Wednesday September 8, 1915

Hot, stuffy all day, some breeze p.m., a thundershower come up 3 p.m. and then one right after another on in the night. Mora came home with Maud and Memphis, all got quite wet. After supper Mora went over acrost. Mr. House came and drew away our corn stalks, said he would give me some sweet corn in exchange for them. Mr. Wilson came, I got 1 graham, 1 milk, 1 salt and 1 soap for 46c. Sold 2 doz. and 11 egg's for 24c/doz. Alf. Russel borrowed drip pan. Mamie sent a skirt for me to hem for her. Gave us a little buttermilk. I can'd 1 two quart and 1 qt. can string beans.

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