Tuesday November 2, 1915

Cold raw wind. Rained and hailed about 4 p.m. Mora came over acrost with Lettie, she went {unable to read, ripped}. Mora, Maud and Memphis went to school together. Russel came just dark, wanted one of the girls to help Mamie while he went and see about a house to {unable to read, ripped}. So Mora went. Maud and Memphis went with {unable to read, ripped}, came back with the lantern. I got off of Mr. Wilson, 5# graham, 1 red cross and 1 soap. Sold him eleven eggs at .38c/doz. Sidney started at 9 a.m. to go and vote and go on towards Fulton intending to get as far as Loren woods tonight. Volney Russel's barn burned last night, all his farming tools, horse, cow, hogs and hens, also burned with it. Mr. House came in and talked himself out as usual.

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