Friday Feb. 20, 1914

This has been a real pleasant day but quite a cold wind, colder toward night. Mora and Maud went to school. Sidney and the White boys finished Clint's wood this a.m, had 6 cords, making 20 1/2 cord in all. It cut awfully hard, Sidney has helped cut 72 1/2 cord of stove wood this winter. Sidney, Mora, Memphis and Castella have all gone to revival meeting this evening. Sidney took Mrs. Vinney's boraxine up to her house but she was not at home, so Mora went up after she came from school. Had the very same success. Sidney took two cans of pumpkin up to Nellie Morey to change for some kraut. Maud went and got a pail full after she came home from school. One tulip is blossomed, it is surely beautiful, especialy considering the time of year. They just got home a 1/2 past 10 and the children enjoyed it very much. Cassy lost her rubber.

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