Tuesday Feb. 24, 1914

John phoned up to Guy to come and tell us Sidney was to work. A cold day 40 below zero at George Courbat's office at a.m. Sidney went up to the P.O. p.m and John Gehr wanted him to go to the bee and work for him. Charles Hoyet had a bee to draw his wood as his slieghs burned when Emery Pierce set his barn of fire early last fall. All his farm tools and five cows burned. Geo. Courbat's team went and Chars. Courbat's, Clint Mallory's and Ernie Leonards besides about eight men loading wood only took about 2 hours to load and draw out 20 cord of wood. Mora and Maud went to school this p.m, they were very cold when they came home. After supper Mora went to the P.O. to mail Sidney's letter to Mr. Green and get a qt. of vinegar, they are all out so she could not get it.

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