Sunday March 1, 1914

Snowed a little early in morning then clear pleasant and thawed until nearly 4 p.m, when wind changed to N.W. and began to snow fine snow and blow at 9:30. The snow is coming down fast and furious and the wind howls like mad it is a terrible night to say the least. Sidney went to church, Mora and Maud went to Sunday school only Rev. Carl preached today. Mr. Miller was organist today. Mrs. Miller is sick with neuralgia and grippe, Sidney has coughed hard all day I think his cold is a trifle better tonight. Pat M [page ripped] came in today. Sidney showed him the Royal Scroll he was very much surprised and pleased with it. It is five years today since my mother* was buried.

*Editors note- Frances (Fannie) Lawton West

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