Tuesday May 26, 1914

Warm muggy day with thunder and lightening eight thirty p.m. Sidney started for Hastings 5 a.m. to get the early train to Pulaski. A lady called p.m. selling dust cloths, polishing extracts and various other articles, said she lived 5 miles beyond Parish. Rogers also called, Pal collector from Mexico. Susie and Marguerette came p.m. brought over a white rabbit. I gave her Cassie's hen for it, she took James drum home for John Ingerson to practice on. She had a boiler to have soldered. She drove Lewis's horse over said she had a colt a week old, She had two dogs with her, said someone poisoned the hound, they saved it with an enietie. Maud went to the mill for feed, borrowed Carl Boots wagon to draw it home in, also went to store for graham flour and the mail. Mora went to Weatherups for sweet milk.

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