Wednesday April 8, 1914

Rained all night and all day until 2:30, then snowed hard rest of the day, a very bad day. Mora and Maud went to school came home to dinner. Iva Courbat let them take her umbrella they did not get wet, but tonight Mora's feet were damp and Mauds sopping wet and cold. I had her and Mora both soak their feet in hot water after supper. Mora went to P.O. but did not get any mail, she got a quart of milk at Mallory's on her way home. Mrs. Claxton was there. Clarance Porter came down this morning and pounded on the door loud enough to raise the dead. Clint wanted Sidney to work in the mill, he did not get home last night so did not go naturally. The water is as high as at any time this spring it has rained so much. There was 2 wild ducks and 4 monstrous wild geese on the pond for 3 or 4 hours this a.m. Sidney reached home at 8:30 p.m very tired and a little wet, still raining.

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