Wednesday Feb. 4th, 1914

It rained hard nearly all night last night but not this morning and has been lovely all day come [page ripped] freeze a little between three and four p.m. [page ripped]
and bought a box of cough drops. Memphis went up as far as the store with her and brought back the box of cough drops after Maud took out some for herself, so the rest would have some to take. Mora is quite a lot better today, has dressed and sat up some and oh! What a lot of cups that medicine has been in to wash up, some dish washing that. Sidney took his dinner to the woods with him but felt sick so came home. After he ate his dinner however, he felt some better, so went back again and worked, came home tonight about five o'clock. I sat up on account of Mora until about 2 o'clock last night and now it is ten so i guess I will retire.

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