Tuesday July 14, 1914

Cloudy but warm a.m. a little cooler p.m. and a couple nice showers. Sidney went to Pulaski on the 2 this morning to deliver 5 scrolls. Sent the box up to Pierces by the buss. Mora went up and got it. Spencer Shelden came a while to see the rabbits, he expects to go home tomorrow. M. Silverman came, Mora bot a pr. of nice hose for herself 25c. Sidney took the Sears Roebuck order to mail for their shoes, he got home 10p.m. train a little late. Delivered 3 scrolls brought 2 back. Bot 6 sticks liberty pole gum for children at Port Ontario, bot an orange for Lillian and 1/2 peck new potatoes.

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