Saturday Feb. 28, 1914

A real nice pleasant day. Sidney came home about 4pm did fairly well on his trip, came from Upsons courners staid over night with Elder Bowman in Palermo, went up to Lewis's and got some groceries in evening. Henry Porter, Clarence and Eugene and Mrs. Porter's brother Andrew Bargy came to see Sidney and spent the evening. Hazel Lynch came p.m to have Mora go to Weatherup's with her, Mora went and got a pail of very nice buttermilk. Sidney rec'd a letter from Joe Little.

Friday Feb. 27, 1914

This has been a real spring like day. I saw a bluejay and several crows, Mora and Maud went to school but Mora came home at noon with a sore throat and an awfully bad cold in her head. I did not let her go back p.m. Maud had got a hard cold and so have I. Maud went down to Weatherup's to get some buttermilk but they told her to come again tomorrow as they were going to churn in the morning. Sidney started away toward Palermo about 9-30 am. I have felt so bad for several days that I have concluded to wean Lillian, have not nursed her at all today. She has been very good all day. Sidney did not come home tonight.

Thursday Feb. 26, 1914

Quite cold early in the morning, it was 10 above zero when Mora and Maud went to school. At 4pm. 40 above. A lovely day, thawed quite a lot the snow honey combed this p.m. Sidney went away about 10am went as far as Kizengers, ate dinner with him and came home. Reached home about 4pm. Went to church again tonight. The medicine came today, the Merrit blood tablets 18 pkg's. My head has pained me awfuly today but still I managed to do a washing and various other work besides getting the meals. Louise handed Memphis the 10c for boraxine this noon. Sidney got home about 10-30, said Mrs. Arlington Northup and another girl were converted tonight.

Wednesday Feb. 25, 1914

A very nice day snowed a little in morning, the sun shone bright the rest of the day. Mora and Maud went to school. Memphis went to Gehr's and bought a qt. of vinegar. Cassy went as far as Lydia Boots and waited untill Memphis came back. Sidney went over by Hasting Center and around back by the Mallory Sta. home, went up to Clint's and got a 1/2 bu. of potatoes at 70c, first we have bought for less than $1.00. Sidney, Mora and Maud have gone to church tonight, got home at 10:30. Said there was a full house there tonight.

Tuesday Feb. 24, 1914

John phoned up to Guy to come and tell us Sidney was to work. A cold day 40 below zero at George Courbat's office at a.m. Sidney went up to the P.O. p.m and John Gehr wanted him to go to the bee and work for him. Charles Hoyet had a bee to draw his wood as his slieghs burned when Emery Pierce set his barn of fire early last fall. All his farm tools and five cows burned. Geo. Courbat's team went and Chars. Courbat's, Clint Mallory's and Ernie Leonards besides about eight men loading wood only took about 2 hours to load and draw out 20 cord of wood. Mora and Maud went to school this p.m, they were very cold when they came home. After supper Mora went to the P.O. to mail Sidney's letter to Mr. Green and get a qt. of vinegar, they are all out so she could not get it.

Monday Feb. 23, 1914

Turned cold about 4 a.m. has been a piercing cold day all day with a rough north wind, the children nearly froze going to and coming home from school. Mora and Hazel Lynch went home with Avis Weatherup to get buttermilk. Sidney went to Brewerton, took a bottle of voilet toilet water for Kittie Woodard rec'd 50c for it also a jar of rose talcum powder for Mina 15c, this is the last to be delivered. Sidney said it was much colder out there and very cold coming home. He walked both ways and nearly colapsed on the way back. Bert Piquet came to see about Sidney helping cut some log's and Mrs. Beasonson called to see him about cutting some wood. She wants to cut her shade trees by the house.

Sunday Feb. 22, 1914

A rather mild day snowed nearly all a.m., pleasant clear p.m. Sidney went to meeting, Carl came but Miller did the preaching. Mora and Maud went to Sunday school only, they did not go tonight.

Saturday Feb. 21, 1914

Another fine day, thawed so there was a bare spot by the door, it is very cold however tonight the wind blows quite hard, it whistles and sounds terrible lonely to me. Memphis, Cassy and Lillian are all in slumberland, while Sidney, Mora and Maud are all at church. Mora went to deliver some more of her soap order and she road a ways with Henry Rudeau, he was taking Hiram West over to W. Monroe also his wife and three children. She stopped to Mrs. Fred Faustmans with her lemon ex. and tartan tar soap and Mrs. F paid her all but three cents, could not make right change. Mora told her that was near enough it was 30c she rec'd 27c, Mrs. F gave her some apples. Then she went over to Chas. Piquet's and Kate paid her 25c for her camp horated oil and paid her also for Minnie Gearsbeck's washing powder which was 10c, said she would take it up to her and save Mora a little walk. Maud carried Louise's boraxine up to her and their dog followed her home and we could not send him back untill Johnnie came along and he went with him all right. Johnnie Vinney found Cassy's rubber when he came home form F. Buttons's dance this morning. Sidney went to the mill and got some corn and brought home some groceries. Maud also went up and got a pkg. of O.G. Oats and Lewis brought a sack of golden glow flour and a sack of meal this evening. Mora and I wrote a receipt for indian bread for Lydia Boots and Memphis carried it up to her.

Friday Feb. 20, 1914

This has been a real pleasant day but quite a cold wind, colder toward night. Mora and Maud went to school. Sidney and the White boys finished Clint's wood this a.m, had 6 cords, making 20 1/2 cord in all. It cut awfully hard, Sidney has helped cut 72 1/2 cord of stove wood this winter. Sidney, Mora, Memphis and Castella have all gone to revival meeting this evening. Sidney took Mrs. Vinney's boraxine up to her house but she was not at home, so Mora went up after she came from school. Had the very same success. Sidney took two cans of pumpkin up to Nellie Morey to change for some kraut. Maud went and got a pail full after she came home from school. One tulip is blossomed, it is surely beautiful, especialy considering the time of year. They just got home a 1/2 past 10 and the children enjoyed it very much. Cassy lost her rubber.

Thursday Feb. 19, 1914

A fine day thawed between 12 and two but only out of the wind, a cold raw wind all day. Mora went down with Avis after some buttermilk when they came home from school. Maud went to school too. Sidney did not go to meeting tonight as he was very tired. Susie came over with her baby to get her things and paid $2.00 for same, she staid to dinner said Mosaline was sick and also Chas. Dick. Claud Burt stopped this evening and paid for the boraxine. Gene Porter came down to see what to do to releive the earache, said Agnes had had it nearly all day. Lillian has felt bad all afternoon. Sidney sent a letter to the firm and also sent for some medicine. Roswell worked with them this p.m.

Wednesday Feb. 18, 1914

There was a beautiful white frost this morning has been a very nice day, thaw'd a little. Mora and Maud went to school, Mora took Jessie Starr's talcum powder tonight after school Barney paid her for it 15c and Lydia Boots paid her for the stick of shaving soap when she came home from school. Sidney, Mora and Maud have gone to church, this is the first of a series of revivals conducted by an evangelist minister and his wife also, they say they are nice singers and both played guitars, only about twenty five present.

Tuesday Feb. 17, 1914

The air was so full of frost that it looked like fog nearly all the forenoon, with fine snow all p.m. Quite a kern day. Sidney and Floyd cut wood today, did not make much headway as they are both getting over the grip. Sidney went to John Vinney's shop to file their saw. Mora and Maud went to school took Mrs. Clarence Piquet's licorice and Cap told her to stop on her way home to get the 15c for she also took a pkg. of boraxine to Annie Courbat 10c and a box of tooth picks 5c, she did not have the right change so she stoped there also and Annie gave her the money too. When she come from school, I sent a letter to Mina.

Monday Feb. 16, 1914

Quite a nice day. Sidney took Mrs. Button's boraxine to her and she paid him for two pkg's 20c, he also took 5 bars sweet home soap to Floyd White but Floyd did not pay for same said they had all been sick and had a doctor so was cleaned clear out of cash. This morning the children went to school again and Sidney went with them and carried the things Mr. Seller ordered, rec'd $1.00 for same also a package of chocolate 30c to Miss Flynn and gave her 10c more 40c in all in payment for Mauds third reader. This PM Sidney and Floyd cut wood for Mallory's again. We all received valelntine cards from Hannah and Eleanor. Not much thaw as yet.

Sunday Feb. 15, 1914

This has been a very pleasant day not too awful cold. Sidney and Mora went to church they said there was only a small attendance. I cooked the last squash today that I raised in the garden. [unable to read] caught a large rat in the pantry this evening.

Saturday Feb. 14, 1914

It snow'd last night and has snow'd nearly all day clearing at nightfall, a little colder again wind in the north tonight. There is more snow on the ground now than at any timie before this winter. Lewis Morey told Sidney that Pa was sick and James had a sore throat, he also said James wanted to trade a goose with us for ducks. Sidney sent Mrs. Burts boraxine to her by Claude.

Friday Feb. 13, 1914

(38 below zero). This morning was a screeching cold one altho it was a trifle warmer at noon the wind has changed tonight to south east altho still cold the indications are for a thaw. Sidney carried Mr. Weatherup's saw home this p.m and took the washing compound for Mora 4 pkg's 60c. Mora delivered Mrs. Dainis's complexion cream 30c and 1 lemon jelly desert 10c. Sidney went and got some more corn this p.m, sold 1 doz eggs at 31c per dozen. Sidney wrote and mailed a letter to Mr. Green and Mora sent a card to her grandpa and a box of black tea to Mrs. Little. Sidney rec'd quite a lot of letters today, hear Floyd White is sick.

Thursday Feb. 12, 1914

A cold raw day. Mora delivered some of her things Mrs S. Fiddler a box of glyerine soap 25c, Mrs. G Pierce 2 boxes washing compound 30c, Mrs. Rudeau a box of washing compound 15c, Mr. Henderson 1 bx. writing paper [page ripped] envelopes 25c, 2 bars Maid O Mist soap 10c, 1 horn pocket comb 15c and also a stick of shaving soap to Mrs. Boots she said she would have to stop in some time when Freddie was home to get the 10c however.

Wednesday Feb. 11, 1914

A very cold day and all are about sick with colds. Sidney is very hoarse. George Piquet brought Mora's [page ripped] and it is a very nice one, the products were all OK. I have the four mouse traps set, we have had a good fire all day but have not been able to start the frost from the front window, altho the sun helped to melt the frost from the south window. Too cold for comfort with coal fire, altho our little speckled hen did not get frightened out but came in and layed as usual.

Tuesday Feb. 10, 1914

Cold and clear. Not quite as cold as yesterday, the wind has gone down with the sun and next I hope will be a thaw. Sidney went to the mill after corn, it has dropped to $1.50 a hundred. The children did not go to school today. Sidney rec'd a letter from the firm and I one from the Larkin Soap Co. saying Mora's order was shipped the 4th.

Monday Feb. 9, 1914

A very cold night last night and cold all day. Clear and pleasant sunshine, remains the same tonight with a bright moon, but the wind has gone down. The children did not go to school on account of their colds.

Sunday Feb. 8, 1914

It has been very cold today, snow'd and a hard wind blew all day and still continues tonight, not much travel today. Sidney or the children did not go to church today, quite a quiet day for us all.

Saturday Feb. 7, 1914

It has rained and snowed both today turning cold toward night. Sidney and Floyd kept at work and finished up their wood job for C. Hoyet in all worked 50 hours. Cut down saved split and piled 20 cord of wood at 80c per cord and got home about 5 PM.

Friday Feb. 6, 1914

Another clear day with a cold east wind, about 4pm commenced to snow hard, at 7 rained, rather a bad night for the odd fellows dance at Pierces. Mora is better altho she coughs awful by spells. Maud went to school and tonight she is sick with a cold and Cassy is sick too, has had two vomiting spells. Have to go first to one and then another and dose them all by turns, it is hard to see them sick. Sidney cut wood again today. Eleanor Bartlett is sixteen years old today.

Thursday Feb. 5, 1914

It has been a very nice day only thawed a very little. It is a clear beautiful moonlit night altho quite crisp. Sidney and Floyd cut wood again today, Maud went to school but she coughs bad tonight and Mora too. It is nearly as bad as the whooping cough. Memphis went to the P.O. and got the mail, took Mora's letter to mail to Eleanor. Sidney went up tonight to mail some letters and got some groceries of Nellie, granulated sugar 4 1/2c. Two years ago we paid 6 1/2 and 7c for same. I did another washing this AM.

Wednesday Feb. 4th, 1914

It rained hard nearly all night last night but not this morning and has been lovely all day come [page ripped] freeze a little between three and four p.m. [page ripped]
and bought a box of cough drops. Memphis went up as far as the store with her and brought back the box of cough drops after Maud took out some for herself, so the rest would have some to take. Mora is quite a lot better today, has dressed and sat up some and oh! What a lot of cups that medicine has been in to wash up, some dish washing that. Sidney took his dinner to the woods with him but felt sick so came home. After he ate his dinner however, he felt some better, so went back again and worked, came home tonight about five o'clock. I sat up on account of Mora until about 2 o'clock last night and now it is ten so i guess I will retire.

Tuesday Feb. 3rd, 1914

This has been a lovely day sun shone nearly all day. [page ripped] quite a large washing beside various other work. Sidney has a hard cold in his head altho he went to work, came home to dinner and then went back again. Roswell helped them split wood this p.m. Maud went to school today. Mora has been sick in bed all day. Memphis went up to [page ripped] almost dark for some olive oil, gone about 20 minutes. Mora rec'd a letter from Eleanor and I one from LeRoy about two goats, they sell one alone for $6.00, or a pr. for $10.00.

Monday Feb. 2nd, 1914

Snowed a.m. until about eleven o'clock the sun shone until [page ripped] then clouded under the rest of the day, snow'd very little p.m. Mora and Maud went to school. Sidney went to the mill early for corn. Frank Taber came back with him, he is selling ess. and ex. of all kinds. I bought some winter green, it was good alright, then Sidney went up to C. Hoyet's to cut wood, Sidney rec'd a letter from Mr. Higley, I sent one to Mina.

Sunday Feb. 1st, 1914

Snow'd and blow'd nearly all day but not cold, a little colder toward night and wind still blowing. Sidney went to church alone today, the children did not go thinking there was not time for them as the bell rang at 10 a.m. but that was only a prank of their new janitor Clarance Porter after he had his fires built rang the bell for past-time. I guess The Rev. Carl did not put in an appearance however so they only had sunday school and no preaching.