Saturday June 6, 1914

Fair cool all day. Sidney made a rabbit pen, cut some wood in Mallory's woods that he and Floyd White left last winter. Mora and Maud weeded onions at Weatherups a.m. David paid Mora $2.05 for 20 and 1/2 hours work at 10c per hour, did not pay Maud yet. Mora went to Weatherups tonight got 1 qt. milk. Clarence Porter brought their jackets, they forgot in the lot. Hazel Lynch and Vernice Courbat came with Lottie Baum p.m. to deliver the things I ordered off her, namely box tartan tar soap 10c pkg, darning needles 5c, the n.w.comp. she did not bring, someway omitted in her order. Memphis went to mill got corn, Castella to store for vinegar.

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