Wednesday September 15, 1915

Awfully warm again. A series of thunder showers from 4 p.m. on in the night. Memphis got a ride with H. Munger and his children. Mora stopped to get a pumpkin. Maud waited for her and both came near getting wet. Stopped to House's until it stopped a bit. Bell brought over two little pails for dinner. Mamie sent a little dress for me to stitch, gave me a little sour milk and a little sweet too. Let her have a small loaf of bread. I did the rest of washing this p.m. Got off of Mr. Wilson, 1 graham, 1 salt, 1 soap, 1/4 mustard and 2 red cross for .40c. Sold 1 doz. 8 eggs for .24c/doz. Sent letter to Sidney in Lysander. Hazel sent an invitation for Memphis, Cassie and Lillian to attend a birthday party for Curtis Friday.

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