Monday Feb. 23, 1914

Turned cold about 4 a.m. has been a piercing cold day all day with a rough north wind, the children nearly froze going to and coming home from school. Mora and Hazel Lynch went home with Avis Weatherup to get buttermilk. Sidney went to Brewerton, took a bottle of voilet toilet water for Kittie Woodard rec'd 50c for it also a jar of rose talcum powder for Mina 15c, this is the last to be delivered. Sidney said it was much colder out there and very cold coming home. He walked both ways and nearly colapsed on the way back. Bert Piquet came to see about Sidney helping cut some log's and Mrs. Beasonson called to see him about cutting some wood. She wants to cut her shade trees by the house.

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