Saturday Feb. 21, 1914

Another fine day, thawed so there was a bare spot by the door, it is very cold however tonight the wind blows quite hard, it whistles and sounds terrible lonely to me. Memphis, Cassy and Lillian are all in slumberland, while Sidney, Mora and Maud are all at church. Mora went to deliver some more of her soap order and she road a ways with Henry Rudeau, he was taking Hiram West over to W. Monroe also his wife and three children. She stopped to Mrs. Fred Faustmans with her lemon ex. and tartan tar soap and Mrs. F paid her all but three cents, could not make right change. Mora told her that was near enough it was 30c she rec'd 27c, Mrs. F gave her some apples. Then she went over to Chas. Piquet's and Kate paid her 25c for her camp horated oil and paid her also for Minnie Gearsbeck's washing powder which was 10c, said she would take it up to her and save Mora a little walk. Maud carried Louise's boraxine up to her and their dog followed her home and we could not send him back untill Johnnie came along and he went with him all right. Johnnie Vinney found Cassy's rubber when he came home form F. Buttons's dance this morning. Sidney went to the mill and got some corn and brought home some groceries. Maud also went up and got a pkg. of O.G. Oats and Lewis brought a sack of golden glow flour and a sack of meal this evening. Mora and I wrote a receipt for indian bread for Lydia Boots and Memphis carried it up to her.

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