Thursday September 30, 1915

A beautiful white frost last night and a lovely day. Bell brought over her oil can and a note for Maud to leave at Homer Bryant's on her way to school for Claud Davy. Memphis cry'd because I did not have time to fix her old shoes so she could go to school this morning. Bell told me she had a pair too small and wanted Memphis to come over and see if they would fit her. They were not much too large. I had to sew all the buttons on, so she went p.m. Maud Cronan and Helen also Lettie Bryant and her two babies spent a part of the afternoon here. Lettie brought Mora to school this a.m. and she rode home with her tonight. I mailed the letter to Mr. Higley, Syracuse Y.M.C.A. Gave Mora eight seeds of succotash for Lettie. {Unable to read} a tin full of nice string beans and Mrs. Fisher gave the girls a little kettle full also sent a little pail full by them to Bell on their way home from school.

Wednesday September 29, 1915

Another frost, awfully cold morning but a fair day. A big hawk came through the window this morning at 6:30, breaking a big pane. Not a piece left in that side of the sash. Frightened us all about to death. I got hold of it but it was too quick and got away going back through the hole it made. Mrs. House and Harry and Curtis came over this eve. and nailed some shingles in until they could get a light of glass. Bell came nearly dark and brought a little milk. We got a can of milk and 10# graham off of Mr. Wilson. Sold 2 doz. eggs at .28c/doz. Memphis went to school only p.m. Rec'd a card from Mr. Higley, wrote him a letter, could not send it.

Tuesday September 28, 1915

Quite a hard frost last night, but very nice day. Sidney started at 7:45 a.m. to walk to Brewerton and take trolley to Syracuse, so to meet Mr. Higley at the Y.M.C.A. Maud came acrost this morning and they all 3 went to school together. Her feet were about frozen as she would not wear her shoes.

Monday September 27, 1915

Cold altho the sun shone p.m. A. Russel came back home a.m. Sidney cut corn a.m. for Mr. House and p.m. he and Mr. House drew us a load of wood. Sidney cut enough to last the week out. Went over with Maud to Lettie's eve. Bell came eve. Ferguson brought graham flour but no nipple. Sidney rec'd card form Mr. Higley.

Sunday September 26, 1915

A very rainy day, cold high wind acts like line storm, but cleared just night and wind fairly howls. Sidney or the girls did not venture out to meeting.

Saturday September 25, 1915

A very nice day. Mr. House came early for Sidney to help him cut corn. Came again to have Lillian come up to his house, as Hazel wanted to give her some little dresses. She gave her four, a little pair drawers and gave a little coat to Cassie. Mora came home just before dark, brought some bean vines and all butter beans.

Friday September 24, 1915

Sidney finished digging the potatoes acrost the road. Maud went the other way to school and Mora went and stayed with Lettie. Went as soon as Maud and Memphis got home from school. Did not have nosebleed today. Paul was awfully sick last night with fever. Is sick a.m., quite a lot better this eve. I sent by Mrs. Moon for 10# graham and a nipple for the baby. Sent 1 doz. eggs at .26c/doz. Due bill for .14c and .5c cash.

Thursday September 23, 1915

Maud stayed with Lettie last night, came home this morning to get her shoes. Lettie put up a good dinner for her. Memphis went to school with Maud. Mora did not go. Had nosebleed several times today. Maud went over to Lettie's tonight. Paul feels bad tonight. Sidney dug potatoes. I helped him pick up and so did Cassie. She went down to Kent's and got a can of milk off Davy. Took 1 doz. eggs, he paid .26c/doz. A. Russel brought a pail of milk and asked Sidney to milk his cow while he is gone.

Wednesday September 22, 1915

Quite cold. Mora came home 9 a.m. Had nose bleed 3 times, so came home after starting to school. Went p.m. and nose bleed while she was in her class. Maud and Memphis went all day. Sidney dug more potatoes, got a few elderberries.

Tuesday September 21, 1915

Rainy a.m. Mora did not go to school. Maud went over to Bryant's at night to see if Mora was alright. Maud and Memphis both went to school. The seal grain scroll came. Sidney dug some potatoes and we gathered our squash's. Mr. Wilson came. I got 1 graham, sold 3 doz. eggs at .25c/doz.

Monday September 20, 1915

Cool. Sidney wasn't quite as hoarse this morning, but is just as bad at night. He went to Little France a.m., got some groceries. Cut brush a little, p.m. Mrs. Emily House and Fred House came at noon. Ross Bisbo called in evening. Mora went to Bryant's 6 p.m. She went to Mrs. Johnson's, got me 4 peppers a.m. Maud and Memphis went to school came home to dinner. A man came here and eat breakfast, said he was from Utica. Going near Adams to go to work.

Sunday September 19, 1915

Lovely day. Sidney, Mora and Maud went to S.S. and meeting. Mable, Marguerite and Marion came at eleven, and Mr. F. Cary came a little after. All here for dinner. Mamie came again p.m. Claud Bryant came eve. wanted Sidney to work for him.

Saturday September 18, 1915

Some cooler, rained in evening. Bell Brought a little milk. Sidney came at 10 p.m., has an awful cold. Can't speak loud. Mamie Russel came.

Friday September 17, 1915

Hot until 3 p.m., turned suddenly cold. Acts like a hard frost was next to come. Children went to school. Memphis, Cassie and Lillian went to Curtis's party. had a lovely time. Maud went to take a card to him and Hazel gave her also some candy, ice cream and cake. Mr. House gave me about 2 bu. corn for the stalks he got here. Alfred Russel brought over a few summer squashes. Fay Sypher borrowed a hammer and a hoe, they are moving now.

Thursday September 16, 1915

Terrible, hot sweltering. Many thunder showers. Lightening, about all night. I had 2 cans of string beans work and I made mustard pickles of them. Gave Bell a cupful for her dinner, also baked a cup of those big beans for her. Gave her a little pumpkin pie. Borrowed a cup of sugar off her and she brought us a nice mess of sweet corn for our supper. Cassie went down to the corner with the girls when they went to school, and got a bottle of *paregoric. Sidney sent from Fulton by mail. I stitched Mamie's dress and made Mora two little tea aprons, p.m.


Wednesday September 15, 1915

Awfully warm again. A series of thunder showers from 4 p.m. on in the night. Memphis got a ride with H. Munger and his children. Mora stopped to get a pumpkin. Maud waited for her and both came near getting wet. Stopped to House's until it stopped a bit. Bell brought over two little pails for dinner. Mamie sent a little dress for me to stitch, gave me a little sour milk and a little sweet too. Let her have a small loaf of bread. I did the rest of washing this p.m. Got off of Mr. Wilson, 1 graham, 1 salt, 1 soap, 1/4 mustard and 2 red cross for .40c. Sold 1 doz. 8 eggs for .24c/doz. Sent letter to Sidney in Lysander. Hazel sent an invitation for Memphis, Cassie and Lillian to attend a birthday party for Curtis Friday.

Tuesday September 14, 1915

Awfully hot day. Sidney went about 9 a.m., he went to House's and got a tub for me to wash in so I would not have to throw away the soft water in our tub. I sent by Maud Cronan for a can of milk for Paul. The three girls took their dinner to school. A letter came for Sidney also one for me from Mina. I pickled a two qt. can of string beans.

Monday September 13, 1915

Rained hard all night and some a.m. Maud and Memphis went to school a.m. and p.m., Mora only went p.m. Sidney dug some potatoes in the mud, brought up a pie pumpkin for us and gave one to Mrs. M. Fisher. Made a rabbit yard. Got a few ears field corn off Bell. We roasted it. Gave Mora little pail of milk.

Sunday September 12, 1915

Warm, cloudy p.m. Sidney and Maud attended church or Sunday School. Elder Sypher is still at conference. Mora got home at 6 p.m., left Mallory at 3:30. Got a geography and *pryscolagy{*unable to understand word written) for 30c. She went to S.S with Avis, see Mrs. Dainis and Mrs. Smith. Raining 9 p.m.

Saturday September 11, 1915

Cloudy nearly all day. Sidney cut a few brush, cut us some wood. He is pretty tired though from his lug. Mora and Maud rode over to Little France with Mrs. House and Hazel. Hazel staid, Mora went on to Mallory to stay over with Avis. Maud came back with Mrs. House. Took 1 doz. eggs (24c/doz). Got 2 qrts oil, 1 thread and bal. print. Mora came home from Bryant's a.m. with their dog following her, also an old cat and three kittens in a bag.

Friday September 10, 1915

A nice breeze but the sun is very warm. Maud and Memphis went to school, so did Mora but she did not come home tonight. She rides as far as McClymonds with the teacher. Children said lightening struck Fred Hess's house and barn, and Jim Potters barn and tore his new part off and blinded a horse. Tomatoes just commenced to turn. Lots of awfully big green worms. I have to look them over every day.  I am very tired tonight. Sidney came on the 7 p.m, walked home from Hastings. Got 1/2 flour, 5# grain, 4# rice, 1# lard, 1 can milk, 1/2 # coffee at Beasonson's. Besides a lot of packages, he brought from Syracuse, he did remarkable well this week.

Thursday September 9, 1915

Very close and warm. 1:30 p.m. a hard thunder shower, worst this season. Rain pour'd. some hail. Stopped raining before the children came home. Mora did not come tonight. Cassie went down and met Mrs. Moon at the corner and got a letter from Sidney. Bell came and got the cab to draw her flour up in, also 2 eggs to make out even doz. She brought them back, also a little pail of milk this p.m.

Wednesday September 8, 1915

Hot, stuffy all day, some breeze p.m., a thundershower come up 3 p.m. and then one right after another on in the night. Mora came home with Maud and Memphis, all got quite wet. After supper Mora went over acrost. Mr. House came and drew away our corn stalks, said he would give me some sweet corn in exchange for them. Mr. Wilson came, I got 1 graham, 1 milk, 1 salt and 1 soap for 46c. Sold 2 doz. and 11 egg's for 24c/doz. Alf. Russel borrowed drip pan. Mamie sent a skirt for me to hem for her. Gave us a little buttermilk. I can'd 1 two quart and 1 qt. can string beans.

Tuesday September 7, 1915

Very hot, muggy day until 3 p.m., had a hard shower, some thunder but not very near. Maud and Memphis went to school, carried their dinner. Mora went from Bryant's, did not come home tonight. I mailed the two letters to Sidney and Avis also the one to the news. Memphis took 8 seed of succotash to Maud Cronan, a.m.

Monday September 6, 1915

Hot, sultry day. I wrote a letter to Sidney, and Mora one to Avis Weatherup. Mail carrier did not come on account of Labor day. It commenced to rain a little before 5 p.m. At 6 p.m. Mora started for Bryant's in a steady downpour. Maud took a mug of succotash to Sarah and Bell, they gave her a pail of milk. Gave House's and Bell each 8 seed of succotash.

Sunday September 5, 1915

Fair a.m., cloudy p.m., rained at 4 p.m. until 6. Mora and Maud went to church. Sidney went away about 10 a.m. Lots of auto's whizzing by all day.

Saturday September 4, 1915

Very hot again, seems like usual July weather. Sidney got home 6 p.m., had a ride to West Monroe from John Cobles (in auto) with Menzo Dunham, he brought a lot of groceries, a few plums and a pear, also a red astrachan apple. Bell brought a little milk this eve., her and Mora got another big pail of string beans p.m. We had a big mess for supper. I canned 3 can's today.

Friday September 3, 1915

Hot. Mora went with Bell down to Fisher's to pick beans on share's, got a big pail full to bring home.

Thursday September 2, 1915

Hot sultry day. Mora came 10:30, brought a little pail of apples. Went over after supper, but Claud had come home sick, so she came back home. Mable, Marguerite and Mossaline came at 10 a.m., brought some cucumbers, a few potatoes, a can of sourmilk, a few pickles and a little cup of butter. Also a molasses cake, but it was tougher than sole leather and burnt also. Mr. Wilson came, I got 1 sack graham, 1 red cross, (84c.) sold him 3 1/2 doz. egg's. 24c/doz.

Wednesday September 1, 1915

Fair. Mora rode with Letta as far as the corner, got home at 10. Letta went to see her grandmother and came to see Maud Cronan, came back 4 p.m. and stopped for Mora to ride home with her. Bell came eve. with an armful of loveset. Mr. Henderson buried at Mallory.

Tuesday August 31, 1915

Fair p.m., cloudy a.m. Sidney started for Granby 7 a.m. by way of Clay, where he left the scroll. Mora came home 10 a.m., went back 4:30 p.m., carried Letta some string beans. Bell came 6 p.m., brought a little pail of buttermilk, she had a wheelbarrow full of loveset and smartweed to take up to House's. Maud wheeled it up for her and Mrs. House gave her a muskmelon. Also gave one to Bell. We had a nice mess of succotash for supper.

Monday August 30, 1915

Cloudy, cold. Sidney rode as far as Bisbo's corner with Edd Cottett, then walked to W. Monroe and back, got 20# meal, finished Bell's brush and dug some of our potatoes. They are small. He kept very busy. Maud went to school, Mora got there at the same time, but as the register's had not come, they came home at noon. They said they liked the teacher very much. She was very much disappointed to have to close school just as it had began. Mora started across so as to get there at 5 and eat supper with Letta, so not to disappoint her. She was expecting her.

Sunday August 29, 1915

A rainy day. None at church. Sidney went as far as the woods with Mora and met Letta coming after her with a rig. Claud's brother was there. Mr. Henderson died at Fernwood, found dead in barn.

Saturday August 28, 1915

Fair. Mora took her books to the school house this a.m. Jannie Johnson and Maud Cronan and her 3 children also Roy Munger her p.m. Bell came this eve., brought some new milk. Sidney came on the 7 p.m. train to Hastings, train late. He brought 4 loaves bread and quite a few other groceries.

Friday August 27, 1915

Beautiful bright day, but a very cold morning. Mora started Little France 6:15 this morning, rode with Edd Cottett far as his place. Took 1 doz. eggs (24c./doz), got pkg. Quaker oats and 2 pencils for school. Got home 8:30 a.m., walked fast, she was pretty tired.

Thursday August 26, 1915

Fair, cool breeze, very chilly tonight. Mora went out a.m., got $1.40 on her soap order, and p.m, got .40c more. Bell came with some sweet milk a.m. Post Standard man along p.m. Mrs. Wm Johnson gave Mora 2 nice cabbage. Wants her to stay nights with Lettie while Claud's thrashing.

Wednesday August 25, 1915

Very nice, quite breezy. Mora started out with her soap order p.m.,  got $1.55. Only gone 2 1/2 hours. Bell called, had been to Maud Cronans. I sent news today, forgot to put it in the box yesterday. Had shell beans for supper. Memphis picked over a qt. running blackberries. We got 1 salt, 1 red cross, 1 thread and 1 Lenox soap off Mr. Wilson (66cents). Sold him 3 doz. eggs, 22c/doz.

Tuesday August 24, 1915

Beautiful bright day. Arose early. Sidney started for Phoenix 6 a.m., took 9 eggs (21c/doz)  to Davy's and sent up some compound by Fergason. Memphis went and got it at Bisbo's corner this morning. Mora went to Fisher's. Nell gave her a small Chinese primrose and a bucket wheat begonia. Susie, Marguerite and Marian eat dinner, brought us some cucumbers and took the milk can and babys coat. Bell came, brought some sweet milk, also sent buttermilk.

Monday August 23, 1915

Lowery. Sidney cut some brush for Bell. Got F. House to draw us some wood, cut enough to last this week. Can'd 3 pints of blackberries p.m.

Sunday August 22, 1915

Rained all night, all day and is still raining 9 p.m. All of Wynes came together with Mr. and Mrs. Judge, also John to Johnson's in their car. Leslie and Mina stopped here.

Saturday August 21, 1915

Cool, clear until 10 a.m., commenced to rain, kept at it steadily all day. Sidney cut brush till it rained. went to W. Monroe 3 p.m., got home at 6 awful wet having come from the Munger hill through the hard rain. He heard that Peter and George Ausman were caught stealing chickens.

Friday August 20, 1915

Fair. Sidney cut brush. Sent Bell corn, she gave us some sweet milk. I also sent her cow a mess of husks.

Thursday August 19, 1915

Quite cold morning and also at night. Fire feels good. Sidney cut brush. Got 10# graham off Claud Davey. Cooked some of our succotash for supper. Sidney rec'd a letter from Ind., also his church letter from Rev. Love.

Wednesday August 18, 1915

Cold. some are wearing overcoats to factory. Got 15c a can of red cross, off Mr. Wilson. Sold 8 eggs, 22c. Sidney got home about noon, having walked from Clay. Bell called a.m. Sidney cut brush about 2 hours. He brought home a few black currants from over the lake.

Tuesday August 17, 1915

Very cold a.m. Bell brought us some milk. I sent her some corn and husk for her cow. Sent a bunch of new's Mamie sent. Over for meal and soda, gave it to her.

Monday August 16, 1915

Beautiful all day, rain at 8:30 p.m. Nettie Spring called p.m. Sidney left home at 8 a.m. bound for Syracuse. Bell came a.m. brought some new milk. Mora carried her some sweet corn and mushrooms. They got very nearly 1/2 bu. New's Sta. came.

Sunday August 15, 1915

Showery. Sidney, Mora, Maud, and Lillian attended church. Bell called a little while evening, gave her string beans. We had a fine blackberry pie for dinner.

Saturday August 14, 1915

Lovely, not too hot today. Sidney cut brush. Cassie carried his dinner to him. Mora picked about 4 qts. berries, gave House half of them. Got a nice lot of mushrooms. We had more sweet corn. Sent Bell some, she brought over a pail of milk tonight. I salted about 4 qts. string beans. Baby girl at Claud Bryants.

Friday August 13, 1915

Sidney cut brush a.m., cultivated and went through potatoes with shovel plow p.m. Had House's old horse and at 5 o'clock went to W. Monroe, got a lot of groceries. Rode with Frank Cary down on his motor, got home 9 p.m.

Thursday August 12, 1915

S.S. picnic at Slossons grove. Rained quite hard. Sidney cut brush a.m.. children got a market basket of mushrooms.

Wednesday August 11, 1915

Fair, warm. Sidney went to help fix up grove for the picnic. Made another 16ft. table. Frank and Joe Slosson, also Kenneth, helped. Frank Kents dog bit Sidney on his way home, his leg is pretty sore, but he cut brush p.m. Children picked a little over 2 qts berries. We all went back but could not find any berries worthwhile to pick. Mr. and Mrs. House called evening. We had sweet corn for supper. Sidney and Mora went to Geo. Munger's this eve. got home at 10 p.m. did not find anyone at home there.

Tuesday August 10, 1915

Misty a part of a.m. Sidney cut brush. Mr. Wilson came. I got 1/2 flour, 1 salt, 5# sugar, 1/2# baking powder, 1 bar soap, 2 cans red cross. The 3 girls went back to pick berry's but on account of the yearling were afraid to go on so came home. Got a nice lot of mushrooms for 10c. sold 1/2 doz. eggs 20c a doz.

Monday August 9, 1915

Rainy. Sidney went to H.E. Potters first thing in morning and way back by Claud Bryants to see about potatoes. Did not get any so he and Maud started for North Constantia. Had to go to Orla Harrington's, gave 40c/ bu. for old potatoes. Came back and got sugar and rice at Joe Harringtons and then came home. Sidney worked on his brush toward night.

Sunday August 8, 1915

Pleasant until 4 p.m. rain. Sidney, Mora and Maud attended church. Sidney took Sypher's place in pulpit, intended to go to Gayville eve., did not go on account of rain. Two loads of people reached there late for the services.

Saturday August 7, 1915

Sidney worked some in his brush job, it is awful wet from recent rain. Electric storm p.m. Bell came and brought a little sweet milk, borrowed matches. I gave her two cucumbers and a mess of string beans. We had beans and summer squash. Central Square News came. I sent to Wares, 10c for nipples.

Friday August 6, 1915

Rained hard nearly all day. Sidney went to West Monroe a.m., got a back load of groceries. Frank Cary called on his motor p.m.

Thursday August 5, 1915

Quite nice today but wind still blowing. Sidney took Bell's heifer up and put her in House's pasture early, and put in the rest of the day on the brush. Frank Cronan reaped House's oats, they drew in one load p.m. I rec'd a letter from Mina.

Wednesday August 4, 1915

Very cold, wind still blowing hard. Sidney went to work early and worked until nearly dark. Mora went down and came home with him. Bell came eve.

Tuesday August 3, 1915

Rained hard. Sidney cut brush a little while this morning and went to West Monroe, got home a little after noon. A severe wind has raised havoc with crops, everything flat to the ground. Mamie came.

Monday August 2, 1915

Very muggy, about 3 p.m. a little breezy. Sidney cut brush. This morning he went through the lower piece of potatoes, 7 rows, with the hiller, and helped Floyd mow away a load of hay. Elder Sypher and wife started for the camp grounds at Lake View this eve, 7 o'clock.

Sunday August 1, 1915

Hot. Sidney and Maud went to church. Maud rode with Mrs. Siegert, they decided to hold the S.S. picnic Thursday Aug. 14th at Joe Slosson's. Sidney took a walk with Bell's cow. Harry House came eve.

Saturday July 31, 1915

Hot sultry p.m., rain in morning. Sidney cut brush. Sypher's cow got out, he put her in the barn for them. Mr. House cut a few oats. I rec'd a letter from Mrs. Dainis. Mora took Bell beans. Bell gave her milk.

Friday July 30, 1915

Hot again. Sidney hoed one row potatoes a.m., put in the rest of day cutting brush. Mora hilled more potatoes a.m. Gave Mamie a mess of string beans.

Thursday July 29, 1915

Another hot day. Sidney commenced his brush job a.m., worked a couple hours for Floyd p.m. Mora hilled 2 rows potatoes after Sidney went through with the hiller.

Wednesday July 28, 1915

Hot sultry day. Sidney cultivated in the morning and hilled, and hoed p.m. The children picked a few berries. I got quite a lot of groceries off Mr. Wilson, sent Bell beans. Elder Sypher went to camp grounds to put up building.

Tuesday July 27, 1915

Sultry. Sidney cultivated a.m., hoed p.m., took job to cut brush. Sent a mess of string beans to Sypher.

Monday July 26, 1915

Rained in the night and all a.m. Sidney went to W. Monroe got 15# meal, got home at noon. Hoed p.m.

Sunday July 25, 1915

Very hot sultry a.m. Mora is about sick. Sidney and Maud attended S.S. and church. Sidney sent to North Constantia p.m., necessary to get groceries. We called at Bell and Sarah this eve.

Saturday July 24, 1915

Very hot dry day. Elder Sypher called this morning, brought a white dress of Eva's for Mora. Sidney came at 10 p.m. Mora hoed this a.m. and the other three picked off bugs again, all are pretty tired.

Friday July 23, 1915

Mable Piguet 12 years old. Cold early this morning but a very hot dry day. Mora hoe'd nearly 4 rows potatoes. Children pulled weed again. Mrs. Moon brought soda. The children picked some berries for our dinner, had more beans.

Thursday July 22, 1915

Warm day, quite cool eve. Sidney put some hay up on the scaffold for Bell early this morning and cut us some wood and then went toward Westdale a.m. Maude, Memphis and Cassie picked potato bugs a.m. and p.m. pulled weeds out of 5 1/2 row's potatoes. Mora worked at the house. I can'd 1 pt. raspberries. Mora and Memphis picked. Sent Mrs. Dainis a little more barbara bark. Had new potatoes and string beans. Gave Mrs. Moon money to get soda.

Wednesday July 21, 1915

Very nice day. Sidney hoe'd berries at Cary's. I got a sack of graham off Mr. Wilson also 1 red cross milk. Bell Allen brought lettuce and some sweet milk.

Tuesday July 20, 1915

Fair cool breeze. Sidney finished greening potatoes a.m., called at Siegels and went by way of Fred Cary's to Gayville and got some groceries. Bell brought a pail of buttermilk. Baby is much better, but Mora feels bad. We had some new potatoes and string beans for supper.

Monday July 19, 1915

Showery more or less all day. Baby is very worrisome. Sidney put Paris green on the potatoes toward night.

Sunday July 18, 1915

Fair. Sidney, Mora and Maud attended S.S and services. Mr. Carey came here for dinner went home 5 p.m. Frank also called a little while on his motorcycle. Sidney went over to Fred's eve., got 1/2 bu. potatoes and he gave him some nice lettuce. I broke off the leaves and set roots out for seed. Memphis got some sour milk off Bell. Baby feels bad.

Saturday July 17, 1915

Bell came over to get Sidney to take her heifer up to House's after which he helped House fix fence a couple hours, and p.m. hoe'd our potatoes. Children picked a few raspberries and huckleberries. Elder Sypher came for a drink.

Friday July 16, 1915

Sultry a.m., showery p.m. Sidney cultivated his lower potatoes a.m. Worked for House between showers p.m. We had a lovely shortcake and chicken. Maud is 11 years old. Maud, Memphis and Cassie went to factory and ate some cheese curd, brought home a little piece.

Thursday July 15, 1915

Very hot close day. Paul has worried continually. I bought a good big cabbage for 10 cents, a qt of southern onions 5 cents off Claude Bisbo. I baked a big batch of bread out of Quaker flour, it is lovely bread. Sidney came at 11 p.m., caught a ride with Floyd Fisher.

Wednesday July 14, 1915

Hot sultry day. Mora went to Bisbo's, got tickets cashed and went to Cassy Potter's and picked 2 qts. strawberries. Cassy would not take any pay for them, gave Mora and Cassie each a cookie. Mrs. House and Hazel called p.m. I gave Mrs. H. petunia plants. I got 1/2 flour and 1 red cross of Mr. Willson, 1 doz. eggs, rec'd 20cents.

Tuesday July 13, 1915

Cloudy early morning, coming off bright and hot. Sidney went toward the south at 10 a.m. I set turnip plants where the hen yard was. Elder Sypher came for a drink twice, it was so very warm working.

Monday July 12, 1915

Warm. Sidney went to Chas. Hess's, got groceries early in the morning, called at House's eve. Harry came to see the Royal Scroll. Mr. Sypher came p.m., he and Sidney had a splendid visit judging from the noise.

Sunday July 11, 1915

Beautiful warm day. Sidney and Maud attended church.

Saturday July 10, 1915

Fair. I have worked some today and Mora finished the potatoes, hoed 8 rows. Rev. Sypher brought 2 pair of shoes to Mora, some his wife sent her. Bell brought some sweet milk, Mamie sent the flour back but it is scant. Sidney reached home about 10 p.m., he ate a lunch at D. Wynes, after having come on the eve. train from North Bay. He bought a little turkey, gave 25 cents for it, beyond Camden.

Friday July 9, 1915

Nice cool day. Rec'd card from Sidney. Elder Sypher came over a few minutes. James and Peter came, brought the things I order'd off Susie. Two dogs were after our hens and rabbits. 4o'clock this morning I got up and drove them off. Mora hoe's 4 1/2 rows today. I set the rest of the bean poles and hilled a row of sweet corn. Maud got a little buttermilk off Mamie Russel. Liza Moon was getting signers to try and keep the mail route. I signed for Sidney.