Friday September 10, 1915

A nice breeze but the sun is very warm. Maud and Memphis went to school, so did Mora but she did not come home tonight. She rides as far as McClymonds with the teacher. Children said lightening struck Fred Hess's house and barn, and Jim Potters barn and tore his new part off and blinded a horse. Tomatoes just commenced to turn. Lots of awfully big green worms. I have to look them over every day.  I am very tired tonight. Sidney came on the 7 p.m, walked home from Hastings. Got 1/2 flour, 5# grain, 4# rice, 1# lard, 1 can milk, 1/2 # coffee at Beasonson's. Besides a lot of packages, he brought from Syracuse, he did remarkable well this week.

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