Thursday September 30, 1915

A beautiful white frost last night and a lovely day. Bell brought over her oil can and a note for Maud to leave at Homer Bryant's on her way to school for Claud Davy. Memphis cry'd because I did not have time to fix her old shoes so she could go to school this morning. Bell told me she had a pair too small and wanted Memphis to come over and see if they would fit her. They were not much too large. I had to sew all the buttons on, so she went p.m. Maud Cronan and Helen also Lettie Bryant and her two babies spent a part of the afternoon here. Lettie brought Mora to school this a.m. and she rode home with her tonight. I mailed the letter to Mr. Higley, Syracuse Y.M.C.A. Gave Mora eight seeds of succotash for Lettie. {Unable to read} a tin full of nice string beans and Mrs. Fisher gave the girls a little kettle full also sent a little pail full by them to Bell on their way home from school.

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