her and Cassie been to P.O. Gave Henry Holden one of the kittens for his little girl.

Tuesday June 23, 1914

Warm, Sidney went on the 7 a.m. to Parish and expects to canvas out to Texas. Mora and Maud picked strawberries for H. Wingen's. Had some of the big hen for their dinner and the other children and I finished what was left. Sidney also had a lunch out of it. Memphis and Cassie went to P.O. Maud also went and got sugar and lard. The pump give out so I took off a board and get water with a pail.

Monday June 22, 1914

Lovely, sprinkled, very warm tonight. Mr. Wingen called this a.m. Sidney home all day, worked in our garden, cut some wood and sent an order for scrolls. One of the littlest bunnies is dead and chickens hatching. Memphis went to Weatherups, Maud and Memphis to mill and all 4 oldest have been to P.O.

Sunday June 21, 1914

Fair, cool, sprinkled just evening. Sidney went to Church and Sunday School and Mora, Maud and Memphis went to Sunday School, only we had a R.C.R.R for dinner and supper, fattest hen I ever saw.

Saturday June 20, 1914

Cool. Fair all day. Sidney cut some wood in Mallory's woods, hoed some in the garden. Wrote a letter to Mr. Higley, one to Rev. Bowman and one to the Merit Med. Co. Mora picked about 7 qts. wild strawberries, had a big shortcake for dinner and one for supper, all we could eat. Maud went to Weatherup's and got some buttermilk, went and got some groceries this evening. Memphis and Cassie went for mail, Pout has got 10 little bunnies p.m. Agnes here nearly all p.m.

Friday June 19, 1914

Pleasant until 3:30 commenced to rain, turned cold and a high wind is blowing. Sidney went on the 10 a.m. train to Parish and delivered 1 S. Scroll. came home on the 4, came up on the bus, bought some beef 14c #. went to Weatherups this eve and paid Mr. W. $6.00. M. Silverman came p.m. said he had a boy. I paid him $1.00 and let him have a hen for 75c. Sidney rec'd a letter from Mr. Higley.

Thursday June 18, 1914

Beautiful day. Rose early and Sidney started to Palermo at 6 a.m. with 1 standard and 2 special scrolls. Got home 5:45 p.m. went on the 4 to Central Square, got his draft and 1 doz banana's at T. Conternuanis and walked home, got a ride a ways, went up and got some wood off Clint this evening. I sent to Salgers for turnip beet and savoy cabbage seed. Agnes here p.m.

Wednesday June 17, 1914

Beautiful today. Sidney's birthday, is 42 years old. Sidney and Mora have gone to the station to see about his box of scrolls. Georgie Piquet brought them down for him. They are very nice. We had a big strawberry shortcake for dinner. Sidney hoe'd in the garden. Gaults moving picture show at hotel Button. Mailed a letter, Sidney rec'd a nice birthday card from Hannah.

Tuesday June 16, 1914

Fair, cool all day, night chilly. We had wild strawberries for dinner and supper. Sidney came home on the 4 p.m. said he ate dinner one day last week with Mrs. Little, said she has {unable to read} awfully.

Monday June 15, 1914

Another lovely day, but a strong west wind. The childen picked over 4 qts wild strawberries, they are delicious. I bought a qt. of garden berries off Frank Rusha 10c per qt. Washed today. Mora hoed the sweet corn in our garden, rec'd a card from Mina on the 7 p.m. G. Mallory gone to hospital in Syracuse.

Sunday June 14, 1914

A very beautiful day, nice cool breeze. Mora and Maud have gone to Sunday school, seems funny not to have Sidney home. Arthur Dainis called to see Sidney. The children told him he wasn't at home so he went home again. Awfully cold, act as tho we would have a frost.

Saturday June 13, 1914

Pout making another nest. Quite warm, cool breeze. Rev. Mitchel called p.m.  Rec'd just a few lines from Sidney enclosed $1.00, came 4 p.m. said he would not be home before Monday. Mora got some buttermilk to Weatherups a.m. Memphis and Cassie went to P.O. I have been rather lonely and very nervous. Lillian worrisome and so awfully much to do.

Friday June 12, 1914

A very pleasant day, cool breeze. Mora went to Weatherups also to mill and now to the store to get graham flour. The rest of the children have run errands, fed rabbits and we have all been busy. Expected a letter from Sidney but none came. Our garden is coming nicely but our tomatoes we took so much pains with are nearly all dead. Mr. Winzens came a.m. to see about the girls picking strawberries for him.

Thursday June 11, 1914

Nice pleasant day. Rec'd a letter a.m. from Adelle, she enclosed a card she had just rec'd from Mina. Rec'd a letter p.m. from Sidney mailed at Demster. Maud, Memphis and Cassie have all been to the P.O.  Mora has helped with the cleaning, a man came along selling the woolverine products.

Wednesday June 10, 1914

Man selling window screens. Fair. Sent a letter to Sidney, expected one from him but none came. Memphis went to the mill for corn. Charlie gave her back a nickel and told her to buy some candy with it. Maud went to Weatherups and got some buttermilk, Cassie mailed our letter to Sidney. Memphis also went to Fidler's on an errand for Aunt Kate. Lydia told her that Dorothy has the measles. Got the pantry nearly cleaned and washed windows also. Mora swept upstairs and helped me wash and put away dishes.

Tuesday June 9, 1914

Very warm day. Wrote a letter to Sidney, rec'd one from him from Mexico. Mora and Cassie went to the P.O. this eve. Saw David Weatherup, he gave Mora Maud's $2.00. Maud went to store twice today, Memphis once. Agnes Porter came down to play a.m. and again this eve. Rueben came to see if Sidney was at home, said if he was Gene was going to bring down his rabbit.

Monday June 8, 1914

Rained this morning so Sidney cut us some wood and went on the 2 to Parish, intends to canvaas toward Mexico. I washed after Sidney went away. First line full all in and filled the line with white clothes at 8 this evening. Johnnie Vinney is moving Harry's furniture home today.

Sunday June 7, 1914

Very warm a.m. an electric storm p.m. rain paused the first real soaking rain this season. Sidney and Mora went to meeting and Sunday school. Attendance growing larger. Sidney has gone this evening again, seemed a very long dismal day.

Saturday June 6, 1914

Fair cool all day. Sidney made a rabbit pen, cut some wood in Mallory's woods that he and Floyd White left last winter. Mora and Maud weeded onions at Weatherups a.m. David paid Mora $2.05 for 20 and 1/2 hours work at 10c per hour, did not pay Maud yet. Mora went to Weatherups tonight got 1 qt. milk. Clarence Porter brought their jackets, they forgot in the lot. Hazel Lynch and Vernice Courbat came with Lottie Baum p.m. to deliver the things I ordered off her, namely box tartan tar soap 10c pkg, darning needles 5c, the n.w.comp. she did not bring, someway omitted in her order. Memphis went to mill got corn, Castella to store for vinegar.

Friday June 5, 1914

Fair cool wind. Sidney has nearly finished planting our garden. Mora and Maud are weeding onions at Weatherups. Sidney carried Burgens drake home this evening. I sent a letter to Adelle, Sidney rec'd a letter from Mr. Higley.

Thursday June 4, 1914

Rained hard a.m. cold p.m. but no rain. Set tomatoes out. Harry Vinney's wife was buried today, funeral 10 o'clock at Little France.

Wednesday June 3, 1914

Fair some and sprinkled a little. Avis came this morning just as I was getting up, to get Mora and Maud to weed onions. They went and commenced work at eight, stoped at five, were quite tired too. Aunt Kate called p.m. had a good visit with her. Memphis and Cassie went to P.O. and store. Henry Holding called while aunt Kate was here. The 3 youngest Porter children made me about crazy all p.m. Mora and I planted three rows of potatoes and a few hubbard squash tonight nearly dark. Sidney came at 10 p.m. Rained hard as soon as he got home.

Tuesday June 2, 1914

A real nice day, Sidney went to the station to take the first train north. Maud, Memphis and Castella have all been over town also Maud went to Weatherups for milk. Henry Rudeau plowed and draged our garden today. John Fidler called to see Sidney this evening. I told him he would no be home until late so he said he would see him tomorrow.

Monday June 1, 1914

Lillian walks all over alone. Lovely day. Sidney stayed home today, except going to borrow Lee Burgan's drake. Mora and Maud went to Weatherups for milk, Maud went to the mill got corn. Harry Vinney's wife died at 7:20 a.m.. Mrs. Lydia Boots came p.m. with her children.