Tuesday March 9, 1915

I was taken worse at midnight. Sidney tried every way to get a doctor but none was at hand. He got D. Weatherup to drive to Parish. Mrs. Dainis came at 12:30 a.m., went home after light and came down after baby was born at 9:30 a.m. Mrs. Dainis and Sidney took care of baby and me. Nellie Morey and Lydia Boots came before the boy was dressed. Mr. Weatherup came and brought a load of wood, 2 crates of potatoes, 1 crate of cabbage, 2# butter and a pail of buttermilk. Aunt Kate sent a big basket of groceries. Memphis went to school. Mrs. Dainis made me some lovely oatmeal gruel, 2 eggs and a cam of red currants Tues. eve.

Bloggers note- Birth of Paul Higley Clarke, the 8th baby and only surviving son. I believe named after Sidney's friend Mr. Higley. Not once was it mentioned in her diary that she was expecting baby Paul. Just her usual chores. No mention of any doctors visits. Such a difference from today's world!

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